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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Gift

This is  a post in progress, and comments and replies are invited.  

The introductory paragraph to Likutei Moharan begins including the words "mimidbar mattanah."  These words are from the Shir shel Beer Miriam. Which can be found in Parshas Chukas, Sefer Bamidbar, Perek 21 Pesukim 17-20.

These words according to Rashi were sung after a miraculous event where Hashem saved us from an ambush and not only was the ambush unknown the salvation was unknown too, until the well itself brought it to the peoples' attention.  

"mimidbar mattanah, umimattanah nachaliel, uminachaliel bamot..."

Pirkei Avos comments that on a ruchniyut, soulful, level, from the midbar, the desert, mattanah, a gift, the gift being the Torah given to us in the desert, and from the gift nachaliel, the heritage of Hashem, being the heritage of the Torah, and from the heritage of Hashem bamot, the heights, the spiritual heights one attains from studying and fulfilling the Torah.
It has also been said by chazal that from the gift, the Torah, the nachaliel, the heritage of Hashme, being the Holy Land, and from the Holy Land, bamot, the heights, the heights of Jerusalem, Mt. Tzion Mt. of Olives, and namely the Temple Mount.

Also, interestingly enough, Mattanah, the gift, has the same gematria as Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman plus the 4 words of Na Nach Nachma Nachman. Total 495.

Also, Rebbe Nachman is the Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma, and one can read nachaliel, as river in addition to translating it as heritage.  So we have, from mattanah, the gift, Na Nach, Nachaliel, or the river of Hashem, or even more precise, my river is Hashem.  

This is the entire essence of Rebbe Nachman's teachings, that everyone should feel such a close and personal relationship with Hashem that Hashem is our river, our source of life, and also the true Tzaddikim who are his faithful servants, as Rebbe Nachman said he is the river.

Further, in Likutei Moharan Tinyana Torah 72, there is a line by line interpretation of the Shir shel Beer Miriam.  This is amazing, since Na Nach is all about the 72 stringed harp.  This is very profound.  Please take a look there and if someone can translate that would be great.  

In short, Torah 72 describes the Mattanah, the gift, as being Shabbat, relating it to Teshuva, and relating it to being attainable through humility and the Tzaddik, as it says mimidbar mattanah, from the desert, or humility, we come to Shabbat, Teshuva.  The Redemption is entirely a matter of Shabbat, as in Yom shekulo Shabbat.  

It is written that the Beer Miriam rests in the Kinneret and all the water in the world is connected to it.  On a physical level this has great ramifications for the Redemption, as there are prophecies of a great river gushing forth from the Temple Mount in Yechezkel and also about the Euphrates river being split in 7 places an the children of Israel still exiled beyond it returning on dry land as in the days of the Exodus from Egypt.
On a spiritual level, this is also very profound, as we have this song, "Az Yashir Yisroel et hashira hazot, ali beer enu lah.  beer chafaruhah sarim, karuhah nedivei haam, bimchokek uvemishanotam, umimidbar mattanah, umimattanah nachaliel, uminachaliel bamot.  umibamot hagai asher bisdei Moav, rosh hapisgah vnieshkifah al pnei hayeshimon."  Tanna Dvei Eliyahu describes how the Bnei Yisroel, children and adults would go to the well and sing the song and add "ali beer enu lah, bizchut Avraham Yitzchak V"Yaakov.  Ali beer enu lah bzchut Moshe VAharon u Miriam."

Elsewhere in Likutei Moharan (BH will find exact source) Rebbe Nachman describes the verse of "karuhah nedivei haam" as being connected to the verse in Shir shel Devorah HaNevia "hamitnadvim barchu Hashem."  So, we should all be saying Baruch Hashem all the time, and for sure Na Nach : )

The main theme here is song, song, song.  The song of the Well, the song of the Prophetess, and the song of the Petek, the song of the Redemption, the GIFT! 
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!


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