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Friday, October 31, 2008


Yes, my 4th post for the evening - indeed Shir Pashut, Kaful, Meshulash & Merubeh (will I go to bed before the first rays of daylight?) But it's all coming to me (the secret: I have lived the exact amount of days until tonight as Rabbeinu did when he recited his final Torah, which was on the Shir Chadash).

As you will see in my previous post, the great connection of the number 1000 with the various concepts as related to the main concepts in Breslov and Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman. There are also three 10s involved - Hashem's 10 statements, the first 10 generations, and the 10 Shiros. But you have seen nothing yet!

There are three Masechtos in the Mishna that deal with the laws of damages - Nezikin which are Bava Kama, Bava Metzia & Bava Basra - the first three Masectos in Seder Nezikin (they were actually all one Masechta at one time, named "Nezikin", but being they were so big, they were divided into three-now called "First Gate" "Middle Gate" & "Last Gate").
Each of these three Masectos have 10 chapters, thus a total of 30 chapters. Now, add this to the Gematria of the names of the three Masechtos - Bava Kama, Bava Metzia, Bava Basra; and presto -
1000! Yes, the same Gematria as Ebay, Uman, Breslov, Yerushalayim!

Now, what is the beginning of Seder Nezikin - Arba'a Avos Nezikin - the four major categories of damages - Nezikin as performed by animals which are Shor-refering to trampling, Bor-pit, Mav'eh-eating, and Hev'er-fire. Now, the 4th one is not an animal, but it spells out a name of an animal, and the last Yiddishe Numen of...Saba! Hev'er - Hei, Beis, Ayin, Reish, the Ber (bear).
Now, Rabbi Ovadia M'Bartenura on this brings the Posuk of "Ki Teizei Aish" - "When fire breaks out". Interesting - Ki is the Gematria of 30 like the 30 chapters of the above Masechtos, Teitzai is the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman (491) and Aish is the Gematria of Moharan (301)!

Now, hold on to your seat - tight! We mentioned that the four types of Nezikin- this word which begins and ends with a "Noon" like Rabbeinu's and Rabbi Nosson's names - are in the beginning of Seder Nezikin - the word Teitzei, Seder Nezikin is also the Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'uman (491)! And for those who learn Gemara - Talmud Bavli - there are exactly 411 Dafim on the three Masechtos. corresponding to which there are exactly 411 Toros of Rabbeinu in Likutei Moharan! (286 in the 1st part, and 125 in the 2nd part) Additionally, if you count in these Masechtos the 266 Mishnayos, the 30 Perokim, and the 115 Dafim of Talmud Yerushalmi - these three numbers also add up to 411! Now, add 411 & 411, equalling 822, the same Gematria as the Posuk we just mentioned "Ki Tzeitzai Aish"! This is the Posuk on the 4th type of damage- in Tikkun terms, it's the Likutei Moharan that has come out to the open to rectify the Nezikin. (If you replace the 30 Perakim of Mishnayos with the 33 Perokim of Tosefta in the three Masechtos - you will a total of 825 instead of 822, which is the same Gematria of Ki Teitzei Aish with its three words. But most importantly, it's the same Gematria as Yisroel Dov Ber - when Dov is spelled with a Vov as is sometimes spelled - Saba's Yiddishe Numen!) How fitting - it's the beginning words of the 4th Seder of the Mishna - the name of which - Seder Nezikin - is the same Gematria as the Shir Chadash, that immediately begins the first word with FOUR! The Shir Chadash is the 4-dimension of Pashut Kaful Meshulash Meruba, the ultimate Tikkun of these four damaging aspects of mankind - pride, emptiness, desires, and anger. Morever, as I mentioned a few days in a post - the last Posuk of the 4th Aliyah of Parshas Na-N(o)ach has four terminologies of having children - Peru, Revu, Shirtzu, & Revu. Revu, the 2nd & 4th words, is the Gematria of 208. Similarly, the 2nd of the list of damages listed in the above Mishna - Bor (pit) is also the Gematria of 208, and there are exactly 208 letters in the Petek! (When U'man is spelled with a Vov, as in the above Gematria of 491). The 2nd position in the Shir Chadash - Nach, has the same lettering as Noach, the main figure and name of this weeks' Parshas Noach.

Lot to digest at one time - but I just had to let out my Chiddushei Torah which we are supposed to write down reminiscent of the LAST Mitzva of the Torah - writing a Sefer Torah (similarly, it was tonight that I wrote of Rabbeinu's LAST Torah in his lifetime about the Shir Chadash). Don't worry - you can always read my blogs again for a clearer picture, as Pirkei Avos says at the end of the 5th Perek (the very beginnng of this Perek mentions that Hashem created the world with 10 statements) "Hafoch Bah V'Hafoch Bah" - to keep going over the Torah again & again.

Have A Gutten Shabbos Parshas Na-N(o)ach!


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