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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


When Hashem asked Chava why she ate from the tree, she said the snake tricked me into eating it. Was she not being modiah the resoim, why was she punished.
If Adam would have done tesuvah, he would not have left gan eden (I heard that once and it seems to be right; Cain did the first tesuvah by saying "is my sin to great to handle" and he lived for another seventy years.)
I guess Hashem gave the chance to Chava too, to save the world, but what was so wrong with her answer, she was blaming the rasha.


Anonymous said...

Any Nanach's interested in giving a shiur and hafatza in yeshiva University?

Anonymous said...

In order to reveal reshaim and bash mefursamim you need two requirements.

1 - The person listening can be mikabel what you are saying. If it will just break his kalim and he will not accept a word you are saying it is pointless. Additionally you might stimulate his stench that was until now laying dormant.

2 - The person listening needs the Birur. If the person listening already knows about the Reshaim and has nothing to do with them, why waste time talking about it. He already knows and agrees to all you are saying. Better to spend the time talking about the light of the Tzadik instead.

In the case of Chava the requirements were not met.

Anonymous said...

Shlomo, who even said that Chava got punished for rating out the snake

mojo said...

1. you got me.
2. maybe - the harm is done. she accepted the poison and needs rehabilitation. the killing of the snake is righteous, but we need more than that. we need to clean the snake (the bad advice) out of her system.
3. the snake is now severely limited. he has no taste and it's hard for him to get around.

Anonymous said...

Also telling on the wicked might only be reserved for those that did not follow them. However Chava followed the Nachash who was a Mefursam Shel Sheker instead of following her husband Adam who was the Tzadik Haemes.

mojo said...

why if you followed the shakran can't you accuse him?

rabbinachman said...

what shiur?
Chava definitely got punished what are you saying, would you like to give birth.
mojo good answer! I like it

Anonymous said...

she got punished for eating the apple not for telling on the snake.