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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

nanach talking


saba-noon said...

great video, really fun to watch. Also very informative. I will not eat anymore "genetically modified cottonseed" on shabbos anymore.

shimonnachmanshilo said...

amazing insights
i will now hunt down pot brownie scarfing yiddishe wannabe hippies, and let them know this brilliant drush from sichos haran (bli neder).
peace and nanach!

shimonmatisyahu said...

Wish I had better news about cholent, but believe it or not, it's one of the worst foods - at least if you have the whole combo of barley, beans, meat, potatoes, etc. First of all, the food is constantly being cooked for nearly 24 hours by the time you eat it on Shabbos afternoon. It is much harder on the body to eat food cooked for extensive periods - and that is on top of the other food between the Kiddush and first courses of Shabbos lunch.
Then of course is the fat meat that has been allowed to hang around with that mixture for so long. My stomach has had meetings with me before - the better the cholent tasted, the harder time I have had to deal with it.

If you still insist on Cholent, try it without meat, and you can still have regular chicken or other meat like you had the night before. As far as Kugel is concerned, well, don't eat too many...

Have a theory for an alternate lunch. As we know, the Torah was given on Shabbos morning. When the Jewish Nation came home afterwards for lunch, they realized that they couldn't eat meat because now their homes were treife now that the Torah was given
and they were hungry, so they ate Milchiks. Makes sense - do you normally eat a big meat meal in the middle of the day, or usually more at night? You can have a great Shabbos meal with milchiks (products from goats are healthier than cows - and can be tasty if you now how to prepare them) which are lighter on the stomach than feeling like stuffed meat. Your stomach will thank you later.