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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Letter # 9- the opposite of Na Nach!

Finally, the time has come to answer this very tough question.. What is the opposite of Na Nach?

The source of Na Nach is in Chemot (names) 32, 32 (heart,heart) God says he will reveal all his GOOD, he puts his hand on Moshe (like a succa or the second petek) and says "lord lord the merciful..." and changes creation from judgement to mercy, revealing the 13 degrees of kindness.

The opposite of Moses is likely Bilam (may his name be erased) Who had an evil eye and had the idea to corrupt Israel with non-jewish women and non-kosher wine.

No suprise then, that the opposite of Na Nach is found in Devarim(things)(bal-davar)32 32 (heart, heart) Mida tova (good value) a good heart (ethics ofthe fathers)Mida raa (bad value)a bad heart (ethics...). The verse speaks about the damages that non-kosher wine will cause to Israel!!!

Look no further, the learning of Rabbi Nachman,(chessed-kindness) the source of water is compared to hungarian wine (din- judgement) alwayse new and eternally old in it's kosherness (never touched by contamination EVER).

The non-kosher wine is the scientific wisdome based on technology and not on faith in the tzaddik ha emet! EbAY Ha Nachal (the book of Na Nach) says it over and over again.

I've got to distribute peteks, by!

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