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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The 4th Aliyah in Parshas Na-N(o)ach

Writing my 724th post of the blogsite, and will show you shortly the significance of this number in two ways.

Those who know something about Rabbeinu will probably know that the number 4 was of special significance to him. For one thing, his name Nachman has the same Gematria as Netzach (148) which is the 4th (and middle) of the Sefiros counting from Chesed to Malchus as we mention during the Sefirah period. Also, unlike others who are honored with Aliyos to the Torah, particularly the 3rd one, 6th one, Acharon, Maftir, etc., he insisted particularly on the 4th Aliyah (I'll never be able to - I'm a Levi). Also, he was Niftar on the 4th (and middle) day of Succos. And then for those who believe in Saba Emes V'HaPetek Emes (as in a previous blog), know that Rabbeinu's name, besides have 4 letters to is, is 4-dimensional. Na Nach Nachma Nachman like the original source in the Zohar of Hashem's name being spelled the same way, the latter equaling the Gematriya of 72. Thus, in this 724th post, we are talking about Hashem's name in relationship to 72 (besides the 72 names of Hashem) in 4 dimensions!

Now first a word on Noach himself. In the beginning of this Parsha, Rashi comments on the "generations of Noach" who had three sons that the Ma'asim Tovim - good deeds are the children of the Tzadikim. I heard this once - question can be asked - why does Rashi comment on this particularly by Noach? Certainly, there were much greater Tzadikim who also had children later on. But there is one difference - Noach is the ancestor of all the world - so Rashi is saying a Chiddush here that even though Noach is the patriarch of everyone alive today;,ultimately is was his Ma'asim Tovim that was his accomplishment that counts eternally.

It is interesting to note that during Rabbeinu's lifetime, he also had three children, that is, his spiritual children, his three Seforim - Sefer HaMiddos, Likutei Moharan, and Sipurei Ma'asiyos. Maybe there is someone who can find a Remez of these Seforim to the particular names of Noach's three children. (As Rabbeinu's name Nachman is the Gematria of 148, it's interesting to note that the 148th Posuk of the Torah is the 2nd Posuk of Parshas Noach, which states that Noach had 3 children with their names mentioned. Noach's name in this Posuk is the 2nd word of the 2nd Posuk of the 2nd Parsha of the Torah)

Meanwhile, we mentioned that Rabbeinu was always honored with the 4th Aliyah. So, in this Parsha of Na-N(o)ach, I thought it would be a good idea to see what this 4th Aliyah is about.
This is about the post-Mabul year when Hashem tells Noach to get everyone out of the Ark, Noach brings Korbanos, and Hashem gives His instructions which are the basis of the Sheva Mitzvos B'nei Noach with His blessings. Anyways, the very last Posuk of this Aliyah is Hashem telling Noach and everyone to have children - the Posuk uses 4 terminologies for this- Peru, Revu, Shirtzu, Revu. The 2nd & 4th words - Revu - are the same corresponding to Nach/Noach & Nachman in the Shir Chadash. Also, Revu is the Gematriya as the number of letters in the Petek - 208 letters! (This is when Me'Uman is fully spelled with a Vov). Mind you, this Posuk is Hashem's message that was displaying His Chesed - kindness to mankind to continue life - Olam Chesed Yibaneh, and Chesed is the Gematria of 72, using 4 terminologies to describe His Chesed!

Stay tuned: What major Jewish events took place on the 4th day (Wednesday) of the week?

P.S. Noach meant to have a 4th child after the Mabul, but Cham (representing the heat of Aveira) prevented this from happening, and as a result incurred Noach's curse. Could it be that Rabbeinu, as his name presented with the 4-dimension Shir Chadash, made a Tikkun on this - as Rabbeinu's name can also be read as Min Noach- from Noach - to be the 4th child - the spiritual energy-that Noach was prevented from having?!

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