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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saba's Yartzheit (anniversary of death)

There has been some posting about Nanach being the Tikun - rectification - of the flood. So here's some more to let your brain chew on. According to R' Eliezer the flood started with rain of blessing (as Rashi says, Hashem made it so that the rain would be just of blessing, but since they were obstinate in sin the rain turned into the flood) on the 17th of Cheshvon, Rashi (in today's chok) points out that since it didn't start from the night (which is in most cases the beginning of the day) therefore the 17th is not considered in the 40 days of rain that the Tora talks of. This means that in many aspects the actual start of the rain is 18 Cheshvon - the Yartzheit of Saba!
Also previously Rashi (on the verse (in seven more days) says that the flood was postponed for the 7 days of mourning honoring the death of Misushelach - which could technicly place his death on the 9th of Cheshvon - the Yartzheit of R' Yisroel Karduner - Saba's mentor.

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WOOOW incredible find!
What's your conclusion?