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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Letter # 10 a test for the 10 brothers!

RoBI Isroel told a haver at the last Rosh Hashana in Uman that the only possible tikkun for having sold Josef to Ishmaelites was to do the tzaddiks will and bury him in Israel. The giver of the tikkun ha klali has been kept where he is so a few people could make a parnassa "over his dead body". Sounds all too familiar! The catch is, rabbi Nachman is such a tzadik that it is precisely THOSE souls he wants to glorify the creator with. Uman kibboutz is a necessary step to gather certain types of jews. The testing time has arrived can we pull together and get rabenus blessing or will greed keep us apart.

No, rabenu is ALREADY in Israel, he doesn't need favors from us. Making it all the more clear that there is no reason to go to Uman and prolong his captivity. Still, since he is a tzaddik, and worries about us and loves us, he gives us work that we can get credit for. He even says "NO OTHER WAY TO DO TCHOUVA" can't say- "I have other mitsvos to do, I'll ignore this one. "

Think about Yehuda and Josef and their connection to the tikkun ha bris and open your eyes.
Distressing the tzadikk is a sin that gets passed down from generation to generation. There is no tikkun except doing the will of the tzaddik even posthumously. Which turns averotes into zchuyotes.

Alot of people believe Armageddon is about to break out- is it responsable to abandon rabbi Nachman now?

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