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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nanach approaches the U.S. Presidency!

O.K. so I am a little slow, but better late than never. Obama's chief of staff is a modern orthodox JEW! His name is Emanuel ISRAEL Rahm! His wife converted to Judiasm right before their marriage and his children go to a Jewish conservative day school. More important is this, Obama's wife has a first cousin once removed: Capers C. Funnye Jr. (pronounced fun-AY; born c. 1952) is a Jewish African-American who is the head rabbi of the mostly African-American 200 member Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation of Chicago, Illinois! Now get this, Aaron Patz and Gavriel Levi were just with him in Chicago and he's really fired up on Nanach! Funnye and his wife are now wearing Nanach Kumayos!!!!!!!



shimonmatisyahu said...

I know that you mean well, but I did a little homework on this:
1) Emanuel Rahm is a MEMBER of a Modern Orthodox congregation - but not necessarily an observant Jew himself. In any case, I wouldn't be especially excited - we have had quite a few at best Modern Orthodox Jews in the U.S. government, but their viewpoints and their actions were hardly representative of Yiddishkeit - quite the contrary, there is one who circulated a petition to keep Jewish hero Jonathan Pollard in prison - why? So he shouldn't be accused of dual loyalty!
2) Even if Funnye & Michelle Obama are in fact related - Funnye, with all his good intentions, is NOT Jewish. There are many blacks who for the longest time consider themselves the "lost Hebrews", and while they obviously aren't harming Jew's sprituality like many so called meaningful Christians are, they aren't any more Jewish than the Aryan race.
3)While it's good to be on friendly terms when meeting with good goyim, I believe that Nanach should concentrate their time and energies on the many lost Neshamos who badly need guidance back to their Yiddishkeit - especially on the eve of Bias Moshiach, before it's too late, because once Moshiach arrives - Teshuva won't help then.
4)The bottom line with Obama - who incidentally has no right to be president of the U.S. as he was really born in Kenya, and grew up in Indonesia - - is that with all of these Jewish connections, the Tachlis here is that Obama like virtually every other U.S. President, is going to treat Jews & Israel the way that world pressure wants us to be treated - as we have seen with Bush I, Bush II, and Clinton.
5) Finally, our excitement of "connections" should be our connection with Hashem, and our great fortune of recognizing the Tzadik HaAmiti. Virtually everything else if Hevel Havalim - unless used in Avodas Hashem.

Anonymous said...

Your point is well spoken. I would like to offer that we should see that this could be a way that Hashem is bringing klal Yisroel to teshiva, as if their circles get really nanach and the first Lady gets all US schools and Libraries to have Rebbe Nachmans seforim... Nanach
Nanach in the US the golden medina the triefe medina the Am Rayka, the emptiness which is to be filled with the light of Chanukah and NaNach!
Tv, radio, internet, Na Nach! Hafatza fleets! legions of Hafatza vans ! Nanach!
: )
This land is also called Artzot HaBrit!!!!!!!!!!!
Artzot Na nach! Hodu laHashem ki Tov ki leolam chasdo!
"echol makom she'ani holeich, ani holeich lEretz Yisroel"
Rabbeinu Rabbeinu may we merit to see Rebbe Nachman in Eretz Yisroel and the Knesset singing and dancing Ashreinu like Sabba says.
Likutei Moharan says, ""Ki Ani Hashem Rofecha" roshei teivos "Amen, Kein Yehi Ratzon" may it be His will.

Anonymous said...

right now is the Chanukah party at the White House and NaNach is all up in the house! Na Nach the paartyyyy!