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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meshivas Nefesh #42


Even one who has fallen very, very far, and is dwelling in the utter depths of Hell, G-d forbid, even so, one still has great hope through the Great True Tzaddik, for through him everyone can receive vitality from Holiness, regardless of their location. Therefore, in truth, despair has no existence in the world at all. Whatever the circumstances, even if one has fallen to a very low place, may G-d have mercy, nevertheless, if one strengthens oneself as one is, one still has hope of returning to G-d. And the main point is, “From the belly of Hell I cried (Yonah, 2:3),” for even a cry from the utter depths of Hell is never lost, and one must cry out and cry out, and never give up screaming out, only to cry out and plead before G-d always, regardless of circumstance, until G-d gazes down and sees from Heaven (Eichah, 3:6). (Ibid)

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