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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Letter # 12 Simcha Torah in the old city

This year was a great year for Hafatsa with the Givat Shaul Na Nachs in Jerusalem's Rova (yehudee) heart warming and very encouraging...concert etc... the next big one scheduled is for the Saba's day 18th of the coming month Heshvan stay posted.

Concerning parasha Bereshit and the hidduch about ISH = Na Nach be a man etc.. check this out brought down through yours truely:

The first appearance of the word ISH is with respects to ISHA before that he was called ADAM.

Why didn't he have a mate like all the others? Why were no other beings in creation suitable for him? Why MUST his partner come from his "shadow-ett"?

From his shadow on the ground was she created, because his wife is ADAM-A!!!!!!!
He wasn't meant to need a wife since he (they) was created in the image (shadow) of G-d who has no wife in his image if not for (them) him.

Who was jealous of who, and who was first! Eva who becomes the mother of all life (?) calls her first son "cayn" also alluding to jealousy!

The dust (opposite) of the earth could NOW say it was the mother of ADAM since he was created from it, (and his father in heaven) but now man and his true zivoug would no longer be born this way, since the woman had been separated from him (as he was now created from dust separated from the ground)! What about their wife ADAM-A?

IT obviously started going wrong before the apple!!

In the words TO-hu Vo-hu you find "TOV and huhu" or Tov Hou Hou not Hou He or He Hou or He He. "He" is not referred to.

In other words, we are trying to place the TOV first and unite the two "tails" which is the shadow of G-d on matter. Both the shadows of God form the same Male pronoun Hou (interstingly english is female "He"- because they (Anglo nations) are the spouse of Israel "Naema" marries Noach (the tzaddik of the generation comparable only to Moshe and Na Nach in this respect)).

So must women become men or be completely subservient to their husbands? Neither...

The food must taste like GAN EDEN that way the children and the hubsands will be a happy family. No one eats money or raw potatoes. The parnassa depends on the simcha and the family simcha depends on how successful the housewife is. The family is a reflection of the ISHA who is a reflection of her ISH.

I am longing to be an ADAM however not a Ben-Adam (no such a thing) rather one that was not born from dust. A true Bal-ha-Sade married to the ADAMA a real son of G-d. However it is certainly a good thing to be an ISH!

G-d himself is jealous of the woman whom he created and who took his son from him, from the land and from the dust. He is waiting for HER to do the tikkun and this is why Shabbat and Simcha are so important!!! This way she can show him that she is faithful and he can unite her truely with her husband so that they can fulfill the mission of converting Tohu Vohu to Hou Tov Hou!

The holy land needs your love!

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geoffrey max mordecai said...

check out hishtaprout ha nefesh #11 to get a feel for what we are dealing with here.