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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

King Jehoshufat

In todays portion of the Zohar - the Book of Splendor -of Chok Liyisroel, we learn (this happens to be discussed in the Talmud as well): Yehoshufat king of Yehuda would ask of G-d, I am not able to chase after my enemies nor am I able to slaughter them, I will sing and You kill them... and so the Holy Blessed One did for him as it says, and at the time they begin to sing and praise, G-d put an ambush etc..
So I did the math, יהושפט המלך ע"ה, has the numerical value of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman (and the 15 letters)!
Do you get it! All we got to do is sing this holy song Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman and Hashem Yisburach will cut down all our enemies, spiritual and physical.
Saba said we must not sleep, we must spread the light of Rabbainu: Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
This can be understood beautifully by the Zohar (and Talmud), which goes on to discuss King Chizkiyahu who said that he was not even capable of singing, so he asked of G-d to do the whole thing, wipe out the enemy, while he slept in his bed.
The Talmud says that Chizkiyahu came very close to being the ultimate Mushiach. Does this not seem reminiscent to something today, people that are into Mushiach who isn't, and they do not sing the song of redemption which obliterates the enemy, but just sleep. Thank G-d for Saba who wakes up the world with beautiful song to Hashem: Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Thank G-d for Nanach!


Anonymous said...

Amazing high stuff in this post

The villager said...

Fun!(the word verification for this post was "treig" that means slow and lazy in Norwegian)