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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stop the devil now! bevadai = roshe tevotes EBAY (Odesser Dove Ber Israel) Letter#8

There is a story in sippuray maasiote , where r. Nachman says he will tell us his story and we will be able to understand. In the future with the help of Moshiah we will obviously be able to understand, so he doesn't mean this. At the time some thought that he was referring to the Spoiler Zaida but that was too contemporary to be referring to the future,- doesn't mean that! Someone in Sfat says that the word BEVADAI BVDI stands for Isroel Dov Ber Odesser. The time has come for all of us to understand the meaning of the story, thereby fulfilling the prediction of R. Nachman.

For those who haven't guessed, we are discussing the story of the Spider and the Fly. The spirit goes to all the courts in heaven and G-d tells the devil that this soul(r. Nachman's of course) must return to earth "of course"(bevadai BDVI)and the devil knowing this means a certain death for him, is given one chance to find an ETSA (notice this unusal use of the word etsa)or advice. As students know, the devil returns laughing with an old crippled man.

Does this not tie in nicely with the fact that R. Na Nach couldn't say he was Na Nach or reveal the Petek til he was around 100 yrs old?

If Rabenu had been revealed in 1923 the Holocaust would no doubt, have been avoided so stop blaming G-d, he gave the Devil one last chance. This is YOUR chance to stop the devil now! Rabenu returned to heaven, maybe the messiah is here, but rabenu told us in the previous video that one page was a book and THIS book needs to be distributed everywhere. It's succah- if you are reading this get your guitar, get your peteks and get out there!!!!


Anonymous said...

Mordichi are you saying Saba was the devil heaven forbid?

American Na Nach said...

anonymous, I think Mordechai is saying that the Devil chose an old crippled man to be the one to reveal the Song, as his proof to G-D that no one will accept the Geulah if it comes in this manner. We have to pass this last test and accept Saba and the Petek and spread the song Na Nach Nachma Nachman.