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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Light Post or Lightpost

Guess I wasn't Zoche to be the one with the 1,000 post; but that's O.K. You see, this is the 1,035th post, and the word Ohr/Light with a Gematria of 207, when multiplied by five times as the amount of times written in the first day of creation in the beginning of the Torah equals 1,035. And as I had mentioned the other day, the 25th word of the Torah is the word Ohr -
its first appearance - which corresponds to 25 Kislev, the first day of Chanuka. This posting comes out just in time in the midst of Chanuka, the Chag of Ohr. To be exact, it's the 2nd day of Chanuka when I'm writing this. For the 2nd day, we read the Korbonos that the Nasi of Sevet Yissachar brought. As Rashi points it, it was this Nasi who had the idea of the Nesi'im bringing their Korbonos; it was only Nachshon of Shevet Yehuda who brought the Korbonos before him. Anyways, as we know, it was Shevet Yissachar who was into learning Torah, and being the ones in the Sanhedrin who calculated the astronomical settings for the Jewish calendar. The word that most aptly describes these two functions is the word Ohr. The Midrash tells us that the above five mentions of the word Ohr correspond to the five Chumashim - Chumash is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman (354) - as Torah is compared to Ohr/Light. And then in the physical sense, it refers to the light of the orbital system which is deciphered by astronomy as to how it all functions. A major example of this is the 28 year cycle (the first Posuk of the Torah has 28 letters) of the sun (and moon) being in the same position which will occur in a few months when we will recite the Beracha of Oseh Ma'asei Bereshis.

It's most worthy to note that the Chasidishe Sefer -B'nei Yissachar was given this very name, which first of all comes from the phrase in Divrei HaYomim describing the above functions of Sevet Yissachar. But the author of this Sefer found himself feeling unusually high on a spiritual plateau on Chanuka every year; and as he was told by his Rebbe, it's because he had a spark of Yissachar who represents Torah learning. Anyways, in this Sefer with is full of vortlich on Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh, and the Yomim Tovim - among the chapters on Chanuka, there is one that is entitled Ohr HaGanuz. And as one Chasidishe Rebbe put it, the Ohr HaGanuz, which Hashem hid after creating the original light, is in the section about Chanuka in this Sefer B'nei Yissachar! (Guess it has something to do with Rabbeinu's Sefer HaGanuz)

And speaking of light, I mentioned the other day about Menorah & Moharan having the same letters. These words also have the same Gematria as Aish/fire (301)- and the sun is a big ball of fire - and as Rabbeinu Moharan said "My fire will be burning until Moshiach's coming". Indeed,
Rabbeinu is the big sunshine and LIGHTPOST (Post of Light) that we have to keep us going spiritually without totally falling under until the end of our Galus, when a descendant of Rabbeinu - Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman, as he said he accomplished, will be the one to be Moshiach.

P.S. Even the time agrees with me - 1:05. As I mentioned in the begining, this is the 1035th
post, the number of which is 5 times the word Ohr - which begins with an Alef=1, which is in the 1st Parsha (of the 669 Parshiyot sections as divided by space in the Sefer Torah)


NaaNaach said...

The Ramchal in Adir Bamurom discusses the gimatria of 5 times Ohr, especially in reference to the word Arnon, the light of 50, check it out, I think it's around page 58.
Rabbainu says that Kesef, spelled out, Chuf Samech Phe is gematria Aish - 301.


shimonmatisyahu said...

Hey, NaaNaach.

Think we are in close competition with each other. See you next round.

P.S. Never heard about this particular Sefer of the Ramchal. Maybe you can get a hold of a scanner, and send me the paragraph/section about this to my E-mail.

Unknown said...

if naanaach make a scan, pls forward it to
also to spanishnanach
jag sameaj,
full of light, rosh, ashreinu!!!
nanaj najma najman meuman

NaaNaach said...

Dear Shimon,
Don't worry about competition just spread Na Nach!!! More and more and more Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUma!!!! There's a whole world to fill! There's the whole internet to fill!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

אדיר במרום
Is probably the best and most definitive of all the Ramchal's holy sforim! The Vilna Goan put on Shabos clothes to great the messenger that brought him this holy book. So it doesn't need me to tell you how unbelievable it is - if it wasn't eclipsed by Rabbainu that's what I would be doing now. But now that we have Na Nach - the song of Hashem mamash, we have to teach ourselves and the whole world Rabbainu, more and better and more and better.
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!!!