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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chanukah/Sabba's Bday party: White House Na Nach'ed

Chanukah Party @ the White House tonight, President and White House Na Nach'ed.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman! The Kemiyahs in Chicago and the Petek in Washington, have got me singing Na Nach to the U.S. National Anthem and Hatikva melodies Na Nach!


shimonmatisyahu said...

Yes, 20 Kislev tonight begins Saba's 120th birthday - or in more technical terms - exactly 120 years since Saba's birth, like Moshe Rabbeinu who lived exactly 120 years in this world in Avodas Hashem. As it says of Moshe's birth "And she saw him that he was good" - Rashi quotes the Gemara (Sota 12a) that when he was born - the house was filled with light. Indeed, the birthday of Saba, the Moshe Rabbeinu of the last generation of Galus & the first generation of Geula, is only five days before Chanuka, the festival of lights. We need to fill this world with Rabbeinu's & Saba's teachings to be a light for everyone.

shimonmatisyahu said...

Have no problem with the song of the U.S. National Anthem - at least it mentions at one point that the country's motto is "In G-d is our Trust". The proof of this is in the pudding - how much land did the United States give away in the last 50 years since acquiring its 50th State? But HaTikva makes no mention of Hashem or Judaism, just Israel being a national home. It's under this "national" guise that the Israeli government is doing what it wants because if it's just national land, not Holy Land, then as far as the Israeli dictatorship is concerned, it can do what it wants with the land- even giving parts and pieces of it to the enemy who just uses it to attack Israel's Jewish citizens so ever closer.

Anonymous said...

The Star Spangled Banner has a great Melody.
That's the whole idea of singing HaTikva, the hope, and using the tune for Na Nach, then the Israeli National Anthem is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!
Just use the National Melody! : )
Both songs, the rythm works so naturally, also why not sing the French one, it's funny cuz Sabba says Rebbe Nachman met Napolean!
Does anyone know more about that btw?
Na Nach!

Anonymous said...

Sabba said that Napolean wanted to kill the Jews and Rebbe Nachman spoke with him, not sure about what though, however, Napolean went on to make a Sanhedrin and also still today France is Napoleanic law, in Strasbourg they still use Napoleanic hats in shul!
France is Tzarfas, and it's same letters Ufaratzta...

If Youre in Canada or wherever, if your singing a national anthem sing the melody with Na Nach, sing any melody your enjoying an wanting to sing and whatever lyrics you got, sing a bar or a measure or a whole verse chorus bridge or harmonized Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

NaaNaach said...

There is a story of Napoleon meeting with Rabbi Nachman in the Chabad tradition, I have it I think in E.Y.. Maybe some could find it, I have to dig it up from my memory.