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Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, it looks like I'm writing the 713th post. Well, we know what that means - Teshuva is the Gematriya of 713 which I believe is the theme of this post.

Near the end of Parshas Bereishis which we just read on Shabbos, we read "His days shall be 120 years". In this context of the Chumash, it's refering to Noach's generation who were given 120 years to do Teshuva. Well, it didn't work too well then, just Noach and his immediate family survived, but as we know from the Vilna Gaon, everything that has every happened and every person with the details of his life are hinted in the Torah - particularly the Chumash.

First is the statement in the Gemara Chulin 139b: "Where is Moshe hinted in the Torah?" Now the question may be asked - "What do you mean where Moshe is hinted - his name is written all over - at least starting with Parshas Shemos since he was born?!" The answer - "B'Shagam Hu Basar". Looking at the English translation, there doesn't seem to be a clear translation for the word B'Shagam, but it does have the Gematria of Moshe's name (345), and the continuation of this Posuk "and his days shall be 120 years". Perhaps the bigger question can be asked - Is this where Moshe's 120 years are supposed to be hinted at - in relationship to evil people who didn't repent?!

The answer I believe begins with a few Pesukim earlier where Noach is named because "Zeh Yenachameinu" (the title of Rabbi Bezenson's Sefer on the Petek & Saba). Rabbi Bezenson Shlita gets into detail into where Noach failed, Rabbi Nachman, with two additional letters to his name made the Tikkun, but besides the fact that the name Nachman can be spelled within the word Yenachameinu, let's look at the Targum for this word - Yenachamenana - it has the same letters as Ani Nachman - the same exact words that can be spelled backword in Shemos 32:32 where it says "V'Im Ayin Mechani Na" what Moshe says in self-sacrifice to be erased from the Torah if Hashem doesn't forgive B'nei Yisrael for the Cheit Ha'Egel, the self-sacrifice that Noach did not have in saving his own generation. So Noach had the potential to make the Tikkun, but at least Moshe started the process (when he broke the Luchos on 17 Tammuz, the incident that ends the Chumash as Rashi (same letters as Shir in Hebrew) points out - "Yishar Kochacha Sheshibarta" taking responsibility (doesn't mean taking blame) for what happened).

Thus, 17 Tammuz is the bridge between Moshe Rabbeinu, Rabbeinu & Saba, and Saba is the last Moshe Rabbeinu (the holy leader of each generation is considered the Moshe Rabbeinu of the generation) until Bias Moshiach. Don't have the source for this offhand - but it says somewhere that in the future, 17 Tammuz will be the first day of Yom Tov, Tisha B'Av will be the last day of Yom Tov, and the days in between will be Chol HaMoed. But until then, we are coming very close too...120 years since the birth of...SABA!

Yes, before we know it , it will 120 years since the Moshe Rabbeinu of the last generation was born! His birthday - Yom Huledet - falls out on 20 Kislev 5649-5769, and what are we going to do about it - being passive like Noach, or ACTIVE like Moshe Rabbeinu, Rabbeinu & Saba?

Let's do a little brainstorming here:

Ani Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - throughout Eretz Yisroel and elsewhere where the good NaNach Jews live - let's drive through the streets in the Keruv van with this recording of Saba on this holy day - to bring awareness to the world who Saba is and what he represents.

Booths with Keruv materials, Big screen video of Saba (this is how I got attracted to Breslov three years ago - when I saw the video of Saba on his Yahrzeit seeing his Neshama Tehora in his smile), telling people of Saba's birthday 120 years ago on this day, and show how he is compared to Moshe Rabbeinu.

Crying out to people to do Teshuva before Moshiach's coming - telling them that if they sincerely start now, including believing in the Tzadik HaEmes and learning his works that they will indeed be in Hashem's eternity forever!

Don't wait to start making plans at the last minute - start these plans TODAY!

In conclusion, those of us who have regular jobs can look forward to taking off from work on 20 Kislev- but don't wait for the last day to tell your boss. Also, you can begin with some of the above ideas today - especially about telling people to do Teshuva BEFORE Moshiach's coming (which could happen on Saba's birthday of 20 Kislev!)

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