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Monday, October 13, 2008

Hit Up With Na Nach!

In the summer I embroidered Na Nach on my Talis the guy who did it for me asked me what color I wanted, so I opened up a chumash and read the words ויך את אדום (and he smote Edom – Edom means red), so I told the guy hit it with red! Recently in Uman when asked why I chose read I told them how, and while I was saying this I realized that with the three words, ויך את אדום, has the numerical value of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Later I realized the great signifigance of having the red writing on my white Talis. The Zohar elaborates on how the secret of the offerings (which today are replaced with prayer) is the colors red, representing the blood, and white, representing the fat. So it is amazingly apropriate to have a red Nanach on a white Talis!


Anonymous said...

You really hit it good! You see, Edom is the numerical value of 51, which is the number of words in the Petek.

Do want to ask, did you find this phrase in the Chumash? I checked out this phrase in my Hidden Codes program, and it shows that this appears twice in the T'nach - once in Tehillim and the other in Divrei HaYomim. (from shimonmatisyahu)

NaaNaach said...

The sefer I opened was a Chok Liyisroel - Bamidbar or Devorim, although I was almost sure that I read from the chumash, but if you couldn't find it maybe it was from the Nach.