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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mazal and Bracha

Mazal Tov to my sister Sara Avigail and my good friend Moshe Areyeh on their engagement.  Both of them were zoche to be by Rabbeinu in Uman this year.  Sara on Tu B'av and Moshe on Rosh Hashana.  It occured to me at one point that their names are an identical gematria: 561.  Rabbeinu knows how to put people together. Mazal and bracha. Na Nach!


Anonymous said...

I was at the l'chaim last night for MA and SA. We were playing music and the baalas habayis asked us if we took requests, specifically if we would play the Rebbe Nachman song, which of course, we did. SA mentioned that 561 gematria in her acceptance speech.

And this coming just after Ahron and Jackie's engagement in Chaim Dovid Na Nach's sukkah on Rabenu's yartzheit. Na Nach shadchanus in full effect for 5769!

Anonymous said...

mazel tov shimon, soon by you
love shlomo

shimonnachmanshilo said...

and a reminder to all those searching for their soul mates, Saba says, say Likutei Tefillot 44,45,46(second part) for 120 days. 44 is especially relevant to married couples as well.

Anonymous said...

To shimonnachmanshilo (or whoever knows the answer) - guess I haven't learned all the Saba Seforim yet, but where does it say this particular thing that Saba says?