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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two lessons I learned from dancing with a tora-scroll

#1 The scroll it's self, is heavy on the din (left) side for "berechit" and heavy on the chessed (right) side for "zot ha bracha". This makes more sense when you realize that Moshe Rabenu convinced The Lord to alter the world from a world of din to a world of chessed by the mention of "saper lecha mi ani Nachmani"(I'll tell you who I am..Nachman X 10!). "vayikera" is in the middle symbolizing "TRUTH". May we be blessed this year to begin living in an age of Truth.

#2 You learn more tora by carrying it then by reading it. You should even take the heaviest book and dance the longest and hardest- to learn MORE! This goes against conventional wisdom. The fact is however, that regardless how much of a gadol or a katan you are G-d is mesuring your mesourat nefesh (sacrifice- vayikra) and based on the mesurat nefesh will he bless you with true insight understanding and even intelligence if you lack and need it. Careful or we will need to write a new fairytail about how the mule became more intelligent then the nobleman in the carriage. Don't joke this last point off, it illustrates a major pillar in Breslev.

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