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Friday, December 26, 2008

Leaving Egypt and Celebrating Chanuka with Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

In Maoz Tzur - the song we sing on Chanuka after lighting the Menora – we refer to Egypt as עגלה – בשעבוד מלכות עגלה – the servitude of the kingdom of Eglu – a reference to the verse, עגלה יפיפיה מצרים. In Sipuray Maasiyos we learn the Egypt represents the desire for money which one who is consumed by this desire can only be saved by the גבור – the mighty warrior, who will lead them to partake from the aromatic food which allows them to be sensitive to the stench money has. We can hypothesize that the aromatic food is an aspect of the פסח – Passover sacrifice, which our Sages relate had an overcoming aroma, and it was by means of the Pesach that the Israelites left Egypt. From Egypt , the Israelites went on to receive the Tora.
So let us work backwards, the redemption from Egypt, כאשר ישא האומן, and the Tora itself being referred to as אומן as we find many places – והייתי אצלו אומן (from this verse our sages learn that the Tora was created before the world).
The Pesach being Nachman – as they both share the same numerical value of 148.
גבור – is a clear allusion to נ נח נחמ, which is the doubled (-ב) and (ג -) tripled - גב and adds up to רו, all together forming the word גבור.
נ נח, is the rectification of עגלה, as they both share the same numerical value. also 50 (נ) times 58 (נח) = Two thousand 900, Two thousand can be represented by a ב, and 900 = ץ, these spell צב and adjective used frequently with the word עגלה.
נ is the fall and servitude.
נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן!!!!


The villager said...

Sounds good but two things,I really did not understand...
-How gav is related to nach?
-How the torah refers to Uman?
Could you take a fewminutes to clarify this, itis a very useful chiddoush, if I could only figure it out.
The part about Pesach is obviously of majorimportance and usefulness and we know NA NACH will be revealedto the world on Seder night.

NaaNaach said...

Dear Mordichai,
Hopefully the small additions I added to the post will clarify the points you brought up.
Keep up the good work!
Maybe you can post something about the hafatza you did by horse and wagon, people were asking me about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds cool. Mordichi we need a clip of that on the site