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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saba Emes VihaPetek Emes

This morning in Shul this guy roles in about 9 oclock and asks to speak with me outside, he tells me that its alright to be Breslov, but the Petek, you see he has a 'mesora' from his grandfather Yoel Ashkenazi etc. etc. So I started to set him straight, and in the middle of the conversation some guy joins in and says that the Saba stayed in his house in Boro Park for a couple of weeks, and he heard the story from the Saba himself on many occasions, and coming from the Saba it certainly sounded real. He said that the Saba was like a Malach, and it was amazing to see him in action even at an age of around 100 years old.


shlomo said...

who is this guy

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there are many of these guys, or their grandfathers or whoever tells them a made up story about who "really" wrote the Petek, but since they have a Yetzer Hara against it, they somehow rationalize that it is O.K. to make up stories - violating what the Torah says "Midvar Sheker Tirchak" - to cover up the Emes because they don't want to admit to the Emes. (from shimonmatisyahu)