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Monday, December 15, 2008


shalom aleichem!!
yesterday we did lot of simcha at simcha's house,

we studied likutei moharan # 62 , simcha already explained this much better than my poor
english ,
i took this torah as the one which i keep going studing and studing,
but yesterday with simcha and aahron i discovered so new things in their merits

i received some emails from spanish people who are interested in nanach but they dont speak
neither english , no hebrew,
so , it would be great to continue the spreading of nanaach in all languages even in chinese
a friend would love to read the saba israel book, but in spanish, what a great challenge to translate it in spanish!!! im irtze hashem....
we need to daven for this,
have a great nanach day
uzi nanach

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nissim said...

Nanach Breslev in Spanish, Espanol