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Friday, October 31, 2008

אב"י ר"ת אומן ברסלב ירושלים

As Saba (who is close to 120 years since his birth as Moshe Rabbeinu was at his passing) is refered to as Ebay - Alef, Beis, Yud spelling his name in reverse ישראל בער אודסר
the three letter word spells in order the burial cities of THE 3 big Tzadikim of Breslov who works are studied the most - Rabbeinu was buried in Uman - starting with an Alef, Rabbi Nosson was buried in Breslov - starting with a Beis, and Saba was buried in Yerushalayim - starting with a Yud.

Also, the word Ebay with the corresponding three cities of the Kivrei Tzadikim, together equal the Gematriya of 1000 - Elef! Elef represents the "Big Alef", as in the very first letter in Divrei HaYomim - the 24th & last Sefer of the T'nach, where the first word Adam - the name of Adam HaRishon - has a BIG Alef, and so does the 1st word of the section of the 1st Shira of the 10 Shiros begin with an Alef - Az, as well as the first word sung by Moshe & B'nei Yisroel in the Shira - Ashira. Like the BIG Alef beginning Divrei HaYomim, the beginning of the first Sefer in T'nach begins with a BIG Beis in Bereishis, the 1st of the 10 statements that Hashem said to create the world, and the 10th & last statement was "Na'aseh ADAM". The 10th generation from Adam is Noach, and Noach's unrealized potential was completed by Rabbeinu Na Nach Nachma Nachman - the 10th Shira. (See my previous post where I relate the 1st Shira to the 10th Shira)

In the 6000 years of the world's existance, they can be divided into 24 parts, corresponding to the 24 Sifrei T'nach. Thus, corresponding to the beginning of the 24th & last Sefer of T'nach - Divrei HaYomim where the very 1st letter of it begins with a big Alef, representing the concept of Elef-1000, was the period of time when Saba was living his last few years of his life around which time he visited the Kever of Rabbeinu for the very first time when it was first available to the public which was close to the year 5750, beginning the 24th & last period of 250 years in the pie of 6000 years. And as a Siman - the Posuk in Mishlei says "Ner Hashem Nishmas Adam" where Ner is the Gematriya of 250 as associated with Adam.

IN SUMMARY: 10x10x10=1000. The 10 Statements that Hashem created the world with & the 10 Generations from Adam to Noach & the 10 Songs relate to Ebay+Uman+Breslov+Yerushalayim=1000.


Tzfat NaNach said...

Great work

NaaNaach said...

Resh Noon (Ner) is Roshay Taivos Rabbi Nachman.
Keep up the good work!