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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miracles by the Righteous

This weeks Parsha (weekly portion of the Tora) is Toldos, which begins with the verse, אלה תולדות יצחק בן אברהם אברהם הוליד את יצחק, thes are the offspring of Yitchok the son of Avrohom, Avrohom gave birth to Yitzchok. This verse seems to unneccessarily repeat itself. Rashi explains the verse with a Medrash. The laytzanim of the generation (mockers and scoffers) were saying that Avrohom was with Sara for so many years and never had children from her, and now right after Sara's abduction by Avimelech she gives birth, it must be that it was - G-d forbid - Avimelech who fathered Yitzchok. So G-d made Yitzchok's appearance to be identical to that of Avrohom, so that all that saw Yitzchok said that he must be Avrohom's son.
The commentaries question this explanation, what would scoffers gain by declaring Avimelech the father, the main miracle wasn't Avrohom's ability to father children, he had already fathered Yishmael, and it's not such a great wonder if 13 years later he fathers another child. The main miracle was that Sara, who was baren at 90 years old would give birth. So even if the scoffers would say that - G-d forbid - Yitzchok was fathered by Avimelech, they would still have to recognise a tremendous miracle had occured!
The Brisker Rav answers that it is true that the laytzunim would have to admit that there was a miracle, their objective was to say that the miracle wasn't done for our holy father Avrohom, but for the low down creep Avimelech! This he says is the nature and intent of the laytzunim.
This is one of the strongest reasons to learn the Brisker Rav - because now you will get an insite into those people that say that the Petek was written by a certain laytz. What do they stand to gain, after all the Petek is the greatest miracle of all times - never before was a Tzadik revealed in this holy form: Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, never before was there such a powerfull message of hope spread and an opening of thousands of miracles on a daily basis, and the list goes on and on. So what do the laytzunim want, they want to say that the whole Geula - redemption and all the miracles of the Petek is on their account - G-d forbid!
So Saba says Ani Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, and all the Nanach echo him, and anyone open to the truth sees that Nanach is the signature of Rabbainu.


The villager said...

Saba said that Na Nach was rabbi Nachman of Breslev's signature, I believe his word to be simple, straight forward and true. Saba certainly didn't forge the signature.
Why would the petek not be the famous "sefer ha Ganouz" didn't Saba once call it a sefer and once the moshiah?
Saba expresses in his book EBAY HA NACHAL over and over again that the main thing is to bring people to the tzaddik. He means to the Tzaddik to the Ukraine on Rosh Hashana, that's what he means!
When he says Uman nigmar, you could be confused though. What about Rabbi Shimon, mabe he wasen't a real Breslever since after serving the Tzsaddik night and day and being his first student and the one who went with him and came back with him from Eretz Israel, NOT one Rosh Hashana did he spend in Uman!
But Rabbi Shimon was closer to the Petek, and closer to Na Nach then anyone else!!!!

rabbinachman said...

It is not about who is closer or not.
It is about what we do on Rosh Hashana.
All year long everybody has their own avoda to do, Rosh Hashana is were we all do the same thing, the one, main, special time for achdos, we have to agree on the same thing, at least, once a year.