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Friday, October 31, 2008

I think

There needs to be a consolidated list of emunah that Na Nach represents, that is agreed on by all.
The divisions in Na Nach are sick, why wait for Moshiach.
You do what you can, but the emunah has got to be the same.
I would like to hear what you think the emunah should be.


Anonymous said...

Are you asking for a conman set of beliefs shared by every nanach?

rabbinachman said...

what do we agree on

geoffrey max mordecai said...

We agree that there is an inverse relationship between the golden calf and nanach.

We agree that nanach wants people to be very familiar with Breslev books and to read EBAY Ha Nachal.

We agree that a person needs to contribute to the spread of the books and to creating homes that will receive new students.

Anonymous said...

What are the divisions in Nanach?

nissim said...

i believe nanach stands on its own merit and light and does not need to say this and that are sheker -- this only puts people off, and even if something/someone is sheker, rabbeinu says one who is not fit to rebuke stirs up the bad smell worse. LM II 8

practice and study rabbeinu's works and distribute.

saba-noon said...

belief in the miracle of the petek

belief in Saba as the greatest breslover of his generation.

belief in the supremacy of the Breslov path

belief in the importance of saying Na Nach

belief in the importance of printing and spreading the books of Breslov and the name "Na Nach"

belief that anything that downplays the number one position of Rebbi Nachman as the last word on everything is sheker.

what do you think?