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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

kavod-- likutei moharan 131

rabeinu writes in likutei moharan 131

we need to get scared of kavod (respect)
because kavod is a great danger, for the soul


Anonymous said...

No Kavod

Just Na Nach

All the Kavod Goes to Rebbe Nachman and Hashem

NaaNaach said...

not just dangerous for the soul, it's also very dangerous for our bodies and general welfare!

Just Na Nach!


The villager said...

Ayn Gedolim ve ayn ketanim, rak chaverim--do you honor fellow combatants under fire? If you don't and they don't honor you, then what are you REALLY afraid of, what DO you honor?

The villager said...

You are right- self-centric arrogant pride is fatal and dangerous- but we need to be fearless in our love and respect for brothers.