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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shulchan Aruch - Law

This is the 231 statute of the Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim:
That all his intentions should be for the sake of heaven:
If it impossible to learn without sleeping in the noon, he should sleep. Only he should not extend it, for it forbidden to sleep in the day more than the sleep of a horse which is 60 breaths (the K. Rebbe told me this is about 10 minutes). And even in this little amount his intention should not be to pleasure his body, but to strengthen his body for the service of Hashem Yisborach. And so in everything that he enjoys in this world, he should not intend for his pleasure, but for the service of the Creator Yisborach, as it says (Proverbs - Mishley 3:6) "In all your ways know Him", and our sages said: "all your actions should be for the sake of heaven", that even regular permissible things, such a eating, and drinking, and walking, and sitting, and rising, and intercourse, and speaking, and all necessities of the body, they should all be for the service of your creator, or for something that will lead to His service. That even if he is thirsty or starving, if he eats or drinks for his pleasure this is not commended, rather his intentions should be to eat and drink for the amount required to live, to serve his creator. And this is so even regarding sitting in the privy of the righteous, and the standing in the presence of the tzadikim, and the travel in the scheme of the wholesome, if he does so for his own pleasure to fulfill his desire and urges of pleasure, he is not commended' only if he does so for the sake of heaven. And so with resting, it is not necessary to talk about the time when he can be involved in the Tora and Mitzvos - he should not provoke with sleeping to pleasure himself, but even at times when he is exhausted and must sleep in order to rest from his efforts, if he does so for the pleasure of his body he is not commended, rather he should intend to give sleep to his eyes and rest to his body in order to be healthy, so that he should not confound his Tora intellect from lack of sleep. And so in the matter of .... And so in conversation, even to relate matters of wisdom his intentions must be for the service of the Creator or for something that will lead to His service. The Principle of the matter is, everyone is obligated to be concentrate his eyes and heart on his ways and to measure all his actions with the scales of his intellect, and when he sees something that can bring service to the Creator Yisborach he should do it, and if not he should not do it. And whoever practices this, he is serving the Creator always.

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Menashe Yaakov said...

It's interesting that the portion of Shulchan Aruch for 1 Cheshvan (Siman 240) speaks of the mitzvah of onah, which is also discussed today's Likutei Moharan (11:7) in chok.