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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Part 1 - The MONTH of LETTER נ

Chodesh Tov everyone!

According to Kabbala, every month corresponds to another one of the Alef Beis, and this lucky month corresponds to the letter "Noon". It is most significant to Breslov because both Rabbeinu's and his main Talmid Rabbi Nosson's names both begin and end with this letter, which is itself, as one of the few letters that the word for it begins with and ends with the letter "Noon". Saba's Yahrzeit falls out on this month, and also, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan always falls out on the week of Parshas Na-N(0)ach. Now, in the very first Torah of Rabbeinu, the subject of Chen (grace) -as in "V'Noach Matza Chen B'Einai Hashem" (last Posuk of Parshas Bereishis) is composed of the letters "Cheis" & "Noon". Interestingly, the month of Tamuz corresponds to the letter Cheis, the month that Saba found the Petek - thus, both Tamuz & Cheshvan, corresponding to the letters of Chen, have something to do with Saba!

The letter "Noon" is significant in some other major way - it is the Gematriya of 50, as in the 50 days to the receiving of the Torah from Yetzias Mitzrayim. And the 50th Parsha of the Torah is Ki Tavo, and has a strong connection to this month of Chesvan. You see, every month corresponds to another combination of the letters of Hashem's name YKVK. Cheshvan corresponds to VKKY - the first letters of the words U'Dvash Hayom Hazeh YKVK. This is the Posuk given (though there are many) that is given by the Zohar for this letter combination, and on top of this, Hashem's name is also one of the words - something you don't find by many of the other Pesukim of other months. The first word U'Dvash is the very last word of the Krias HaTorah for Ki Tavo when read on Shabbos afternoon, Monday & Thursday. Also, this is the 8th month corresponding to Nissan, and we said before that Tamuz corresponds to the letter "Cheis" which is 8. Well, in the phrase here Hayom Hazeh "this day" Hazeh is the Gematriya of 17 - could be hinting to 17th of Tamuz, the date mentioned in the Petek.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - I expect to post on Thursday evening.

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