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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Right now in Eretz Yisrael - it is now the special day of Chof Kislev, the date in which Saba was born exactly 120 years ago! Imagine - the birthday of the Moshe Rabbeinu of the last generation of the Jewish people, until Bias Moshiach - which is about to happen, which is now exactly how long Moshe Rabbeinu lived! And it's in this year of Tehei Shnas Siman Tov!

Until three years ago, I didn't know much about Saba - I didn't know that he was nicknamed Saba, I didn't know that he was the Tzadik HaDor/Tzadik HaAmiti, and I certainly didn't know his birthday. All this happened to me since I made Aliyah nearly four years ago.

While many of us, including myself, never had the good fortune of seeing Saba on a physical plane, it's comforting to know that the ultimate way of connecting to a Tzadik is through his teachings. So, here I'll present a bit of Saba's Torah pertaining most appropriately to the two Rabbeinus - Moshe & Rebbe Nachman.

The very first Torah of Likutei Moharan that Saba learned is entitled Ki Merachamam Yenahageim (Likutei Tinyana, Torah 7). It starts off saying that one who is a Rachaman/ merciful person, is able to to be a Manhig/leader. Being such a Rachaman means that one knows the type of Rachamonus is needed for each and every individual. Such an individual was only Moshe Rabbeinu. "So nu" asked Saba "where is Moshe Rabbeinu"? "Ah, but now we have Nachal Noveia". Referring to Rabbeinu, Saba commented that he is the fifth from Moshe Rabbeinu. Meaning, the five Yechidei HaDoros - Moshe Rabbeinu, Rashbi, Arizal, Ba'al Shem
Tov, and Rabbeinu. Saba described Rabbeinu as V'At Olis Al Kulana - "Many have made accomplishments, but you surpassed them all". In case any outsider should think that what Saba says contradicts the Peshuto Shel Mikra of Likutei Moharan - almost everyone who knows a bit of Kabbala or Chasidus knows that there is a special spark of Moshe Rabbeinu's Neshama that is part of the Neshama of the Tzadik Hador. Also, Rabbeinu was Niftar on the Yom Ushpizin of Moshe Rabbeinu of all days.

There are a couple of vignettes that just occured to me within this past week pertaining to Saba.
So, in honor of his 120th birthday anniversary - let the Chiddushim begin:

ותסב תנחמני: גם אני אודך...קדוש ישראל (תהלים עא:כא-כב
Tehillim 71:21-22: "...turn back to comfort me. I shall also thank you...Holy One of Israel."

Look at the Hebrew wording here - amazing! The first word presented Vesisov has a connotation of the word Saba, the last two letters being Samech, Beis. Now, the very next word has the name Nachman spelled out in the middle of it! In fact, in the entire T'nach, the name Nachman can be spelled in order of its consecutive letters only 14 times (including three times in reverse). Now the amazing Remez - Gam Ani - Saba said of himself "Ani Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman"! (I'm not here to interpret what Saba meant by this, I'm just presenting facts). Then the very next word is Odcha - the first three letters Alef, Vov, Daled - well, they are also the first three letters of Saba's family name Odesser! This Posuk ends of with the name Yisroel, Saba's first name.

One more thing - the very first Breslov Sefer that Saba found himself introduced to was called "Hishtapchus HaNefesh". Well, the first three letters of Hishtapchus - Hei, Shin, Tov and the first two letters of HaNefesh - Hei, Noon: These letters when rearranged is the number of the Jewish year in which Saba was Niftar - Hei, Tov, Shin, Noon, Hei - 5755! In passing, the only place in the entire T'nach in which this Hebrew year can be spelled consecutively (which is in reverse order) is in the phrase Ma Nishteh - "What will we drink?" (Shemos 15:24) - what the Jews asked Moshe Rabbeinu on their journey following Krias Yam Suf when the only water available was bitter waters. On Hashem's command, Moshe threw a piece of wood into the water to make it sweet. It was at that point that Hashem said that if the Jews follows what He says, then they will not be sick of any diseases "for I am Hashem who heals you" - Ki Ani Hashem Rofecha, and as someone just quoted on this site from Likutei Moharan - these four words have the same Roshei Teivos as Amen Kein Yehi Ratzon. May it indeed be Hashem's will that through the Zechus of the teachings of Rabbeinu & Saba - the ultimate spiritual human doctors - who comforted the Jewish Nation with their teachings of turning bitterness into sweetness - that we will be redeemed from Golus "in a blink of an eye" K'Heref Ayin. Amen, Kein Yehi Ratzon!


Anonymous said...

mazal Tov.

Can someone please post some light, (no pun intended) on the Chanukah/hodah Torah
L'M tanina II?


Unknown said...

isn't the Saba's birthday 19 Kislev?

shimonmatisyahu said...

For details on Saba's life, including his birthday of 20 Kislev, you can check it out at

Saba in fact does has Shaychus to 19 Kislev. You see, he was named Dov Ber after Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezritch, the Magid of the Ba'al Shem Tov, who was Niftar on 19 Kislev.

Well, I guess Breslov - at least NaNach - isn't missing anything that Chabad has. You see, Chabad celebrate these two days as the first Chabad Rebbe's release from prison, calling them the Rosh HaShana L'Chasidus. Interestingly enough, it's actually 20 Kislev that they seem to farbrengen a lot more on because when the Chabad Rebbe was finally in the hands of his Chasidim - following a stopover, straight from prison, at a Misnaged's home who berated him for his new innovations - it was on 20 Kislev.