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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There are two jewish holidays a year where we do not sleep in the house, Shavuot and Yom Kippur. The common denominator:Shavuot the first tablets were given, yom kippur the second tablets.The petek contains the secret song of the redeemer as cited in Tikunei Zohar page 51b.
The ten types of songs correlate to the ten sefirot(tikun zohar page 3) which correlates to when the world was created with ten sayings, on Rosh Hashana. This shows that Rabbenu is in partnership with god in the creation of the world on Rosh Hashanna. The pertek is actually the third tablets. Although the petek was sent in tammuz, the rectifiction started in Rabbenu's time ,but revealed to us through saba. Whoever believes that he got a petek from rabbenu hakadosh can do the same rectification on rosh hashana, by acting as a mirror reflection to rabbenu.If you believe in the petek then rosh hashana is in yerushalayim. If you go for the first time to uman or you do not know about saba than the temmimos gives the rectification. But if you know about saba and the petek, but go to uman than you are not na nach. How do you expect saba to give a good word for you if you do not believe he can?Moshe Na NAch


Anonymous said...

1. Saba went to Uman.
2. Saba never made an official statement ordering us to make the Kibbutz in jerusalem.
If you stay in Jerusalem for Rosh Hashana you are depending on your own perceptions and your own Ruach haKodesh. Not on the explicite command of Saba nor are you following his example. You are dependent soley on your own prayer. this is fine but to say that I am separating myself from Saba by not going? When Saba did go and when Saba never offically told us not to go to Uman? Na Nach Nachma Nachman MEUMAN!

Anonymous said...

Hi!I did not say l saba did not travel to Uman, I only said those who go to uman do not belive saba is the continuuing fire of rabbenu hakadosh. Simply, u do not believe in the petek.
moshe na nach

Anonymous said...

What's this about Shavous and Yom Kipur being two times we don't sleep at home, I didn't understand.
But it did make more sense than the other stuff you wrote.

Dun Aryeh said...

Moshe, we want to hear some of your stories with the Saba that only you know about. I think a lot of guys want to see this on the site.