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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just found this short Na Nach clip.

kavod-- likutei moharan 131

rabeinu writes in likutei moharan 131

we need to get scared of kavod (respect)
because kavod is a great danger, for the soul

ebay ha nachal the book

President Shazar's book is the greatest opportunity this generation has. It surpasses any other media and must be brought to every would be human. What are we waiting for????
In industry if one model is the greatest thing POSSIBLE then all other lines are DROPPED .

Let's capitalize, and save HUMAN and DIVINE assets!

Awaiting response from LIVING individuals.


Rabbeinu said that through learning Likutei Moharan one's heart will become a Lev Basar (a heart of flesh)

How is it then, that there are people who learn Likutei Moharan many times, but still have ra ayin (evil eye), and a lev ra (evil heart)?
Saba says because they are full of taavot (desire) for kavod, money etc..
But some of these people also do a lot of hisbodedus, which is supposed to cure us from taavot?
Saba relates how a certain shochet would scream louder than anyone else in tefillah, but he was screaming without Daas (wisdom of the heart).
One needs Daas in order to fulfill Rabbeinu's eitzot (advises) correctly.
But how does one get Daas?
(Likutei Eitzot- Daas:4) "also through a person being humble, and shafel(low). and patient, and not getting angry over being embarrassed, through this one sanctifies the nose w/ wholeness, and through being 'an honest spirit concealing matter', when a secret is revealed to him he is careful to protect it and not reveal it, he sanctifies his ears, and through this draws the shefa (influence) of Daas."
[this passage could be a commentary on Saba's life]
(Likutei Eitzot-Daas:7) "One who blemishes the honor of the True-Tzaddik, through this is closed the light of the intellect and Daas, and cannot grasp and make chiddushim in Torah, and is also considered like dead."
mefursim of sheker who deny the petek, are essentially saying that Saba was either dumb or crazy (chas v'shalom). This is a true blemishing of the honor of the Tzaddik. Saba said they do this because of their taavot. They do not want too be humble, and therefore do not have Daas. Because of this their "avodas Hashem" is essentially inaffective.

May we be blessed with the right midot in order to be able to recieve Daas, and fulfill the eitzot of Rabbeinu Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman.


hey i think i finally got it to work ! na nach! just a friendly nanach hello from the guys of montreal! its cold here! but the Rebbe is warming us up with his fire! na nach nachma nachman meuman!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nanach in Uman

It looks like everyone past up on this great video so here it is:

The Breslov Center in Montreal

chanukah is the start for purim(nanach poker)

wisdom take 2

wisdom part 1


na nach song

na nach song

nanach talking

The year 1922 - תרפ"ב - translated into the Holy Books

In 1922 - תרפ"ב Saba got the Holy Petek, after breaking the fast of Tamuz. It's amazing that the Holy Sefer Chayay Moharan - the Life of Moharan, in the paragraph numbered תרפ"ב discusses a Petek that Rabbainu had which contained a formula to figure out which exact days his chasidim should fast on. This however many already know. The most amazing Chanuka miracle is that in the Shulchan Oruch, siman תרפ"ב, discusses על הניסים! - special thanks given to G-d for the wonderous miracles He did for us then and now! in particular it discusses whether one should conclude this special thanks with a request that G-d continue doing these miracles for us, or whether to just take it for granted that G-d is and will be doing them and thank Him! This is really all about the Petek - which of course was recieved by the holy shrine of Rabbi Meir Master of the Miracle - The Miracle of course THE miracle of course - The Holy Petek of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Monday, December 29, 2008

morning 8th day chanukah

New Stories and Teachings related to the Holy Book Chayay Moharan

We have B"H upload another apx. 7 pages, available on our Hebrew (there's a link on the right side of this site that will take you there). Once again, anyone who doesn't have a strong enough grasp of Hebrew might be able to make it with the help of Google Translate or the like.

Enjoy Nanach!


maoz zur

na nach 8th night

Anybody out there can do computer graphics- I need to make 1 page for the printer (two sided a 5) and will gladly pay 200,- rosh Hinouch #1 of Israel for the sit in and the disk. Get back to me asap.

Nanach Rap

7th night of chanukah

Sunday, December 28, 2008

nanach snow man

nanaj song

Rabbi Pinto Nanach

There was a holy Nanach living in Jerusalem named Rabbi Pinto OB"M. He had an open Yeshiva for anyone who needed a place, and he often took responsability for people, like signing them out of jail (and even....). He gave tzeduka, not only of his time and talents, but incurred huge debts so as to dole out money needed. He made thousands of stickers that said Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman LIYirushalayim - in hopes of elevating the national consciousness to the importance of seeing Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem the Leader of Israel. So to sum it all up, he was a very fine Nanach indeed. Rabbi Pinto just passed on to the next world about 2 years ago.
On our Hebrew (there's a link on the right side of this site that will take you there) they have posted a video of Rabbi Pinto relating the importance of believing in the Petek and Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman. Rabbi Pinto recounts that once there was a scoffer at the holy shrine of Rabbainu, and he was making jest mocking the holy name Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman! This scoffer was saying things like Kuku Riku etc.. When he finished his jest and turned from the holy shrine, the area where the candles were burning and where his son was, burst into flames! There was no medication around or anyone who had any real knowledge how to treat the burned victim, people came rushing to through water on him etc.. Such is the exact and immediate vengence of a person who detrements Na Nach G"F. (if you have seen people get away with it, well just check out the little post in our Hebrew site about the story the Baal Shem Tov told about a Poretz who after throwing his Jewish tenant and family into prison, had a child for the first time after years of being barren, such are the awesome deep ways of G-d, but sometimes for the sake of the Tzadik, Hashem Y' splurges....).
Rabbi Pinto also relates how all the main Breslovers, like R' Shlomo Wexler accepted and fully believed in the holy Petek. He told of how the Petek was even accepted in Poland, where it ran a huge risk of being destroyed let alone lost. Rabbi Yitzchok Briter author of Shiaris Yitzchok accepted the tenacity of the holy Petek, and refferred to it as a light at the end of the tunnel. Rabbi Pinto said that the Saba said that had the Breslovers in Europe taken up the Petek studying it and expounding on it more, singing it, and taking up the holy Peteks message and call, they would have survived the holocaust.
Please hear all of this and more for yourself - first hand - especially since I have wrote this very fast to give you an idea without completely guarding the accuracy as a Nanach does with such important articles of faith.

More stories and Tora's pertaining the holy book Chayay Moharan

Just now I uploaded another apx. 3 pages of 'good stuff' (even some Chanuka stories from Rabbainu!) onto our Hebrew (there's a link on the right side of this site). Once again, anyone who has difficulty with Hebrew, may try to get by with the help of google translate or the like.


ShinShinMem shlomo NaNach

Permutation of G-d's Name for Teves

The month of Teves is represented by the following permutation of G-d name
ה -י - ה- ו this is spelled out in the final letters of the verse גדלו לה' אתי' ונרוממה' שמו' יחדיו. If we take the letters preceding the final letters - the final letters representing the final sfira, that is the Kingdom of G-d, and the second to final representing the sfira of His Tzadik - we get the letter תומם, meaning wholesome, with the four letters they would actually spell out תמים, which with the word itself has the same numerical value of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Gilgul Sheleg Nanach has melted mamash al Kidush Hashem

The valiant Gilgul Sheleg (a name won for having roled many times naked in the snow until completely frozen into a snowman) has taken upon himself the ultimate sacrifice, as true holy Nanach do. Seeing the tremendous suffering Toronto has been afflicted with, ice and snow etc., Gilgul Sheleg took upon himself to melt away and take away the storm and the cold. So now in middle of the winter in this northern city of Toronto it is mamash warm outside, and alas Gilgul Sheleg lays melted just a sembelence of his base remains. May his memory be a blessing for all of us.
This was all a decree from heaven, because seeing that the original picture were never posted, I went outside to try to take some myself and I discovered our loss.

Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

3 Nanachs in a Row!

The Holy Brothers, the sons of our Father Yakov, they tell their Brother Yosef, (Mikaitz 42:11) כלנו בני איש אחד נחנו כנים אנחנו לא היו עבדיך מרגלים, the word נחנו is mamash נ נח, the word כנים - switching the כ with ח and the ים for the equivelent נ, gives us a 2nd נ נח! and אנחנו supplies us with a third! What a true show of Nanach Brotherhood!
The first words כלנו בני איש אחד = נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן(ע"ה
Then you have 3 consecutive Nanach.
The remaining words לא היו עבדיך מרגלים with the 16 letters have the numerical value of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman (with the 5 words)!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Rosh's Nanach Mystery Solved

Looked up the Rosh on Megilla 4b about the Berachos recited on the first night of Chanuka. In the context, it's speaking of the Berachos that are recited for the Megilla reading with the Roshei Taivos of MN"CH which stand for Megilla, Nissim, Chayim (Shehecheyonu). So accordingly, the Roshei Taivos of (NaNaCH) NN"CH stand for Ner, Nissim, Chayim.

P.S. What NaNach Chanuka present is in store for me for solving the Chanuka mystery?


Trino (C) has donated another $30 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Chanukah Gedalai

Leaving Egypt and Celebrating Chanuka with Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

In Maoz Tzur - the song we sing on Chanuka after lighting the Menora – we refer to Egypt as עגלה – בשעבוד מלכות עגלה – the servitude of the kingdom of Eglu – a reference to the verse, עגלה יפיפיה מצרים. In Sipuray Maasiyos we learn the Egypt represents the desire for money which one who is consumed by this desire can only be saved by the גבור – the mighty warrior, who will lead them to partake from the aromatic food which allows them to be sensitive to the stench money has. We can hypothesize that the aromatic food is an aspect of the פסח – Passover sacrifice, which our Sages relate had an overcoming aroma, and it was by means of the Pesach that the Israelites left Egypt. From Egypt , the Israelites went on to receive the Tora.
So let us work backwards, the redemption from Egypt, כאשר ישא האומן, and the Tora itself being referred to as אומן as we find many places – והייתי אצלו אומן (from this verse our sages learn that the Tora was created before the world).
The Pesach being Nachman – as they both share the same numerical value of 148.
גבור – is a clear allusion to נ נח נחמ, which is the doubled (-ב) and (ג -) tripled - גב and adds up to רו, all together forming the word גבור.
נ נח, is the rectification of עגלה, as they both share the same numerical value. also 50 (נ) times 58 (נח) = Two thousand 900, Two thousand can be represented by a ב, and 900 = ץ, these spell צב and adjective used frequently with the word עגלה.
נ is the fall and servitude.
נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן!!!!

Na Nach draidel

The Petek Song

Nanach activity in Toronto

May the Great and Holy Name of the Lord be blessed and sanctified in all the worlds He created and particularly here in Toronto where we merited to build probably the very first Nanach snowman, aptly named, Gilgul Sheleg Nanach, B"H Uzi will be posting a video of this amazing Nanach! Gilgul Sheleg Nanach sports a black Nanach beanie, and for a while we had him decked out with Rabbainu sforim and Nanach stickers. Gilgul Sheleg Nanach is a beacon of Nanach light to all the neighbors of the community.
B"h some of the Nanach in Toronto convened again. This led to many good things like the establishment of a chavrusa in sfrey Rabbainu. B'h Uzi will pe posting some videos and comments of his own about theses amazing events.
Sunday B"h Uzi is making a Nanach concert.
Monday B"h the Toronto Nanach are going to visit the Nanach in Montreal!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Miracles of Chanuka

Don't know if you are aware of the great miracles that took place two days ago, our cousins were firing rocket on southern Israel one blew up in their faces killing some of them, and one of them they managed to shoot into their own territory badly injuring one of their attorneys. Some thirty rockets that did hit Israel caused some property damage but no injuries (there were some close calls). May the Holy Name of the Lord Be Blessed. Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!
So we will begin anew to sing praises to the Lord for his great kindness and compassion. Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman.
This is an opportunity to offer some more tracks of R' Shlomo Carlbach, and some more of my own creations including to new tunes for Maoz Tzur.
Enjoy Nanach!

Our Holy Friends, The Newlywed Aron and the B"H soon to be wed Yakov Shurin

na nach chanukah

Thursday, December 25, 2008

CoNNection of Chanuka with NaNach

It has to do with the number 15. Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman totals 15 Heilige Osiyos. The Vilna Gaon corelates the various Chagim with the Sefiros. Accordingly, Chanuka corresponds to Hod, which has a Gematria of 15. Interestingly, Hod is the 5th Sefira and the Kerias HaTorah for the 5th day of Chanuka (as read in Eretz Yisroel where the Nes Chanuka took place) are the Korbanos of the Nosi for Shevet Shimon. And the day of the Sefira of Hod Shebahod is Lag Ba'Omer, the Yom Hilula of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai; and as we know Shimon Ben Yochai has the same Gematria as Nachman Ben Simcha and El Mul Pnei HaMenorah (553).

Speaking of B'nei Yissachar as I mentioned on the 2nd day of Chanuka, the original Posuk (Divrei HaYomim I 12:33) mentioning this phrase pertaining to Shevet Yissachar mentions in the midst of this Posuk "Rosheihem Mohsayim" - 200 heads of Sanhedrin were descended from this Shevet (Bereishis Rabba 98:12). That's interesting, as mentioned by someone on pertaining to President Shazar on the 200 Shekel bill, Mohsayim is the same Gematria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman (491). And don't forget, it was the idea of the Nosi of Shevet Yissachar to bring the Korbanos of the Nesi'im to begin with, which is the Kerias HaTorah for Chanuka ending off with the Parsha of the Menorah which includes "El Mul Pnei HaMenorah." And Menorah has the same Osiyos as Moharan - Rabbeinu Moharan, Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman. Also, we see that in the arrangement of the Sefiros, Netzach & Hod are at times together like twins. You see, Netzach is the Gematria of Nachman (148) & Hod=15, like the 15 Osiyos of NNNNM.

On a personal note, my present full name, Shimon Matisyahu is the same Gematria as Kerias HaTorah (1327). Indeed, I was a Ba'al Koreh for many years in the States until I made Aliyah (I still do it here and there, but not "professionally" the way I used to get paid in the goldeneh medineh). Anyways, I mentioned earlier this week that I had added the name Matisyahu, naming myself after Matisyahu of the Nes Chanuka several months ago on Rosh Chodesh Nissan. I chose this particular day not because of the special date in itself or that it's Rabbeinu's birthday. You see, the day I was born fell out on the learning of Yevamos 45 of the 7th cycle of Daf Yomi Talmud Bavli. So, I looked up the date for the learning of Yevamos 45 of the 7th cycle of Daf Yomi Talmud Yerushalmi. It fell out on Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5768. But here is the punchline - count the numering of the letters of my names in the Alef Beis. That is, starting with my name Shimon - Shin is the 21th letter, Mem is the 13th letter, etc. It's like this - Shin-21, Mem-13, Ayin-16, Vov-6, Noon-14, and then Matisyahu: Mem-13, Tav-22, Tav-22, Yud-10, Hei-5, Vov-6. The sum total of all these numbers add to...148=Nachman!

There's another connection to Rabbeinu's birthday as it relates to my name in relationship to the Hebrew date that I was born. But, I can't tell you everything in one day - I'll let you know what this is about when it's Rabbeinu's birthday (or my birthday)...

For more fascinating vortlech on the concept of Hod as relating to Chanuka, Beis HaMikdash and Shevet Shimon, you can check out my blogspot for the latest on

A Freilichen NaNach Chanuka!

P.S. In the Tefila before Hadlohkas Neiros Chanuka of the author of the Chasidishe Sefer - B'nei Yissachar, there is a phrase "L'Natzeiach Al M'leches Beis Hashem". Natzeiach/Netzach is the Gematria of Nachman, M'leches (work of) is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman, and Beis Hashem refers to the Beis HaMikdash, that corresponds to Hod (Berachos 58a), and Hod=15, as in the 15 letters of NNNNM, and Hod goes together with Netzach.

the tzadik

the righteous man is rabbi nachman
his light iluminates the world
fulling it with wisdom and peace

the mantra is
na nach nachma nachman meuman
nanach is the power of freedom
nanach is the happiness which creates more and more worlds
more skies
more light

the light of the tzadik, the righteous,
is na nach nachma nachman meuman

uzi nanaj

nanach toronto hitbodedut talk to hashem

Toronto Nanach Activity!

The Nanach of Toronto convened (some of us that is), B"H Uzi is going to post a video of the event, mamash GIVALD! All participating Nanach recieved a Chanuka present - a white Nanach bracelet/band (for sale on our nanach store - link on the right side of the site)!

DG of Kaplan's yeshiva invited the Nanach to their Chanuka mesiba.

Gilgul Sheleg Nanach has been constructed and B"H tomorrow we will crown him with a Nanach beanie and other necessities of life.

Great Blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MayUman!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sipor Hiskarvus

Amazing - Just put up the Sipur Hiskarvus of Eitan Na Nach


Congratulations to the brothers for the last posts.

I wanted to finish the last blog by explaining the secret of shalom suggested by Saba and finally understood in part by me which is that we should stick together like he and President Shazar, with mutual understanding, love, concern, mesirout nefesh etc...

I wanted to say that Lag b Omer, the Magen David and a possible the three dimentional "original menora" with each candle being equi-distant from the shamash (1)

All have in common that the corners and points keep a respectable distance from the center- this is illustrated by post-Jitro tribes of Israel around Moshe, and the dream of circles around rabbenu. Thus competitions about who is first,second or third (like the flags in the city of wealth) are not relevant. We Jews don't need to place a statue in the middle like the Egyptiens.

But...mabe we need to bring the tomb of the Great Tzaddik to give klal Israel a point of focus based on truth! He speaks to everyone, still today through his books and not (only)through metallic weight and idolization that some unfortunately haven't evolved from after all these years. The main thing is not to loose hope and to be b.e simcha!

With Rabbi Nachman here things WILL happen. This will enable Moshiah!

I read in Ebay Ha Nachal that peace will only occure AFTER we crown Moshiah!

(there is no proof that the menorah was flat- giving more importance to the days of the week closer to shabbos). The 8 branch menorah reminds us that AM ISRAEL is above and beyond logic and can sink to the farthest depths of goyish shtout and pull up and out!

Amazing Medical Advice!

Check out this amazing medical advice I just found on the web.

Mesiras Nefesh for the Light of Chanuka

Shlomo Carlbach used to tell over the story of a chusid he called R' Naftoli, who bartered his shoes for a candle to light on the first night of Chanuka (besides the fact that the ground was freezing, this was ample reason for the cursed ones to kill someone). Later that night the cursed ones discovered the light and demanded to know who lit it, R' Naftoli stepped forward and they beat him to death HY"D. R' Shlomo says that he heard from survivors of that bunk, and they swore to him, that on the second night of Chanuka they witnessed R' Naftoli light two lights, and on the third night of Chanuka they witnessed him lighting three lights, and so forth throughout the whole Chanuka!

So much more so must we learn mesiras nefesh to spread the light of all lights, the light of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!


People are speaking about this Rabbi and that Rabbi how great they and what they are doing. The Nanach are asking well these great Rabbis are they teaching people about the way of Rabbainu, are they teaching them to be always in the Happiness of Mitzva, are they teaching them the importance of rising and starting the day at midnight which is the most fundamental task of a Jew, are they teaching the critical need to speak to G-d personally? Or are they giving their own advice and thoughts? But, they say, look how great they are look at what they have done.... So here ye what Rabbi Nachman says about all the great deed of kindness and miracles performed by the charlatans.
Once a thief broke into a house in the middle of the night. He emptied the house of almost all its contents leaving a few articles behind. The thief then ignited the house sending it up in an inferno of flames. Then the thief rushed into the house and with utter urgency and panic he woke up the Parents and the children and helped rescue them from the house and helped salvage whatever was there.
Everyone were overcome by gratitude for the thief for saving their lives and their possessions. The Nanach wanted to kill the thief right then and there!
This is the matter of the fake holy rabbis that everyone is in such awe of what they are doing. They are the ones responsible for dire state of the Jews in the exile in the first place! They then help make sure that the world isn't brought down completely, and everyone is so full of gratitude for them!!!?
The Nanach say that is SHEKER, so the Nanach say if you want to have mercy on yourself, let alone the entire world, avoid the fake holy charlatans, and join the holy Nanach!

Rabbi Nachman also said about the fake rabbis that all the miracles they perform is based on the fact that they draw power from their stagnation on the same level, whereas the real tzadikim are constantly nullifying themselves and their achievements to rise and attain higher levels.

Rabbi Nachman also taught that many times it looks like the fake rabbi performed a miracle, and in reality, unbeknown to the observer, a real tzadik decided to intervene and help.

These are some of the things you should remember and not be sucked in to the Sheker of society.

The main thing is to chant and sing NA NACH NACHMU NACHMAN MAYUMAN!

New Music

B"H HH HH (Hashem Helps, Happy Chanuka - thanks to our givald Nanach friend Shimon Kriesel) I have uploaded almost 20 more of my songs onto the music site - there's a link and/or button on the right side of the site that will take you there. B"H there is a lot of GIVALD music there, 100's of songs! You should check it out. Especially Lazer G's new GIVALD GIVALD song Sabe received a letter!

enjoy the bounty of Hashem Y'!
enjoy Nanach!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Check up this write up about Nanach!

Truth is I already posted this, but this is such a GIVALD article it deserves another post. So here is the link just click on it and check it out.

Article on Nanach:

Want to bring the whole world back to G-d?!!!!

Likutay Eitzos (gathered advice from Rabbi Nachman, Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman) provides a way to bring the whole world back to GOOD. (under the entry of Hisbodidus, 3rd paragraph, based on Likutay Moharan 31:8,9): This is how to do it:

By conversation, by conducting conversation and speaking personally to one's creator, and verbally expressing the yearning, and favorable desires, how he yearns and longs, and quells to leave his bad and to merit to the true good, and he prays and supplicates before Hashem Yisburach for this. By this he produces the good souls from potential to actuality. For by yearning alone the souls are created kinetically, and by speech like that mention above, they are completed and go out from potential to actuality. And through this he will merit to the fruition of his requests, and merits to form the letters of the Tora favorably, and he gives life and sustains everything, and he draws goodness and blessing to all the worlds, and he arouses many souls to repentance by means of the words that he spoke between himself and his creator. Because this concept of yearning and favorable desires and to verbalize them with a full mouth is extremely precious, and everyone must accustom themselves to engage in this a lot every day. And through this it is possible to bring the whole world back to GOOD!

So here's a little prayer I composed to summarize the above concepts in a petition and supplication to the Lord:

Haylige Rachmim (Holy Merciful One) please give me tremendous רצון, השתוקקות,חפץ,חשק , and כיסופין for you and only you, וזכני (and let me merit) להוציא אותם מכח אל הפועל בדיבור פי (to bring them out from their potential into action by verbalization), to pour out my heart to you in לשון הקודש (the holy tongue) ברוח הקודש (with the holy spirit); so that I (cleanse and polish) מנקה ומזכך my גוף and נשמה. And so that I can make many נשמות קודושות וטהורות; and elevate all the נשמות to (will of desire) רעווא דרעווין; and so that I am מנקד ומצייר (vowel and arrange) all the letters of the תורה – לטובה.

The main thing of course is to chant and sing Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!!!!

King Jehoshufat

In todays portion of the Zohar - the Book of Splendor -of Chok Liyisroel, we learn (this happens to be discussed in the Talmud as well): Yehoshufat king of Yehuda would ask of G-d, I am not able to chase after my enemies nor am I able to slaughter them, I will sing and You kill them... and so the Holy Blessed One did for him as it says, and at the time they begin to sing and praise, G-d put an ambush etc..
So I did the math, יהושפט המלך ע"ה, has the numerical value of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman (and the 15 letters)!
Do you get it! All we got to do is sing this holy song Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman and Hashem Yisburach will cut down all our enemies, spiritual and physical.
Saba said we must not sleep, we must spread the light of Rabbainu: Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
This can be understood beautifully by the Zohar (and Talmud), which goes on to discuss King Chizkiyahu who said that he was not even capable of singing, so he asked of G-d to do the whole thing, wipe out the enemy, while he slept in his bed.
The Talmud says that Chizkiyahu came very close to being the ultimate Mushiach. Does this not seem reminiscent to something today, people that are into Mushiach who isn't, and they do not sing the song of redemption which obliterates the enemy, but just sleep. Thank G-d for Saba who wakes up the world with beautiful song to Hashem: Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Thank G-d for Nanach!

Yaakov Shurin Calls For Volunteers For Hafatza

Our dear Nanach, Yakov Shurin (son of Dov Shurin) is presently on a Nanach party binge basing his operations in Brooklyn and projecting to the whole world. Please join him for this holy cause!
Yakov could really use your help! First of all he needs a good guitar, anyone who can supply him with one or buy him one would be doing an enormous mitzva! Then Yakov could really use you to join him as he brings the joy and happiness of Nanach to the streets of Brooklyn!
Yakov is available to make concerts - for very reasonable rates.

Yakov can be reached in the evenings (say about 6-11) at: 347 922 7542

To see Yakov Shurin at work, see the short clip we posted on a little earlier. There are also many GIVALD videos of him on the youtube. Take advantage!


Light Post or Lightpost

Guess I wasn't Zoche to be the one with the 1,000 post; but that's O.K. You see, this is the 1,035th post, and the word Ohr/Light with a Gematria of 207, when multiplied by five times as the amount of times written in the first day of creation in the beginning of the Torah equals 1,035. And as I had mentioned the other day, the 25th word of the Torah is the word Ohr -
its first appearance - which corresponds to 25 Kislev, the first day of Chanuka. This posting comes out just in time in the midst of Chanuka, the Chag of Ohr. To be exact, it's the 2nd day of Chanuka when I'm writing this. For the 2nd day, we read the Korbonos that the Nasi of Sevet Yissachar brought. As Rashi points it, it was this Nasi who had the idea of the Nesi'im bringing their Korbonos; it was only Nachshon of Shevet Yehuda who brought the Korbonos before him. Anyways, as we know, it was Shevet Yissachar who was into learning Torah, and being the ones in the Sanhedrin who calculated the astronomical settings for the Jewish calendar. The word that most aptly describes these two functions is the word Ohr. The Midrash tells us that the above five mentions of the word Ohr correspond to the five Chumashim - Chumash is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman (354) - as Torah is compared to Ohr/Light. And then in the physical sense, it refers to the light of the orbital system which is deciphered by astronomy as to how it all functions. A major example of this is the 28 year cycle (the first Posuk of the Torah has 28 letters) of the sun (and moon) being in the same position which will occur in a few months when we will recite the Beracha of Oseh Ma'asei Bereshis.

It's most worthy to note that the Chasidishe Sefer -B'nei Yissachar was given this very name, which first of all comes from the phrase in Divrei HaYomim describing the above functions of Sevet Yissachar. But the author of this Sefer found himself feeling unusually high on a spiritual plateau on Chanuka every year; and as he was told by his Rebbe, it's because he had a spark of Yissachar who represents Torah learning. Anyways, in this Sefer with is full of vortlich on Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh, and the Yomim Tovim - among the chapters on Chanuka, there is one that is entitled Ohr HaGanuz. And as one Chasidishe Rebbe put it, the Ohr HaGanuz, which Hashem hid after creating the original light, is in the section about Chanuka in this Sefer B'nei Yissachar! (Guess it has something to do with Rabbeinu's Sefer HaGanuz)

And speaking of light, I mentioned the other day about Menorah & Moharan having the same letters. These words also have the same Gematria as Aish/fire (301)- and the sun is a big ball of fire - and as Rabbeinu Moharan said "My fire will be burning until Moshiach's coming". Indeed,
Rabbeinu is the big sunshine and LIGHTPOST (Post of Light) that we have to keep us going spiritually without totally falling under until the end of our Galus, when a descendant of Rabbeinu - Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman, as he said he accomplished, will be the one to be Moshiach.

P.S. Even the time agrees with me - 1:05. As I mentioned in the begining, this is the 1035th
post, the number of which is 5 times the word Ohr - which begins with an Alef=1, which is in the 1st Parsha (of the 669 Parshiyot sections as divided by space in the Sefer Torah)

Convention of Toronto Nanach - Come learn Rabbainu with us!

Join the Toronto Nanach studying the holy teachings of Our Master Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Likutay Moharan 2, Tora 2, first paragraphs

Hanacha Na Nach Party

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Rosh - Rabbainu Asher - says to bless Na Nach!

B"H we were blessed to follow the directions of Rabbainu, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, to study the Rosh, everyone I showed the Rosh to, and I showed it big Rabbi's, were all unfamiliar with it, they all knew that it couldn't mean simply Na Nach like it said but no one knew what it did mean. The Rosh, in tractate Megila (daf 4b) says says on the first night of Chanuka one makes a blessing on the light Na Nach etc.. So even if there is some other way of understanding this Rosh (which B"H I am familiar with) is it not enormously significant that the Rosh chose to write it in this amazing fashion! Anyone who takes a precursory look at the Rosh will definitely get the message of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman - isn't that amazing, it's mind boggling! And anyone who believes in the infinicy of the Tora and realizes how everything in the Tora is connected will appreciate that Na Nach can represent many concepts all included in Rabbi Nachman. But this is all obvious....
So check out what JoshWaxman has to say about this unbelievable Rosh:

discard the critical skills typically used to analyze texts, in pursuit of their desired interpretation. this lowers the character of the debate. It is akin to how, on, they recently noted that the Rosh says that the bracha on Nerot Chanukka is NaNach. The Rosh indeed says that, but in context that is not what it means. And when they say it, it is silly. But there is a continuous misinterpretation of texts, by people who do not know how to interpret texts.

Well, I'll give this to him, that even if all this Rosh is to us is silly -C"V, it sure enhanced our Joy this Chanuka with Na Nach! [In fact a few people, after hearing from me this Rosh and actually seeing this amazing phenomena with their own eyes, proclaimed: I love you! Did anyone tell you today that they love you? Well go ahead show them the Rosh!]

So keep up the good work JW and we're glad that you visited our site and experienced something silly! May you be zoche to all the great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman! (secretly I believe you were just trying to find away to pass on this amazing Rosh).


Tzfat Center Party Pictures #2

Click on Pictures to Enlarge Them

The Chanaka Party at the Na Nach Center of Tzfat

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Saba in France


Everyone knows, G-d didn't find a better vessel for blessing then peace. Too much light "ribouil or" shatters the vessel and so does strife. Conclusion: no blessings without peace.

Does anyone remember the poster of Saba in a fire for Lag b Omer?... Well folks, "mein feril", means my little fire not a bonfire (french: bon-feux)." STRANGE, who would suggest that SABA is BURNING in a Lag b Omer BLAZE?

The petek, is effective for people who are searching for G-d, but what about those who are SURE they are ON COURSE (o.f course, to wherever and as fast as they can...)?


Saba said of those who would speak badly about any of his talmidey chachamim that 1000 scorpions with 1000 darts each with 1000 poison and so on and so on (approx.) were all eagerly awaiting for them. This is because attacks on any Na Nach is so bad that it has the power to "sabotage" the work of the Tzaddik Ha Dor.

The "flat" 8 branch menorah was created under greco-roman influence and was turned from being the utlimate disgrace to being a symbole of national pride!

What did the original menorah look like?
Why is the lag b omer fire the symbol of Lag b Omer?
What does this have to do with peace (shalom)?
If this is a national issue and not a religious one, is the Magen David a secular replacement symbol or simply just another "Israeli/Jewish" symbol?

Lag b Omer and the Petek are related because the Petek brings peace and Tikkun ha Bris!
Josef was 17 when he was sent to Egypt, it took 17 years before he met Pharoe, Jacob lived with his son 17 years before his tomb was brought to Hevron. The petek has 17 written once on it and youd zein written twiceon it, additionaly it has 51 words, 10 lines separated in the middle by a7 letter word, the note is 10 by 7 in size. Lag b Omer is 7 weeks of seven days plus one,but divided by three you get 17! The torah of Moshe is given on the 50th day and the 51st? mabe the torah of rabbi Nachman, the petek! Rabbi Nachman unlike Josef had 10 tikkunim of the bris not 10 pgamim! AND he reached his level by his own merit, NOT BY HIS FATHERS' or his grandfathers' merits. Three time 17 is a hazaka- Tovia incidentally is the Brit Mila name of Moshe who was described as tov three times in the verses relating to his birth. (yet another remez that he is Josef/petek/omer)...

I must interrupt this post- but I will finish and answer the questions as soon as possible!

More additions relevant to Chayay Moharan

On the hebrew (link to it on the right side of this site) we have added another 2 pages of additions relevant to the holy book Chayay Moharan (the Life of Our Master Rabbi Nachman). Anyone who's Hebrew is insufficient may try to get by with the help of google translate or the like.


New Music

Our dear Israeli Nanach have added a new folder with 18 new GIVALD songs, now available for free on the music site - there's a link/button on the right side of the site. The new folder is called Nadav.

Enjoy Na Nach!

New Shlomo Carlbach track

B"H I just uploaded another GIVALD track from Reb Shlomo Carlbach, available for free on the music site - link and/or button on the right side of the site.

this is what the track is about:

tov Kikail Tishuasam Sholomaleichem MikveStories Ishbitz KissTora Breslov Drugs Lub Matzu



new song

just put up a new song on nanach music under lazer na nach its called saba recieved a letter. in the merit of nanach ther will be more music injoy. na nach nachma nachman meuman

These Lights We Kindle Are About Miracles!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yom Tov of MOHARAN - LIGHT of Chanuka

Happy Chanuka everyone!

On a personal note, it's my very first Chanuka since I added on the name Matisyahu last Rosh Chodesh Nissan. The reason why I chose that date to give myself a second name in fact had nothing to do with the fact that it was Rosh Chodesh or that it was Rabbeinu's birthday - but we'll put that on the side for now. Later on this week, B'Ezras Hashem, I will reveal more. But I should note that what we read in Krias HaTorah on the first day of Chanuka is the very same thing that we recite on Rosh Chodesh Nissan (when we read from the Korbonos of the Nesi'im & Parsha of the Menora for the 1st 13 days of Nissan) following davening. Thus, the 1st day of Chanuka must have a special connection with Rosh Chodesh Nissan also in regard to Rabbeinu Moharan - Moreinu HaRav Rebbe Nachman.

The proof for this is not hard to see. You see, the Hebrew words Moharan & Menorah have the very same letters. It's also interesting to note that Shabbos Chanuka, besides Rosh Hashana & Shavuos, was one of the three times in the year that Rabbeinu had his special Kibbutz. And for the Roshei Taivos of Rabbeinu's name Nachman - it stands for
Neiros Chanuka Menorah Nissim. Now, the Gematria of these four words add up to 1,206. In Hebrew, the number for this is Alef Reish Vov. Rearranging these letters spell the word Ohr - Light, which in its first mention in the Torah, is the 25th word - hinting to the 1st day of Chanuka which falls out on the 25th of Kislev. Bear in mind that in a few short months, Bircas HaChama will fall out on the beginning of its 207th cycle - being that Ohr is the Gematria of 207, which will fall out on 14 Nissan - Ohr L'Arba'ah Asor (the position of the orbital system as it was in the beginning of creation is actually at the beginning of the night - in this cycle - when we begin searching for the Chometz as indicated in the beginning of Maseches Pesochim with the above words).

But perhaps what ultimately distinguishes the 1st day of Chanuka from the rest of the days - in terms of Halacha - is that it is only on the 1st night that we say the Berocho of Shehecheyonu. And indeed, it is Rabbeinu's teachings that keep us spiritually alive and existing, despite all odds to the contrary. After all, this is the ultimate understanding of the spiritual struggle that the generation of Matisyahu & Maccabees had, and it was the few that conquered the many - which was basically the fight to maintain Yiddishkeit. And since Chanuka is the one Chag that celebrates a Nes that happened specifically in Eretz Yisroel; it's only fitting that Rabbeinu,
the ultimate one who represents the spiritual victory over the evil forces since M&M, should be reinterred in Eretz Yisroel.

Wedding Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight B"h our GIVALD lead singer master performer Aron Moeoller of the Blanketstatementstien band is getting married!!!!!!!!!

Mazal Tov!
Mazal Tov!
Mazal Tov!

Unfortunately the royal Nanach airforce is not yet functioning so I will not be able to make it, but you never know, at least in spirit I will be there.

All capable Nanach, and which Nanach isn't capable, are called on to congregrate and make merry at this happy event, and show the true amazing colors (please bring posters, portraits, maniquens, beannies, anything and everything Nanach). This is the night of the first Light, and from here the light grows ever stronger!

The wedding B"H will be in New Square (what a tikun!) in Ateres Charna on Rt 45.

Be there and be Nanach!


Eight Days Of Chanuka We Rejoice In The Light

In honor of Chanuka G-d B"h has blessed me with this catchy tune. Enjoy the tune (and the movie - meet my new friend with the black Nanach beanie!), enjoy Chanuka, enjoy NA NACH!

Nanach brings peace!

Earlier we posted that Na Nach Nachmu Nachmann MayUman has the numerical value of מלמד שלום - teaches peace. This can be understood by what Rabbainu writes in Tora 27 (Likutay Moharan) that song brings peace as it says שיר השירים אשר לשלמה - להמלך שהשלום שלו - The Song of Songs is of the King of Peace.
Shlomo Carlbach would mock those that tried to force peace, commenting that this is an oxymoron, force is the opposite of peace! In order to bring peace we must bring tremendous joy, singing, and laughter, this is the holy way of the Nanach.

Mazal Tov on completion of the Shas

Mazal Tov to my younger brother Yosef Noach Hochman for completing the entire Shas bieyun (indepth)! May he merit to spend much more time studying Rabbainu's holy sforim and singing Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman! goes up a notch in Google

Mazal Tov to for rising a notch on the Google PageRank, we still have to get much higher much quicker B"H.


FFB graduates to FFN

Your probably familiar with FFB: Frum From Birth well try this one out

FFN: Founding Fathers of Na Nach! Even though we are really 2nd generation, since the Petek is new every day, and certainly Nanach is mamash brand new, that makes us FFN!

We'll have to see how are NNB (Nanach from birth) kids turn out!

chanukah party

10 st andrew , toronto, ontario,
minsk shul

with simantov nanach orchestra

full of nanach simcha
food and music $ 8 dollars the ticket

chanukah sameach!!!


today sunday 12.00pm/1pm eastern hour to listen on internet
1610 am to listen on the radio in toronto, ontario, canada

celebrating our first 100 programs on air
super nanach party,

Spanish site well on the way!

Check out the new Nanach spanish site - you can read it with google translate - you'll find things like this:

We have the Holy Hoodia Grande Mayor Na Naj Najma Najman MeUman!


Special thanks to AAH Nanach for contributing!

Dovid Bronson (a.k.a. LongPeyos) on the Paris Na Nach site!

Check it out! Just went to the Paris Nanach site - there's a link to them on the right side of - they are offering all types of music so I clicked on: Best of Adi Ran, and there's a little video - and who do you know - in the video is Givald - Dovid Bronson (Longpeyos) sitting by the Tzion. May Hashem bless his with his Zivug Amiti very very soon, and with all the blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

You never know why there's a recesion

One time the Arizal was out in the fields with his students and the saw an enourmous cloud approaching, it was a plague of pestilence rapidly approaching. The Arizal quickly commanded some of his student to go to the house of a certain Talmid Chacham they found him sitting on the floor crying, he was penniless and hadn't any money to feed his family or provide them with the bare essentials, so he was sitting and crying to Hashem. The students quickly gave him money and begged him to forgive the town for ignoring him so that they would be saved from the pestilence.
The whole world is caught up in their SHEKER all their own projects and ideals, meanwhile the Keren of Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser - the Keren of Rabbainu, is on the verge of bankrupcy and many Nanach some of them married with children are mamash homeless!
B"h we have Na Nach, it is our only consolation, Rabbainu will reverse everything and we will experience only the Goodness of G-d!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Petek

We Will Make Noise


The American Na Nachs in Uman


Trino (C) has donated another $10 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Found this little video of our very own Y.S. Nanach!

This is Y.S. in Shomer Shabas B.P. in the early hours of the morning!
Shomer Shabas is one of my favorite places, it is definitely an aspect of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

(The guy in the red coat looks to me like Adam Rice)

Check out this write up about Nanach!

Check this out: Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Message from your sponsor: Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Ich Vil Zingin A Nanach Song

1000 Post!

In honor of the 1000th post I will write how Rabbi Nussun explains what our sages teach that even if a man has 999 avenging angels accusing him and condemn him, if G-d is provided with one angel in his favor G-d will release him. Rabbi Nussun says that anyone who has had such great opposition, (for we know that the accusing angel were with the person from the inception tempting and urging him to do wrong), and yet still managed to do something good, this is so precious and valuable it overturns all the accusation against itself!

More from the additions to Chayay Moharan

Just added to the hebrew site (there's a link on the right side) another two pages of additions to the holy book Chayay Moharan. If your hebrew isn't good enough maybe you could make it with the help of google translate.


Na Nach Grafiti - From Ashranue

Spanish Na Nach

NaNach.Net is now starting a Spanish version of the site

Site still needs more work but it is a start.

Any Spanish speaking Na Nach that would like to become a publisher on this site should email us.

Mazal Tov to Naanaach on Yahoo Answers

Naanaach has just been elivated to the 2nd level on Yahoo Answers, due to successfully supplying people with the amazing knowledge of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!
Mazal Tov!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman!

Time to look at the sky/

Rabbainu said that some people are so caught up chasing the vanities of this world they don't even have time to look at the sky!
In today's world we say that there are people so caught up in the emptiness of the internet they don't even have time to look at!
Sky is Gematria (the dot is like a Yud equivalent to 10) !!!
תסקי = ננח.נאאת
השמים (עם הכולל) = ננח נקדה נעט

Well would you look at that!

Israel Sabba

Just as the Rosh wrote to say Na Nach with Chanukah candles long before 1922, and Moshiach is quoted already in Gemara, The Zohar HaKadosh mentions many times Sabba Israel as the one speaking.

With Hashems help well have a collection of Sabbas teachings which were already quoted in the Zohar.

Na Nach!

Na Nach HaMoshiach!

The Gemara in Sukkos Moshiach is quoted from the future , he prays to Hashem, "Ribbono Shel Olam, Eini Mevakesh Mimcha Elah Chaim!"
This is awesome.

Also Navi calls Moshiach and says public will call Moshiach by the name Hashem Tzidkekeinu.

The Baal Shem Tov met Moshiach and he said he would arrive when the Baal Shem Tovs teaching spread all over the world.

Moshiach tells Eliyahu HaNavi in the Gemara he will come Today!

Moshiach is described as being a metzora who fixed his bandages one at a time so in case he needs to go save Israel he's ready to go.

All of these things are incredible as Moshiach is being quoted and also recorded in masiyos.

Sabba says Rebbe Nachmans teaching are all the light of Moshiach the teachings of Moshiach,
And it's so clear from these example that the Moshiach saying those things, behaving that way, praying to Hashem in a prayer that could be right out of Likutei Tefilot, taking his time to do his tikkunim diligently and at the same time always being prepared to serve Hashem, and like the Petek, Today! Just if we choose to beleive then just like that Today! We have the petek and the Shir chadash and the Tzadik if we just choose to see.

Rebbe Nachman said it's all about the Baal Shem Tov, his Alter Zayde, the main point is the Baal Shem Tov, and so again We see Moshiach is all about spreading the Baal Shem Tovs teachings, praying hisbodedus style, being among the Yidden, healing with them and feeling their situation and alwas ready for action! Na Nach!

Tora Scholars Wear White

Someone just showed me that in today's daf yomi, Kidushin 72a, the Talmud says that the Tora scholars of Babel look like ministering angels, Rashi says this is due to the fact that they wear white clothing, check it out.

Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Origins of NAME "Hishtapchus HaNefesh"

The following is worth a blog by itself - even though I could techinically include it in my last blog. Everything - including all names - has its origins in the Torah. In this case, the name Hishtapchus HaNefesh seems to come from a phrase or perhaps two phrases in the T'Nach. I mentioned in my last blog a piece of Torah in this Sefer about Chana pertaining to her prayers to Hashem. Well, in the original text in Sefer Shmuel, she is described about how she prayed VoEshpoch Es Nafshi "I have poured out my soul". It's interesting to note that the section in T'Nach about Chana, which is the beginning of Sefer Shmuel, is what we read for the Haftara for the 1st day of Rosh HaShana - the very first Haftara of the year, and as Rabbeinu said, "The whole world is dependent on my Rosh HaShana". The other place in T'Nach with a very similar phrase is in Tehillim, Chapter 42, the 4th of the 10 Pirkei Tehillim of the Tikkun HaKelali - V'Eshpecha O-lie Nafshi "I pour out my soul".

Kibutz - gather the very distant

Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi Nussun stressed the critical importance of the Kibutz - gathering together. In Likutay Halachos (laws of procreating 1:5:4) Rabbi Nussun points out that an 'asifa' which refers to similar people getting together, is not sufficient. Kibutz requires that the very distant and removed gather together. Decidedly those that are on the brink of complete loss and abondon must be united under the True Tzadik (in par. 9 Rabbi Nussun says, those that completely resemble the gentiles, and also gentile who have converted). The charlatan tzadikim who try to gather people under them are not capable of truely doing this, and thus as in the case of Zimri, terrible results are effected.
Only Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman can bring the proper and required Kibutz!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Introduction: Pertaining to my last blog about my revelation from Saba pertaining to finding the Sefer Hishtapchus HaNefesh in the garbage today, I'm going to post a piece of Hishtapchus HaNefesh that begins with the word Tanya. If I were still a Chabadnik today, I would be learning today in the Chabad Sefer called Tanya - the Shiur for 22 Kislev (as in a Shana Peshuta) that begins with the word Tanya in the beginning of its first chapter (in that context it quotes the Gemara in Maseches Nidda "Before a Neshama comes into this world, it's made to swear that it will be a Tzadik and not a Rasha, and even if the whole world tells you that you are a Tzadik, consider yourself as a Rasha"). In the Pesicha of Hishtaphchus HaNefesh, it quotes 20+ different sources pertaining to Tefilla. So in #6 of the Pesicha, it goes like this...(beginning translation is from Artscroll Gemara)

Tanya - It was taught in a Baraisa, Rabbi Yehuda said: This was the custom of Rabbi Akiva. When he would pray together with the congregation, etc., but when he would pray by himself, a person would leave him standing in this corner and find him upon the completion of his prayer in another corner. And why was he propelled to that extent? Because of the bowings and prostrations in which he engaged while praying. Rav Huna (the version in the Gemoro is Rav Hamnuna - I suspect that the name Huna in Hishtapchus HaNefesh is a printer's error) said: How many important laws can be learned from theses verses relating to Chana! "Now Chana, she...her lips moved" from here we derive that one who prays must pronounce the words with his lips, etc., and see there (Berachos 31a-b) the prayers that Chana prayed. And in the Midrash Shochar Tov on Sefer Shmuel, Chazal say on the Posuk, "When Chana increased praying to Hashem", from here we learn that whoever increases in prayers in answered.

Learned my Tanya of the day - the Tanya of prayer, the Tanya of hope, the Tanya that tells me that despite the many years I have struggled attempting to find a Shidduch, like Chana struggled with the reality of not having children for many years, the key to Shidduchim - at least for me - is one thing: Increased Tefilla! (and of course, the Sefer Hishtapchus HaNefesh - "Segula for the true Shidduch").

P.S. The time given for this post is 11:04 - as in the 11 lines of the Petek, the main part of which is the 4-dimention Shir Chadash of Na Nach Nachma Nachman - Pashut, Kaful, Meshulash, Meruba.

Wikipedia page for 'Nachman of Breslov'

Thank G-d, all of my work was not in vain, there is now mention of Na Nach on the actual page, besides for all that was removed or deleted which B"H is going to go back up. In the discussion there is quite a bit more.
There is a discussion if Breslov is Charedi, so I brought proof to the argument saying that they should not be considered Charedi from Dov Shurun's son, a Nanach currently in Brooklyn, who despises the presentation of the Charedim (even still loving every Jew, it his practice to hug them as much as possible - emulating R' Shlomo Carlbach).

Chanuka: Tora 2, Likutay Moharan Tinyana

Thank G-d we have the Tora of Rabbainu, nothing comes close....
This Tora is mamash almost explicitly about Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
In this Tora Rabbi Nachman discusses the verse ויקרא את שמו נח לאמר זה ינחמנו ממעשנו ומעצבון ידינו a direct reference to his name and to Noah, and he elaborates on the 'fourfold' parts of speech - which is mamash the idea of Na Nach - single, double... quadruple!
In a previous post I published about how Chanuka is remarkably the concept of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MayUman, as they are both about publicizing (especially in the streets and marketplace) the wonders of the Tzadik, and they both employ the method of single, double, triple, and quadruple. You should review that post especially to see the RO"SH quoted who paskens that on the first night one blesses the light of Chanaka: Na Na"ch!
The question is how come Chanuka goes on to five, six, seven, and eight, back there I suggested an answer, here based on this amazing Tora from Rabbainu I'm going to try a different approach. Obviously every Tora from Rabbainu incorporates the entire Tora so we can expect that the solution is to be found especially in this Tora.
Rabbainu says that for the wholesomeness/perfection and to sustain/uphold the fourfold parts of speech it is necessary to light them up with EMES - truth. So it comes out that there's another single, double, triple, quadruple! So it makes so much sense that on Chanuka we do the single, double, triple, and quadruple - twice. This is why its so important to keep saying Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, to draw more and more Truth and Light into the Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!! In fact the word mayuman does mean exactly that - from truth (emuna encludes the definition truth)!

Rabbi Nachman says that one who masters the fourfold parts of speech is the master of the halacha, we can postulate that the fourfold parts of speech parallel the 4 cubits of halacha, this would make Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman the 4 cubits of halacha, from which one should never leave or look out of.

With the help of G-d and with motivation from Aron Blanketstatementstien I will continue commenting on this awesome Tora. Stay in tune.

Revelation from Saba that happened to me TODAY!

Did you see what I wrote here the other day for Saba's birthday about Hishtapchus HaNefesh - the first Breslov Sefer that Saba learned? Well, an amazing thing happened to me just a few hours ago (in Eretz Yisroel), shortly before sunset (Somuch L'Shkias HaChama). When I went to the big garbage container today, when shifting things around, I found an amazing discovery - the Sefer Hishtapchus HaNefesh (in small size as printed by the Keren), the same way that Saba found this very Sefer - in the garbage! It was in perfect condition, with no name in it, and I truly believe that the timing of this could not be better. Well, it was virtually right between 20 Kislev - Saba's birthday & Shabbos Parshas Vayeshev - which was the day of the week that Saba was born.

The timing of the day that this happened to me- Somuch L'Shkias HaChama - is around the same time that Hashem spoke to Moshe & Aharon abut the first Mitzva given to B'nei Yisroel as a nation while still in Mitzrayim - Mitzvas Kiddush HaChodesh - announcing the NEW moon, the beginning of Parshas HaChodesh, the last of the four special Parshiyos which was the Maftir on the day that Rabbeinu was born - Shabbos Rosh Chodesh Nissan. And speaking of Rabbeinu, if you look at the middle five letters of the words Hishtapchus Hanefesh - Pei, Chof, Vov, Sov, Hei - the same Gematria as the word Ashrei (511) the beginning word of the first Torah of Likutei Moharan. Thus, I feel that this is a NEW era in my life where I hope to start having spiritual changes in my life like Saba did after reading this Sefer.

But perhaps what is most emotional to me as that this isn't just another copy of this Sefer. With this particular edition of this small size Sefer as printed by the Keren - you will notice on the back cover that it says Segula L'Shiduch Ha'Amiti. I have seen this before, along with similar sized Seforim of the Keren but others mention different Segulos, and I even asked about this once. Didn't quite catch the answer, and I don't know what Hishtapchus HaNefesh has to do more particular with finding Shidduchim than other Seforim with different Segulos, but I truly feel that Hashem is speaking to me at my age (yes, I'm 38 - are there any women reading our blogs?) telling me that this Sefer is THE key for me finding a Shidduch. Particularly for me - outside of perhaps the Likutei Tefillos for Shidduchim - I don't recall seeing anywhere this phrase Shidduch Ha'Amiti. Well, Ha'Amiti is the same Gematria as my name Shimon - 466 (at my Bris, I was named only Shimon, I just added the name Matisyahu several months ago), and it says on the bottom of the back cover that this edition of the Sefer was printed specially in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai!

Bli Neder, my intention is to learn this like I used to learn Tanya (the Bible of Chasidus Chabad) when I was a Chabadnik - to learn a piece of it EVERY DAY. (Remembering when I used to learn Tanya - it's learnt anew beginning on 19 Kislev with the Haskamos & Hakdama, and then starting on 22 Kislev in a Shana Peshuta like it is this year and right now at night as I am writing or on 24 Kislev in a Shana Meuberes, the beginning of the actual Tanya is learned which begins with the word Tanya in the first chapter) In the meantime, I do intend Bli Neder to learn the whole thing ASAP, but another way of looking at the letters within the words Hishtapchus HaNefesh - the last two letters of the first word and the first two letters of the second word - Vov, Sov, Hei, Noon, - have the same Gematria as Tanya (461). After all, if it was this Sefer of Hishtapchus HaNefesh that Saba, the Moshe Rabbeinu of the last generation learned that changed his life - and through him - thousands of other people, then all the more so - Kal VaChomer - that we have to learn the Sefer diligently as Saba did, and use its applications to our daily life if we are really serious about Breslov and NaNach!

P.S. I like the timing of the post - 7:32. Seven is the 7th line of the Petek - Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman, and 32=Lev or Lamed Beis, as in BresLEV or Rabbeinu's birth year Hei Tov Kuf LAMED BEIS. Yes, a Siman for the Siman Tov that happened to me today, and I hope B'Esras Hashem that the Siman Tov will shortly lead to a Mazel Tov for me as per what I wrote in my blog about Shidduchim.

Nanach Center Chanukas Habayis - Chanuka Party

Everyone who is interested in associating with the Tzadik, Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman and his Men, is invited to the Chanukas Habayis of the New Na Nach center of Tzfat this Sunday night.

The Na Nach Center of Tzfat is located on Rechov Yerushalim across the street from Bank Poalim.

Na Nach music videos

A couple of us are working on a series of music videos for Na Nach music tracks, using animation and Rebbe Nachmans stories for the video as the speakers blast Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

This an appropriate post to anounce graphic novel version of Sippirei Maasiyot which is underway as well for the comic book reading Na Nachs out there, good for kids too! Pictures!

Na Nach!

Na Nach tops the charts

a couple of us Na Nachs are gonna be dancing, boom boxing Na Nach, with kemiyahs and peteks and pics of Sabba based mainly in Times Square, right by MTVs main HQ. We'd like to dance so Na Nach that MTV TRL calls in some Na Nachs to explain about the Shir Chadash the Shir pashut kaful Meshulash merube the Shir chadash Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!
We also will be going around to places like Central Park and Wash Sq Park and Union Square and other places in NYC where there's street performances and chatchka stands. Also, college campuses like NYU, Columbia, YU, and also kinds on the go Na Naching on subways, mainly union square, MSG and Port Authority.
We will be filming it as part of another project, a short length Na Nachumentary on Sabba, the Petek, the Shir Chadash, Shir Hageulah Shir
Pashut kaful meshulash merube, Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

Dance and sing and clap with us as we film, before sending to MTV, VH1, CURRENT TV(we are basing our format similar to videos @, HISTORY CHANNEL, BET etc. and other music/ video online outlets.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meshivas Nefesh #44


If you believe that it is possible to ruin, believe that it is possible to repair (Likutey Moharan, Part II, Chapter 112).

Meshivas Nefesh #43


Even in the utter depths of Hell, one can draw close to G-d (ibid).

Meshivas Nefesh #42


Even one who has fallen very, very far, and is dwelling in the utter depths of Hell, G-d forbid, even so, one still has great hope through the Great True Tzaddik, for through him everyone can receive vitality from Holiness, regardless of their location. Therefore, in truth, despair has no existence in the world at all. Whatever the circumstances, even if one has fallen to a very low place, may G-d have mercy, nevertheless, if one strengthens oneself as one is, one still has hope of returning to G-d. And the main point is, “From the belly of Hell I cried (Yonah, 2:3),” for even a cry from the utter depths of Hell is never lost, and one must cry out and cry out, and never give up screaming out, only to cry out and plead before G-d always, regardless of circumstance, until G-d gazes down and sees from Heaven (Eichah, 3:6). (Ibid)

Saba's Birthday - Who Knows With Who I Am Speaking With

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meshivas Nefesh 41


Even simple people referred to as prastikim, and even wicked people, and even the non-Jews, all of them receive vitality from the Torah, and thus, even one who is simple, for example, one who cannot learn, or is in a location where it is not possible to study, even so, in these cases also one receives vitality from the Torah. Therefore, also then one must strengthen oneself in fear of Heaven to what extent one can, even in the times when one ceases from Torah study, and even one who cannot learn, for all of them receive vitality from the Torah in a hidden manner, through the Great Tzaddik who behaves in simplicity sometimes, refer within (Likutey Moharan, Part II, Chapter 78).

Meshivas Nefesh 40

It has already been explained that despair does not exist at all, and precisely through seeing that one is very far from G-d, in ultimate distance, from this itself is fitting for one to strengthen oneself, since in any case, one is aware one is distant. For it is possible to be so distant from G-d that one has no awareness of one’s distance. And since in any case, one is aware of one’s great distance, even though in truth it is so, nevertheless, the fact that in any case one knows his distance, this in itself is valued by G-d. And for this alone it is fitting that a person encourage himself and strengthen himself as much as possible.


Right now in Eretz Yisrael - it is now the special day of Chof Kislev, the date in which Saba was born exactly 120 years ago! Imagine - the birthday of the Moshe Rabbeinu of the last generation of the Jewish people, until Bias Moshiach - which is about to happen, which is now exactly how long Moshe Rabbeinu lived! And it's in this year of Tehei Shnas Siman Tov!

Until three years ago, I didn't know much about Saba - I didn't know that he was nicknamed Saba, I didn't know that he was the Tzadik HaDor/Tzadik HaAmiti, and I certainly didn't know his birthday. All this happened to me since I made Aliyah nearly four years ago.

While many of us, including myself, never had the good fortune of seeing Saba on a physical plane, it's comforting to know that the ultimate way of connecting to a Tzadik is through his teachings. So, here I'll present a bit of Saba's Torah pertaining most appropriately to the two Rabbeinus - Moshe & Rebbe Nachman.

The very first Torah of Likutei Moharan that Saba learned is entitled Ki Merachamam Yenahageim (Likutei Tinyana, Torah 7). It starts off saying that one who is a Rachaman/ merciful person, is able to to be a Manhig/leader. Being such a Rachaman means that one knows the type of Rachamonus is needed for each and every individual. Such an individual was only Moshe Rabbeinu. "So nu" asked Saba "where is Moshe Rabbeinu"? "Ah, but now we have Nachal Noveia". Referring to Rabbeinu, Saba commented that he is the fifth from Moshe Rabbeinu. Meaning, the five Yechidei HaDoros - Moshe Rabbeinu, Rashbi, Arizal, Ba'al Shem
Tov, and Rabbeinu. Saba described Rabbeinu as V'At Olis Al Kulana - "Many have made accomplishments, but you surpassed them all". In case any outsider should think that what Saba says contradicts the Peshuto Shel Mikra of Likutei Moharan - almost everyone who knows a bit of Kabbala or Chasidus knows that there is a special spark of Moshe Rabbeinu's Neshama that is part of the Neshama of the Tzadik Hador. Also, Rabbeinu was Niftar on the Yom Ushpizin of Moshe Rabbeinu of all days.

There are a couple of vignettes that just occured to me within this past week pertaining to Saba.
So, in honor of his 120th birthday anniversary - let the Chiddushim begin:

ותסב תנחמני: גם אני אודך...קדוש ישראל (תהלים עא:כא-כב
Tehillim 71:21-22: "...turn back to comfort me. I shall also thank you...Holy One of Israel."

Look at the Hebrew wording here - amazing! The first word presented Vesisov has a connotation of the word Saba, the last two letters being Samech, Beis. Now, the very next word has the name Nachman spelled out in the middle of it! In fact, in the entire T'nach, the name Nachman can be spelled in order of its consecutive letters only 14 times (including three times in reverse). Now the amazing Remez - Gam Ani - Saba said of himself "Ani Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman"! (I'm not here to interpret what Saba meant by this, I'm just presenting facts). Then the very next word is Odcha - the first three letters Alef, Vov, Daled - well, they are also the first three letters of Saba's family name Odesser! This Posuk ends of with the name Yisroel, Saba's first name.

One more thing - the very first Breslov Sefer that Saba found himself introduced to was called "Hishtapchus HaNefesh". Well, the first three letters of Hishtapchus - Hei, Shin, Tov and the first two letters of HaNefesh - Hei, Noon: These letters when rearranged is the number of the Jewish year in which Saba was Niftar - Hei, Tov, Shin, Noon, Hei - 5755! In passing, the only place in the entire T'nach in which this Hebrew year can be spelled consecutively (which is in reverse order) is in the phrase Ma Nishteh - "What will we drink?" (Shemos 15:24) - what the Jews asked Moshe Rabbeinu on their journey following Krias Yam Suf when the only water available was bitter waters. On Hashem's command, Moshe threw a piece of wood into the water to make it sweet. It was at that point that Hashem said that if the Jews follows what He says, then they will not be sick of any diseases "for I am Hashem who heals you" - Ki Ani Hashem Rofecha, and as someone just quoted on this site from Likutei Moharan - these four words have the same Roshei Teivos as Amen Kein Yehi Ratzon. May it indeed be Hashem's will that through the Zechus of the teachings of Rabbeinu & Saba - the ultimate spiritual human doctors - who comforted the Jewish Nation with their teachings of turning bitterness into sweetness - that we will be redeemed from Golus "in a blink of an eye" K'Heref Ayin. Amen, Kein Yehi Ratzon!

Rabbi Nachman on the Wikipedia

Just now I bumped into the Wikipedia on Rabbainu, until now I always went straight to their entry on Na Nach Nachma Nachman MayUman, but Hashem B"H brought me this time to the entry for Nachman of Breslov which did not have any mention of Rabbainu's revealed identity, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MayUman! So Baruch Hashem I rectified that and added some links and the references. There were some blatant mistakes that I edited. All the true chasidim of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MayUman are called on to uphold the honor of Rabbainu and how he is represented. Guard the Faith!


A Na Nach story about Kugel, the Shabbos table and the universe

One Shabbos A Na Nach described for his Holy Parents at their Shabbos Kodesh Table the miraculous nature of Na Nach, the 10 songs the 10 letters, how Na Nach makes everything new! The whole world every moment everything always new! HaKadosh Baruch Hu makes everything new always! Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman! Aba joined in and said outloud every letter and vowel clear resonating through the universe like the roar of an Ari Yehuda "Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!"
HaNaNach's Ima went to the Shabbos Kodesh kitchen, and while it was just the two of them at the Holy Shabbos table, Aba leaned in and said "You know, in order to be able to really see that something is new a person has to be very observant to know what was there before and what has changed, what is different now." Pointing Aba asks"You see the kugel on the plate there?" Leaning in closer, Aba says "There's another piece of kugel. It wasn't there before."

This story always reminds me of the story in Israel Saba about Kugel and Chulent.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

Chanukah/Sabba's Bday party: White House Na Nach'ed

Chanukah Party @ the White House tonight, President and White House Na Nach'ed.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman! The Kemiyahs in Chicago and the Petek in Washington, have got me singing Na Nach to the U.S. National Anthem and Hatikva melodies Na Nach!

Nanach approaches the U.S. Presidency!

O.K. so I am a little slow, but better late than never. Obama's chief of staff is a modern orthodox JEW! His name is Emanuel ISRAEL Rahm! His wife converted to Judiasm right before their marriage and his children go to a Jewish conservative day school. More important is this, Obama's wife has a first cousin once removed: Capers C. Funnye Jr. (pronounced fun-AY; born c. 1952) is a Jewish African-American who is the head rabbi of the mostly African-American 200 member Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation of Chicago, Illinois! Now get this, Aaron Patz and Gavriel Levi were just with him in Chicago and he's really fired up on Nanach! Funnye and his wife are now wearing Nanach Kumayos!!!!!!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

More from the Additions to Chayay Moharan

Just put up another few pages of additions to the holy book Chayay Moharan on our hebrew site - there's a link on the right side that will take you there. If your hebrew isn't up to par you can get some help from google translate.

Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

nanach story

a boy is alone in the field,
he is in silence listening the wind, the river, the montain, the desert

he is listening his heart beating

his heart is beating:

na nach nachma nachman meuman
na naj najma najman meuman
na nah nahma nahman meuman

uzi nanach toronto


shalom aleichem!!
yesterday we did lot of simcha at simcha's house,

we studied likutei moharan # 62 , simcha already explained this much better than my poor
english ,
i took this torah as the one which i keep going studing and studing,
but yesterday with simcha and aahron i discovered so new things in their merits

i received some emails from spanish people who are interested in nanach but they dont speak
neither english , no hebrew,
so , it would be great to continue the spreading of nanaach in all languages even in chinese
a friend would love to read the saba israel book, but in spanish, what a great challenge to translate it in spanish!!! im irtze hashem....
we need to daven for this,
have a great nanach day
uzi nanach

NaNach snowbording

Read and Compare!

Story 1: There was once a boy out in the forest all alone. A wolf began to stalk him. The boy sensed the presence of the wolf and was filled with dread. The boy grabbed a stick and warded off the wolf until the wold finally gave up and left.
Story 2: There was once a guy sitting in his house all alone, sitting idle without motivation neither for prayer nor for study, nor for that matter to anything but to relax. His evil inclination began to creep up in his thoughts. The guy realized that he was under siege of powers greater than him, and wondered how he would be able to hold out. So the guy begin to speak to his Lord thanking Him for all the things He had done for him especially for the opportunity to do all the good things that he had managed to do that day, and especially the little things, and then he began to sing some beautiful melodies to his G-d the One G-d occasionally entering very joyous moods he would begin to clap and dance, and when he tired he would resume singing while sitting. Eventually the evil inclination couldn't take the abuse and forsook his quarry.

Nanach taking strong root in the provinces of Canada, ay

Thank G-d yesterday, in Thornhill - Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the neighborhood of Yeshiva (previously Yeshiva College) of Ner Israel, Uzi Nanach, a fledging Nanach from Vancouver, and myself convened a Nanach session, with singing and guitar, and dancing, and praying, and learning Likutay Moharan, and stories of R' Yisroel Karduner and of the Saba, and inciteful (check out this new word!!!) words of wisdom to stay away from the fake Rabbis and fully accept the authority of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman and his holy ways!
Earlier in the day Uzi hosted a radio show – 1610 am Sundays from 12-1pm - playing Nanach music and encouraging everyone to get into the joy and happiness of Nanach! Uzi takes calls live, and I took advantage calling in and sharing the Nanach fun.
There are many more Nanach in Toronto B”H. We are also in touch with Nanach in Montreal who are really making their mark there. The Nanach in Montreal hosted a huge festival in honor of the Saba's Yurtzheit, they put up posters of Saba (the famous picture with his hands up) all over the city inviting them to the event!
Our Nanach in Alberta, Calgary has B”h broken out from chabad and has formed a Nanach Shteibl in his house complete with a Sefer Torah, May Hashem Yisborach bless him and protect him and may the Shechina dwell in his holy sanctuary.
We don't know if the Jewish Directory of Toronto has yet acknowledged the presence of Nanach, but soon all the directories of the world will certainly recognize the dominant voice of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Free the World With Happiness

Rabbainu writes in Likutay Moharan (Tora 24) that the Shichina (divine presence) is like a heart, so when depression sets in a Jewish heart, the Shechina is considered entrapped and in exile, and when a Jew brings joy to his heart he frees and relinquishes the Shechina! When a Jew proceeds with great joy to do a good deed – the good deed itself is the Shechina, which is free when there is joy – the good deed travels through all the worlds and arouses and encourages them to serve the Blessed Name. Through this great blessings are conjured and brought upon all the worlds!
So be happy! Be Nanach! Do Nanach! Be a happy Nanach doing Nanach!