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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Rabbeinu said that through learning Likutei Moharan one's heart will become a Lev Basar (a heart of flesh)

How is it then, that there are people who learn Likutei Moharan many times, but still have ra ayin (evil eye), and a lev ra (evil heart)?
Saba says because they are full of taavot (desire) for kavod, money etc..
But some of these people also do a lot of hisbodedus, which is supposed to cure us from taavot?
Saba relates how a certain shochet would scream louder than anyone else in tefillah, but he was screaming without Daas (wisdom of the heart).
One needs Daas in order to fulfill Rabbeinu's eitzot (advises) correctly.
But how does one get Daas?
(Likutei Eitzot- Daas:4) "also through a person being humble, and shafel(low). and patient, and not getting angry over being embarrassed, through this one sanctifies the nose w/ wholeness, and through being 'an honest spirit concealing matter', when a secret is revealed to him he is careful to protect it and not reveal it, he sanctifies his ears, and through this draws the shefa (influence) of Daas."
[this passage could be a commentary on Saba's life]
(Likutei Eitzot-Daas:7) "One who blemishes the honor of the True-Tzaddik, through this is closed the light of the intellect and Daas, and cannot grasp and make chiddushim in Torah, and is also considered like dead."
mefursim of sheker who deny the petek, are essentially saying that Saba was either dumb or crazy (chas v'shalom). This is a true blemishing of the honor of the Tzaddik. Saba said they do this because of their taavot. They do not want too be humble, and therefore do not have Daas. Because of this their "avodas Hashem" is essentially inaffective.

May we be blessed with the right midot in order to be able to recieve Daas, and fulfill the eitzot of Rabbeinu Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman.


The villager said...

Hi Shimon,

I am not too good at keeping secrets unless I really understand how they have to be kept secret. I feel on the contrary that truth needs to be revealed. Am I putting my daas in jeopardy? If this is so, how is it that it is considered worse to be deaf then blind because of hardship of the even greater isolation of not being able to express ones self?

Causing a person to be deaf is very heavily fined, we wouldn't want to have a part of suffering that!

The mefursamim are promoting certain truths discovered by yours truely as a result of studying Saba's wisdom. Could it be that the marloket could cause the destruction of the beit hamikdash, keep rabbenu in galus and make rightous people loose their daas?

Could it be ayn ha ra to suppose that they do what they do for this or thatevil interest?

The only thing I would like to say against them is exactly what rabbi Nachman as diplomatically as possible suggests...they aren't responsable their followers are. Not oneof us is perfect. If I am nearly perfect but I let flattery get to my head (f.ex.) then I can become a mefoursam. The ones who are guily are the followers-- who don't understand that when dealing with the tzaddik there are no differences in level between any of us. And I Am Certainly No Better Or Worse Then Any Mefoursam Of BRESLEV. Mabe let's call them Mefarsemim, and let's have the attitude that they are doing the best they can.

The villager said...

going against the petek--
I believe that G-d endows any honest and sincere seeker of truth to grasp the value of the petek-
Saba alludes to this calling the Petek a witness. A Petek denier is denying testimony. You may know the halacha's concerning poslim witnesses. More then that, the man is blind by choice.

That being said, I still cannot judge the individual and hope for his spiritual healing and health.

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Unknown said...

i translated to spanish and put it at nanach spanish site

yasher koach!!!
uzi nanaj

shimonnachmanshilo said...

Hello Villager,

Saba kept the petek basicly secret for about 60 years. i think this is the kind of secret Rabbeinu is referring to. Sometimes Hashem gives us light that needs to be protected before revealed.
i don't believe the mefursamim are promoting truth, more often than not they cause chillul Hashem. I also do not believe that machlokes is bad. Rabbeinu says that the highest peace is found in machlokes l'shem shamayim.
I also don't care if a mefursam or follower is doing the best he can. if a criminal is "working on himself" but still committing crimes, he is a criminal.
I don't know how much contact you have had with these communities, but any decent individual who has, usually comes away (if they're lucky) quite spooked.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi this is Moshe Na Nach. To my humble opinion. Rabbenu is Rosh Bnei Yisroel. THis means he is the head, we are the body, if we subjugate are body to Rabbenu we can merit a head, if we donot than the body takes over and etc...