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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Enroute To Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

There have been severe complications in my travel plans, please pray that I make it safely to Rabbainu for Erev Rosh Hashana.
Simcha ben Chava Bracha
שמחה בן חוה ברכה

BH"Y I'm going now to the airport with Chaim D. and Shlomo's wife.
Pray for us!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kavanos (intentions and meditations) of the Arizal

Rabbi Nachman made it clear that most people should not pray with the Kavanos of the Arizal, only someone who the simple interpretation and meaning of the prayer were verbalizing the Kavanos was supposed to use them. Because of this many people have taken a strong stance against the study and practice of all Kabala and Kavanos.
The truth is that Rabbi Nachman was very in favor of the basic Kavanos, emphasis is given on how as a very young child Rabbi Nachman's main goal was to concentrate on seeing the letters of the holy name of G-d at all times, and although this is actually an explicit halacha, such intense commitment to this halacha is definitely the way of the Kavanos of the Arizal. Furthermore, Rabbi Nachman revealed the Kavanos one should have upon reciting the Tikun Haklali, Rabbi Nachman said one should use them. In Likutay Moharan Rabbi Nachman discusses how even a very simple person can accomplish great things by concentrating on holy words - this is very similar to doing the Kavanos of the Arizal. These points lead me to the conclusion that Rabbi Nachman was definitely wanted everyone to be doing certain basic Kavanos, he just did not want people to build, base, and conduct themselves on the Kavanos.
Of course the main thing is to say, and better yet, sing and dance:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Associated Press Na Nach TV Episode

The Associated Press Na Nach TV Episode has been released and is being shown now on TV channels world wide. The reporter who filmed the episode called to thank us for our cooperation.

out of the yishuv

today i read in Chayei Saba; there were holy people who came to Rabbeinu, but Rabbeinu brought them to a whole different level. Rabbeinu took his people "out of the yishuv". Rabbeinu takes us, like the Baal Tefillah, out of society. i think this may be the source of much opposition, fear. Most often the people who have the "easiest" time recieving the light of Rabbeinu are those who have already somehow slipped through the cracks of so-called civilization. The world Rabbeinu brings into, is a world of geulah, a world of emunah. But people living in warm dark caves fear leaving them for the great unknown. In the unknown, we are forced to rely on Hashem, we are forced to daven. May Hashem bless us with the strength to recieve the light of Rabbeinu, and leave our fears behind. Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman! Shana Tova!

Keeping Halacha

It is known that Rabbainu was very adamant that we follow the Halacha yet it is important to always know that we worship Hashem Himself and the halacha is, as it literally means, the way. Often we find that the Tzadik shows us the Halacha which one who is worshipping the Shulchan Aruch will not have the sense to follow. Such as what Rabbainu says that the proper time to say Tefilas Haderech - prayer for the journey (way) - is when the coach is being prepared to leave. This is the proper way in our journey, to follow Rabbainu.
There is another prayer which takes us on a very deep journey: tachanun, this is the culmination and the highest point of the Shmone Esray - it therefore send us to the very lowest places so much so that the halacha was altered, the sfardim say the right prayer but do not fall on their faces to make the descent, and the ashkenazim fall on their faces but say a different prayer so as not to confront and recognise their descent. From what I understand the true Breslovers do the Tachanun completely, falling on their faces and saying the right prayer. There's more, at Shacharis everyone falls on their right hand, but Rabbainu Saadia Gaon revealed to Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman that it is more correct and proper to fall on the left hand, even though - or maybe because - it has Tefilin on it.
So these are a two examples of Rabbainu showing us the proper and correct 'halacha' - way to go.
The table is set - All who say Nanach will eat, there's Kugel and Chulent for everyone the whole week long - in the American synagogue!!!

Answer Us

In selichos we say the prayere Anainu - answer us, today when I said it I was thinking I hadn't really asked enough from G-d to make a whole supplication to be answered, and then I thought that the word Anainu - answer, is also used in the holy Tora to mean speak up for - like it says by the giving of the Tora, that Moshe would speak and G-d would 'yaanenu' with calling. So I had in mind that I was praying for G-d to speak up for me! Now wouldn't it be great to hear the heavenly call of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Rabbi Nachman is Recognised by the UN

About 12 hours ago Shimon Peres addressed the UN, he finished his speech quoting Rabbainu!!!! (probably from Likutay Tefilos).

Mr. President,

The Jewish people are celebrating a new year. I would like to end with a quote from Rabbi Nachman of Breslav:

"May it be thy will to remove war and bloodshed from the world and perpetuate the wonders and greatness of peace.

All the inhabitants of the world shall recognize and know the truth: that we have not been placed on this earth to wage war and not for hatred or bloodshed."

Official Stand of

The official opinion of (Meaning my personal opinion and that of Simcha H) is that everything possible should be done to bring Rabbanue to Eretz Yisroel. Until that is done the Kibutz remains in Uman.

It is well known that there are many downsides to Uman including the fact that Ukrainians and so called Breslovers are utilizing the opportunity to squeeze money out of people, many that can barley feed their families. There are also problems with leaving Eretz Yisroel, Pritzut and there are many Shakranim roaming around in Uman.

Despite all this, these are simply obstacles and the Kibutz still remains in Uman until Hashem will in his great mercy speedily bring Rabbanue to Eretz Yisroel.

If a person can not make it to Uman for whatever reason, this is not the end of the world and does not mean that he is not Breslov. Even if someone can not go to Uman they should try to make it to a Kibutz of other Nanachs. If he can make it to the Kibutz in Yerushalaim it is very good.

After all this has been said, I want to make it clear that we are not in any way trying to impose our opinion on anyone or to control any of the publishers on this site. Publishers may publish their opinions even though it contradicts what is stated above.

the fire of Rebbe nachman is by Yisrael Saba

Today the fire of Rebbe Nachman is only by Saba Yisrael; he can rectify and is in charge of giving a good slate to the Jewish people on Rosh Hashanah. As stated in the Letter sent to Saba Yisrael by Rebbe Nachman: "And upon you I said my fire will
Flicker until the coming of the messiah Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman." According to the Tikkunei Zohar the one who reveals the ten letter song can cure the congregants of Israel (The Malchut). The quadruple song can cure the souls that fell to the lowest level. (Tractate Sukka page 5). Saba is a mirror reflection of Rebbe Nachman; he is the authorized angel in charge over the merits of the congregants of Israel on Rosh Hashanah.
Saba Yisrael in his lifetime spoke and wrote to the late Prime Minister of Israel to bring Rebbe Nachman to Israel. But the Breslov opposes tried to kill Saba Yisrael who fled for his life. Some say certain Breslov leaders who have connections with the underworld (the underworld today in Israel is falling apart) were behind motivating Yigal Amir to assassinate Prime Minister Rabin.
Anyone who goes for Rosh Hashanah to Rebbe Nachman's grave in the Ukraine will not get the promise that Rebbe Nachman stated in his lifetime.
Biur Halekutim, Torah Tanina 155, at the end states:" that Rebbe Nachman only wanted to be buried momentarily in Ukraine, and when time comes he wants to reburied in Israel. That is where the root of Rebbe Nachman's soul and spirit exists. Therefore, only upon Rebbe Nachman's arrival in Israel will all the souls come with and get their complete rectification.
If the souls are being deprived their ascendance to their ultimate rectification, certainly those who pay off the Ukrainians from allowing Rebbe Nachman to come will also not get ultimate rectification or, a good seal for the coming year. This includes those that support these Breslov leaders who pay off the Ukrainians. Tickets to Uman from Israel all year around costs $400-450, but the week of Rosh Hashana the costs today is $1200 a person (two and a half hour trip from Israel). These tickets are bought out and resold by Breslovers themselves.
Today the Jewish people live in the state of Israel and the time is right to comply with Rebbe Nachman's wish (Chaye Moharan, Travels to Novoritch chapter 12) to be reburied in Israel.
Today going to Rebbe Nachman became a business which is the main reason these so called Breslov leaders (who are not Na Nach) defy Rebbe Nachman's request to be reburied in Israel. Furthermore, these leaders endanger thousands of Jews by telling them to go to a communist state, on Rosh Hashanah.
As followers of the Petek and Saba Yisrael, we need to alienate ourselves from these people and hit them in their pockets, by announcing NO MORE UMAN, there's Na Nach Saba Yisrael in Jerusalem Israel, and only through Saba Yisrael can the light of Rebbe Nachman continue. Only then can we raise our voices and make the effort to fulfill Rebbe Nachman's wish to be reburied in Israel and merit the complete rectification of the congregants of Israel and the coming of the true Messiah, Amen.

אומן נגמר, קיבוץ ראש השנה בכותל, ערב ראש השנה אצל סבא ישראל

תקנון נ-ח-נחמ-נחמן מאמן לירושלים
מובא בחיי מוהר"ן, דפוס טובות זיכרונות בהוספות סעיף טז', רבי נתן כותב בשמו של רבנו:''הייתי רוצה הקיבוץ שלי בארץ
ישראל'' )לפי תרגום האיידיש היותר מדויקת(, ז"א הקיבוץ של ראש השנה.
למה רבנו הקדוש לא נקבר מלכתחילה בארץ ישראל כמו שמשה רבנו וכל הצדקים איוו? מובא בחיי מוהר"ן סעיף קסב:
שבזמנו מעט יהודים היו גרים בארץ ישראל, ושם לא יבוא שום אחד מאנשיו על קברו.
רבנו הקדוש העמיד שני עדים וציוה לעשות התיקון הכללי בהסתלקותו על קברו, ולא הזכיר לבוא דוקא בראש השנה אלא
בחיים חיותו? ח"מ סעיף קסב, רכה.רק רבי נתן ראה שלא הגיע הזמן לקיים הקיבוץ בארץ ישראל והוסיף מדעתו לבוא בר"ה
לאומן אחר הסתלקות רבנו,)שם תו(. בפשטות רבי נתן ראה שאש של רבנו ח"ו יכבה אם לא נוסף ההנהגה הזאת.
אז למה הנ-נחים ששמשו את סבא, במיוחד משה ה., לא נוסעים לאומן בר"ה?
בביאור הלקוטים סוף תורה קנה: שלפי שעה נקבר בחו"ל, שפה בא"י שורש רוחו ונשמתו של רבנו הקדוש. וע"י הבאת רבנו
הקדוש לארץ ישראל כל נשמות ישראל הקבורים באומן יבואו איתו לקבל תיקונם המוכרחת בשלמות. והיום שיכולים
להביא רבנו לא"י, רק המתנגדים מסתירים קבר רבנו מעם ישראל בשביל אינטרסט הפרטית. וכיון שמונעים להנשמות
מלקבל תיקונם בשלמות כמו כן אלה שבאים היום לא יקבלו תיקונם בשלמות.
וראייה לזה, ידוע שרבנו הבטיח לאלו שמביאים ילדם לקברו לפני גיל שבע ושיגידו התיקון הכללי, יהיו שמורים מן החטא
עד חתונתם. היום זה לא רלוונטי, ולא יועיל.
רואים בחוש, כמו שכתוב בפתק הקדוש,האש של רבנו זה רק דרך סבא ישראל, בעל הפתק נ-נח, שא"א להיות איש כשר
ועובד השם בלעדו. בעל הפתק השתדל בחיים חיותו להביא רבנו ארצה. והיה צריך לברוח ולהתחבאות מאלה שרצו
לרצחו,שלא יגרום להם הפסד כספי. שלפי סבא ישראל,ורבי נתן, שאין להם שום נגיעה,אמרו:"כל הגאולה תלויה,שכל עם
ישראל יתקרבו לרבנו הקדוש, ויקבלו התיקון של כפרת העוונות שהבטיח, ואז יהיה הגאולה."
חיי"מ נ: חיוב להבדיל עצמנו מן הטועים והמנהיגים החולקים על רבנו, ועל אלו שחולקים על פתק הקדוש. זה כולל שקרנים
הקוראים לעצמם ברסלב. מטרת הרבה מהם להביא אותך לאומן להרוויח כסף על כרטיסים וכדומה, ומשלמים מהכסף
שלכם לאוקראינים למנוע הבאת רבנו הקדוש ארצה. כמו כן, רוב מנהיגי הישיבות הם פה להגדיל כבודם וכיסם ולרמאות
עם ישראל מאור שיכול לגאול כל העולם. שלפי תיק"זו דף נא: גאולה של התורה, התפילה, ועם ישראל תלויה למי שיגלה
השיר של עשר אותיות.
הגיע הזמן לקיים דברי רבנו הקדוש שהקיבוץ שלו יהיה פה בירושלים. ואנו בערב ראש השנה נגיד תיקון הכללי בהר
המנוחות אצל סבא ישראל, בעל הפתק נ-נח, שרק דרכו היום אפשר לקבל חתימה טובה, שלפי הפתק הוא הממונה היום
על הזכיות של עם ישראל בר"ה, שביטל כל תאוותיו וזכה להיות נ-נח שמרפא כנסת ישראל. ורבנו עם השבע רועים בר"ה
עם ישראל סבא בירושלים.
ואנו נתפלל בכותל בר"ה, הכי קרוב לק"הק איפה שהכהן גדול הזכיר שם המפורש.
למה רבנו הקדוש אמר שכל העולם תלויים בר"ה שלו, שהוא היחיד שיודע מה זה ר"ה?
1(משה רבינו בא לזקנים וגילה להם הסימן שהוא הגואל שזה סוד שהזקנים קבלו מיוסף שקיבל מיעקב שקיבל ממלאך
של עשו. המלאך בירך יעקב בזכות שאתה משחרר אותי בהגיע זמני לשיר להשם יתברך, הגאולה של הבנים שלך על ידי
שיר:"לא יעקב יאמר עוד שמך כי אם ישראל.." תיקו"ז דף ג, שיר א-ל, לפי רשב"י, הגואל יגלה שיר פשוט, כפול, שילוש,
ריבוע: של עשר אותיות כנגד עשר ספירות. וזה השיר שמשה רבינו גילה לזקנים: י-יק-יקו-יקוק. ובתיקו"ז דף נא: וגם ליקו"מ
תנינה ח: כמו גאולה ראשונה היתה ע"י שיר פשוט,כפול..., גאולה אחרונה ע"י שיר פשוט...:"אז ישיר משה..." י-שיר,שיר של יוד
אותיות שיאזן היוד ספירות שהתקלקלו ע"י העוונות. פקד זה אותיות דפק, שיש עשר מיני דפיקין לאיזון הספירות, כדי לרפאות
המלכות. 2(משה רבנו ירד עם הלוחות השניות ביום הכיפורים. זה היום שהכהן הגדול נכנס לק"הק והזכיר שם המפורש לכפר
על עוונות בנ"י. 3(רבנו הקדוש גילה שהוא נשמת משה האחרון, ורבי נתן בהקדמה של שיר ידידות )שם הצדיק משותף בשם
השם, ירושלמי תענית ב, ו(. כותב ששמו של רבי נחמן הקדוש השיר פשוט כפול מרובע. שיכול להחזיר ולגאול כנסת ישראל,
והתורה, והתפילה.)הכול דרך נ-נח..(.)ח"מ( רסז, רנא: רבינו כותב שהוא היחיד שהשיג כתר חכמה ובינה, הוא הראש והיחיד
שיכול להחזיר אפילו הצדיקים שגם הם צריכים לחזור למוטב.ממילא רבי נתן ראה שרבנו הראש בית, שצריכים לבוא אליו
בראש השנה שנמשך תיקון מרבינו עד היום. }נ-נח-נחמ-נחמן גי שנה{. יוצא ששם נ-נח כמו שם המפורש שיכול לכפר ולהאזן
העולם כימי קדם.

Likutei Moharan Maftechot parashiyot hashavua

someone asked me today for key to likutei moharan by parashiyot hashavuah so i scanned it into

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How about a sefer TIKKUNEI NANACH?

Chananem Chananem Chen: grace them grace them with grace,
LM 1

Nachem hanan chananem: the Comforter graciously grace us
LM 4 the main aliyat hamalkut d'kedushah is by rachamim...

Shanah Tovah Brothers!


What is the difference between a brother and a friend, they say blood is thicker than water, you can chose your friends not your family. Dovid the King said he is a friend to whoever is g-d fearing, lets take it a step higher, like brothers.
I think we love, because our father our Rebbe is our bound, it would be nice to agree on everything too.
Yosef I hope you bring your camera to Uman.
Chesiva vichasima tova


Sandra (C) has donated $18 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Tikkun Habris

The Saba recited that during the years he spent with Rebbe Yisroel Karduner, his main objective with the Saba was only Tikkun Habris. To completely clean the Saba of any form or remembrance of Pgam Habris on any level.

(Chayi Saba page 187)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Do You Merit To Be A Jew

Rebbe Yisroel Karduner would go to the woods and do Hisbodedute all his life.

He continued going to the woods even while the Turks ruled the land and it was extremely dangerous.

He would go in the pouring rain and the freezing cold and beg Hashem "How can I merit to be a Jew"

(Cayi Saba page 186)


The Saba told over that once with great fear and trepidation he peeked into the room where Rebbe Yisroel Karduner was doing Hisbodedute, to watch him as he prayed.

The Saba then said "You can think what you want, but I know that I saw him standing in middle of the air and his feet were not touching the ground."

(Chayi Saba page 185)

Or Uman Or Yerushalayim

Let's try working hard on loving and understanding each other for our decisions of going to UMAN or staying in YERUSHALAYIM. I am confident that we are all just trying to do the will of the Tzadik because we want the complete TIKUN so we can speed the GEULAH, and if by trying to do so we like some of us accuse the others hold back the GEULAH with our mistaken actions, fighting about it will definitely not fix the problem. To all I wish A KESIVA VACHASIMA TOVA.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I was once on a trip and had the insight to see that redemption is every body seeing each other and really enjoying each others presence. At the time I said, I see them(people) as really good, and I am happy about it. Later I read about Rabenu teaching to look at the good in everybody. Reb Noson said if we could do that, we could bring the geula. If we did it, it would be the geula.
Lately, I was sitting in a class of mainly non-jews, and a few of us got into a conversation. What came out of it was how they envied religious jews for the brotherhood are back(slang), they saw that existed between them.
I cant remember exactly, but Rabenu said something to the effect in Chay Moharan that the one thing all the rest of judaism will envy about my followers will be the love between them.
Really that is what judaism is all about - loving your neighbor.
Lets really talk this rosh hasanah gathering, and find some truth so the real peace can happen.
I look forward to seeing everybody, I hope not to miss anyone.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The battle over Rabbi Nachman’s bones

Mordechai Beck
September 12, 2008

The campaign to bring the remains of the Chasidic master, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, from the Ukraine to Israel

Visitors driving into Jerusalem these days will not infrequently be accosted at major crossroads by young men in Chasidic garb offering them books and CDs of the teachings of their Rebbe, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, among the most colourful and controversial figures in the 250 years of Chasidism. These enthusiasts are known as the Na-Nach-Nachman Chasidim, a sobriquet they received from Rabbi Yisrael Odessa who claimed to have received not only a visit from Rabbi Nachman, but also a small note bearing this enigmatic phrase. All over Israel the stuttered name now appears on walls, in public spaces, or is utilised as a car sticker.

But the Na-Nach-Nachainites don't stop at publicising their Rebbe's spiritual heritage. They want to transfer his physical remains from their location in the Ukraine to Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

"There is no reason why the remains of Rabbi Nachman should not be moved to Eretz Israel," said Sharone Tel-Tsur, president of the World Council for Rabbi Nachman of Breslov in the Land of Israel.

"What use is it having him buried in Uman?" Sharone's assistant, Nadav Etlinger adds: "Ukraine is one of the world centres of prostitution. It is not a seemly place for those who visit the grave on Rosh Hashanah."

Rabbi Nachman (1772 -1810), great-grandson of the Ba'al Shem Tov - founder of the modern Chasidic movement - led a tempestuous life, moving from place to place, including a perilous journey to Eretz Israel and finally, weakened by tuberculosis and shattered by the death of his children, reached Uman, a small city in Ukraine, where he declared "Dor is gut tzu leigen," "Here is a good place to die."

His followers took this to mean that his burial place was permanent. There were two pogroms here, the Rebbe had explained, in 1749 and 1768, which had left behind upwards of 20,000 martyrs, mainly, in his words, of "simple Jews."

Rabbi Nachman felt obliged to "rectify" these souls. In addition, he said, Uman was a centre of the nascent Haskalah (Enlightenment) movement. The souls of those caught in this trap also needed "rectification".

Since Rabbi Nachman's demise, the Uman site has attracted many pilgrims, even when reaching it (during the Soviet regime, for example) was dangerous. But about 15 years ago, the Na-Nach-Nachman group, led by Rabbi Odessa, began campaigning to bring the Rebbe to the Holy Land. According to Rabbi Chaim Kramer, of the Breslov Research Centre: "This group is very small,"

His colleague, Rabbi Natan Maimon (deputy president of the World Breslov Centre), states: "Ninety-eight per cent of the Breslov community are against moving the Rebbe's remains."

Despite these denials, statements of support for the move have come from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the late Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, the late President Chaim Herzog, the first Prime Minister of Independent Ukraine, Leonid Krachuk, Ehud Olmert, and Shimon Peres. Ariel Sharon signed a permit for the group to acquire 15 dunam of land on Har Zion for the purpose of the new grave site.

This last document was also signed by Rabbi Yechiel Dorfman, chairman of the World Council of Breslov Chasidim, who died two years ago, aged 96, and considered a major force in the old guard of the Breslov community: he was initially opposed to moving the grave for all the traditional reasons. "The reason he changed his mind," explains Sharone, "is that he was disturbed by what was going on in Uman itself."

What exactly transpired had to do with the financing of the kloyz, the structure built around and next to the grave site in order to protect the site and to accommodate the growing number of visitors. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, and independence of the Ukraine, access to the cemetery was easier. At one point, Rabbi Dorfman instructed his people in Uman to cease paying the contractor Kuznenko, a local builder with contacts in the government.

The structures Kuznenko built would accommodate up to 10,000 people. Coincidentally, around this time - about three years ago - an American named Zinger decided to underwrite the trip for anyone wishing to pray in Uman on Rosh Hashanah. As a result, in the past two or so years, 20,000 people have been arriving at the Ukrainian town. "The results are predictably horrendous," says Etlinger "and a further reason for moving the grave out of Ukraine."

Meantime, according to Etlinger, the contractor sued the Breslover community for $3 million over non-payment for his work. This financial predicament was "solved" only when the current Prime Minister of the Ukraine visited Israel and agreed to cancel the debt on condition that his government could turn the Rebbe's grave into a national historical site - for the Ukraine.

Consequently, according to Sharone, the Breslovers no longer control the site and so have no say in whether the grave stays or is moved. This can only be negotiated with the Ukrainian authorities.

Despite the opposition to the plan by many of the Breslov elders, the Rabbi Odessa group (he died in 1994 aged 100-plus) has been helped by some very fortuitous publicity, in particular a full-length film by director Paul Mazurski (of Enemies: A Love Story, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice fame).

Mazursky, who came to Jerusalem to show his film, explained that he was intrigued by a Breslov Chasid in Los Angeles and went to Uman for Rosh Hashanah to shoot a documentary on the events. Though he left "no more religious than when I came", he had been moved by what he witnessed and his film will be seen by many people outside the Breslov community.

Other people involved in the plans are Susan Roth and her brother Mike Burstyn, both from a famous Yiddish vaudeville family and proven to be direct descendants of Rabbi Nachman. Speaking from LA, Burstyn expressed his amazement that anyone could think that Rebbe Nachman would wish to be anywhere other than in Israel.

"It doesn't make sense," he said. "In fact he's on record as saying that the only reason he wouldn't go to Eretz Israel to be die is because he feared dying on the way, and that, even if he reached Israel, he would have no one to properly attend to his grave site or say the ten Psalms necessary for the rectification of his own soul."

Susan Roth, who refers to Rebbe Nachman as "My Zaidie", has no doubts that the burial site will be moved, and that in Israel hundreds of thousands of people will come to visit it. "And when Zaidie arrives," she says confidently, "miracles will happen."

Letter # 1 about the Petek continuation...

Today I am adding that the only way to be a FRIEND is to be attached to NA NACH (a chaver). The reason for this is that our nation will constantly be divided by sinnat chinam and ayn ra except for the love we will all hold in common for the true tzaddik. Page 242 (as opposed to 242 from Sichot Ha Ran) from the book Na Nach has Saba explaining that there were two types of jews, Ashkenazi and Sephardi, Rich and Poor, Breslev and Non-Breslev.. all VISUAL differences. Being Chaverim we will no longer care about "Gedolim or Ketanim" since the only relevant issue is to be a "Chaver" OF SABA!

I would also like to add that the "petek ha sheni" mentionned there finishes with the signature of Na Nach and that the writing that you see after, seemingly going down in a "depressed" style is actually being written backwards and upside down in the Latin (left to right)direction and signed with the sign 17 (only G-d does things this way!) ,friends, this double letter needs not envy the first tablets of mount Sinai!

I am VERY impressed by what the bloggers are writing --- the world is ROCKING it's the petek that is shaking up the world and nothing else!

Happy Na Nachs


seven beggars

enjoying albany but could use more breslev company here.
chatzot and selichot at tzet + 6hr needs strengthening.
may start a breslev learning wed or thu nite here by us.

planning to be in boro park r"h.

up to day 4 on seven beggars.
could use help proofreading/editing.
the current is at:
ashreinu ma tov chelkeinu
na nach

New Stickers

Saturday, September 20, 2008

throw away ur brain

B"H i was zoche to put up a song on the site. it was inspired by the idea that when we want to do something b'kedusha, especially something as important as going to Rabbeinu, we have to throw away our chochmot. enjoy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ranans New Na Nach Blogs

Ranan has just put up a number of interesting new Na Nach sites

1 -

2 -

This third site I could not verify that it is Ranans but it looks like a good site

3 -

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Check out the hebrew

Recently our DIBs (Dear Israeli Brothers) have added some givald stuff to our sister site - there's a link on the right side of our site that will take you there.

The King of the Land of NOT Na Nach!

Yet Another Comment from a different site

First I would like to thank happy, sincere, concerned, and all types of Breslovers who contributed to the comments, - and special thanks to the comments from Rabbi Nachman, Rabbi Nussun, Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, and Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser, they brought me alot, a great deal in fact, of Simcha, I'm sitting here gigling and people around me are looking at each other wanting to know what's going on - It's NANACH!
About the claim that only the Nanach are printing the Rebbe's sforim - there is a great deal of truth about this. Till very recently, for 2 years, Meshech Hanachal was put out of business because of some tricky business they pulled with one of our Nanach friends MB. Shick MHNB"O concentrates on his own stuff, although occasionaly he puts out one of the Rebbe's, the truth is that I do think that if no one else would he would, but as the facts stand now - he is not. There are people putting out there own stuff in English. Take for example CK english LM which was completely transalated I think 7 or maybe even 15 years ago, but CK has to add his commentary so he never published more than a volume every 2 years or so. Now there's also Toras Hanetzach but they don't even have an address and I couldn't find out how to get a hold of them, I'm told their out of business but I'm not sure. There is Weinstock who does print Rabbainu's sforim - kind of sporadic, but he does it. So overall the main constant serious publishers of Rabbainu's sforim, and the ones that are seeing to it the sforim are sold and distributed everywhere, are the Nanach! (here is a good place to applaud the beautiful sforim of Nikudos Tovos - a Nanach in Bait Shemesh).
Now about accepting Nanach - here's a new way to understand why Nanach reject those who don't respect Nanach . Our sages taught that everyday a person's evil inclination tries to overcome him, and if not for G-dly intervention the person would succumb. This means that anyone who is seriously trying to serve G-d is suffering tremendously from the evil inclination, and will be constantly searching for the truth. He would not laught or reject something that could really help him - even as a drowning man does not contemplate what is being extended to him to save him - he grabs it! So to a real and true person, upon hearing about the Saba and the Petek will grab on to it!!!! Eitz Chaim He Lamachazikim Bu! Now if after that he had issues, then there would be something to talk about, but just to hear people, sitting in the comfort of their home - on the internet - expressing their 'chuchmos' - while the Nanach steal time from their Hafatza, hisbodudus, and learning to try to help those lost souls - it's just preposturous!
So if you want to be a little considerate and fair at least say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman one time - it will make a world of difference!

A comment on a blog

Here's a comment on a blog complaining about a book that has pages of dedications:

It always amazes me how slow people are when they aren't Nanach! Don't you get it, Rabbi Levine is writing a book about memoralizing people - so he practices what he's preaching. Wish more Rabbis would do that. The real wonder is how you can publish so many pages without printing even one time the holy name Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman! Although maybe it is buried somewhere in there. [One time someone showed me a new book he authored and I commented as above, and then to my delight I found right at the beginning of the book a whole page dedicated to a unique design of signing Na Nach! So never judge a book by it's cover - it may have Nanach inside!].
Furthermore, you guys are quibeling over a small percentage of a book dedicated to dedications, I have a very holy friend in Israel the likes I've never seen anywhere (he learns Tora all day with tefilin never being mayseach das, and concentrating with the intensity of what would put an NFL player to shame, he get's up at midnight etc. etc.) he once told me about this awesome dream he had - in the dream he was perusing through a sefer that was entirely - from cover to cover - dedications! Now try to match that!
Really Sefer has the gematria of Shaim - name - and the Tora is the Name of G-d and also mentions every name of everyone in Israel - so anyone who is emulating G-d - as we are commanded to do - will obviously have many many names mentioned. What I almost did was publish a book that only said Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!! However when I held in my hand a very big stack of sheets of Nanach stickers, each one with probably 40 times Nanach - I felt I was somewhat Yotzay.
And about the trees they're chopping, maybe if they would put Nanach on them, people wouldn't chop them down. Remember the Tora calls man a tree! Trees grow - Nanach grows - Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
Now if you will, I will leave -


The Zohar (as well as Rabbainu) discusses the different attributes G-d faces the world with, the most lofty it the face of Atik which views the world with only an eye for good, that is that everything is understood and dealt with as extremely good. Whereas lower faces of countenance such as that of Zeir have also an eye for registering and dealing with harsh things – this is the left side. Thus it is amazing that the one remaining large poster of the Saba on the American Nanach van has had the left side of his face torn off, now Saba is sporting just his right eye, he is now representing Atik! Aye!

Sunday in the Colossium

BH"Y on Sunday there's going to be alot of Jews going to some colosium in Long Island, so BH"Y the Nanach van will be there. Keep in Touch.

Mazal Tov to Yosef Arye Levin - it's a girl

We are wishing a Mazal Tov to our good friend YAL on the birth of his new daughter, may they be blessed with true yidishe Nanach!
Special thank to Simcha BK for hosting the Levins.

On the way to Uman

BH”Y TS will be going to Uman this Sunday, from there he has BH”Y a one way ticket to the Holy Land. See you there!
BH”Y I will be arriving in Kiev erev R”H at 1:30 p.m. I would appreciate your prayers that I arrive safely and quickly to Rabbainu.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The choice of the Petek

I wrote this on that other site that opposes Na Nach. What do you all think?

Dear Reader,
You should know, that this whole thing around Saba and the Petek has been hidden and covered up by the opposition. Which, upon deep investigation of this critical issue one can uncover many things that appear to be obvious truth but actually have no standing. For example, People often say Joel Ashkenazi wrote the letter. Since people don't give things a second thought so they assume that both sides of the story have credibility. But upon deeper contemplation of the issues and upon investigation of the "two" stories we find really that the other side does not have anything really to stand on. There is no record of anyone of real authority saying that they wrote the letter. Their whole stance is only "this guy told me that he heard" etc. etc. Whereas the story of Saba is clearly spoken, recorded and published (By the Keren and by NaNach.Net) read it. So you have at least one side. Whereas the other side cannot produce any evidence of their non miracle story as they themselves admit. (which apparently should be able to be proved because non miracles have "proofs"). Instead they insist that we give them proof for a miracle (which is not a Jewish thing) but proof for an supposed natural event they cannot even begin to provide in the least. When we say the belief in the miracle of the Petek is a choice, we do not mean to say that one must choose between the two stories, no, their story is a lie as can be evidenced, by any sincere seeker of the truth who takes the time and patience to question the "establishment" investigate the facts. When we say that belief in the Petek remains a choice it means that it is a choice to believe. If someone does not believe in the Miracle then they should be able to explain things however they want. They should not need the story of J.A. They just choose not to believe and that's their choice. This is why we Na Nach, urge you all to please investigate the story for yourselves, we are here to help clarify the issues and inform people of this very serious thing that we believe is the introduction to the Final Redemption. May it come speedily and in our days.


Trino (C) has donated another $5 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Merchandise!

With the help of the All Merciful One G-d we have added to GIVALD GIVALD tapes of R' Shlomo Carlbach mamash Givald Tora (expounds on Tora 70 of Likutay Moharan as it is brought down in Tikufas Hashuna). Also I added another dozen of my own songs.
Enjoy Nanach!

The Beggar King

I learned a story from sfrai Breslov ( I think it was rav Nusson that wrote it)

I Paraphrase.

There was once a land that had the custom to choose themselves a king every three years. The custom followed was that they would go out to the field and whoever they chanced upon first they would crown king. The people of the land went out to the field and they chanced upon a drunk beggar whom they brought back to the palace,placed a crown upon his head and clothed him with royal garments. When the Beggar awoke he found himself in the palace and questioned whether he was dreaming or not. He pinched himself to see if he was dreaming and thought that he was not, then again he remembered being in the trash can sleeping, but then again he thought that he was really the king, Then he saw his old drinking buddies and again was confused. Finally, he thought to himself, if I am really the king, then I should be able to go to the Royal library and open a book, read it, and understand it. (after all, he thought, the king should be smart enough to read a book). He went to the library, opened a book and could not understand the words, so he thought to himself, I am not really the king, but then he thought again and concluded, no one understands these books, they are only there for decoration, in truth I am the king. The author concludes this is the way of the Meforsamim shel sheker.

New Gematria

I just found this while learning. Interesting that the tzadik is called "rauch chayim" and the song of redemption mentioned in the Zohar is yod yod key yod key vav yod key vav key (this all adds up to 72 A.I.K.) the gematria of Ruach Chayim (which is the tzadik) is resh=200,vav=6,chet=8,chet=8,yod=10,yod=10,mem=40. 200+6+8+8+10+10+40= 282 and 282 + 72 = 354 which is, of course, Na Nach Nachma Nachman. The Ruach of the tzadik with Hashem's name together is the Na Nach.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Be Nanach - You won't have to work so hard!

Our Master Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman wrote the following lesson, I will first bring the Tora in hebrew and then a summation in English:

לקוטי מוהר"ן תנינא תורה פו: דע שעל ידי שהעולם הם מקטני אמנה, על כן הם צריכים לתענית, דהינו עבודות קשות. כי בודאי ידוע שאפשר לעבד השם יתברך בכל דבר, כי אין הקדוש ברוך הוא בא בטרוניא עם בריותיו (ע"א ג.) אך מה שצריכין לפעמים לעבודות קשות, הוא בבחינת מה שאמרו רבותינו ז"ל (סנהדרין עד:) בשעת שמד אפלו אערקתא דמסאני יהרג ואל יעבר. נמצא, שאף שבאמת אין ראוי שיהרג על זה, אך מחמת שהוא שעת שמד, והם מתגברים ורוצים דיקא להעבירו על דת ולהביאו לכפירות, ח"ו, על כן הוא מכרח למסר נפשו אפלו על דבר קל. והעבודה זרה והכפירות הם בבחינת (בתהלים קלה) אף אין יש רוח בהם – שאין בהם שום רוח כלל, והקטני אמנה הם בבחינת מקצר רוח, שהוא כמו ממצע, דהינו שאין להם אמונה שלמה, שהיא בחינת מאריך רוחו, כמובא במקום אחר (בלקו"א סי' קנה), ואף על פי כן אינם כופרים לגמרי, שאין להם שום רוח כלל, רק הם כמו ממצע, ורוחם קצרה, בחינת מקצר רוח. וזהו (שמות ו) מקצר רוח ומעבדה קשה – שמחמת שהם בבחינת קצר רוח, מחמת שהם קטני אמנה כנ"ל, על ידי זה צריכין לעבודות קשות ולתעניתים כנ"ל, כמו שבשעת השמד, שהיא קלקול אמונה לגמרי, צריכין אפלו למסר נפשם ממש, אפלו על דבר קל, כמו כן כשיש קטנות ופגם באמונה, צריכין לעשות עבודות קשות כנ"ל. ויש כמה בחינות בקטני אמונה, כי יש שפלו צדיקיים שהם קטני אמנה, כמו שדרשו רז"ל (סוטה מח:) על פסוק כי מי בז ליום קטנות – מי גרם לצדיקים וכו', עכלה"ק.
Rabbi Nachman explains in Likutay Moharan that in reality it does not and should not require hard work in devotion of G-d, because we serve G-d in all our actions and G-d does not harp on us. However when there is a lack of belief in G-d, then there is a requirement to bear utter self sacrifice for G-d. Such as we find that in a time of Shmad (when the goyim decree on the Jews not to keep the Tora) we must sacrifice our lives even so as not to vary the way we tie are shoes. Lack of belief in G-d is evidenced by short breath, the shorter the breath the weaker the faith, one who has shortened breath will therefore have to bear hard work, where as one who has long breath – a sign of good faith and belief in G-d will not have to bear hard work, he will serve G-d in everything that he does.
This Tora from Rabbi Nachman beautifully illustrates the stance of the Nanach who have strong and firm faith and belief in G-d and Rabbi Nachman, they therefore promote the simple and easy way of serving G-d with love, happiness, singing , and dancing. Whereas many challenge the Nanach, they say it is ridiculous to just serve G-d in such an easy and pleasurable fashion, they say one must work and slave (the Zohar refers to the study of the Talmud as 'hard work' – in the same context as Rabbi Nachman in the above cited Tora). So we see they are not entirely incorrect, for the state of faith they are holding by they in fact are required to work very hard, however if they would just have some more faith and listen and follow the Nanach, then they too would be able to serve G-d as the Nanach.

Yet another follow up comment of mine

Sorry to do this to you, but once again may I remind everybody that my friends and I already answered clearly and effectively all the invective that bah. (and to a lesser degree y.) keep posting over and over again. My friends patience to keep answering, rewriting and explaining, is quite impressive, but even still it would be helpful (not to mention courteous) if they would read what we wrote! Is that too much to ask for?
The rejection of people who reject the Petek has alot to do with what is happening right here, these people even though sometimes they claim they are really searching and committed to the absolute truth, they just aren't. They don't even read what is written to them. Rabbi Nussun explains in Likutay Halachos that it is possible for there to be a sincere a holy person who is unaware of Rabbi Nachman, however he does not exonerate someone who was informed point blanc about Rabbi Nachman. Even if the way of explanation was faulty, any person who is serious about doing the right thing will do his homework and check out the facts for himself. People who not only do not check out the facts and furthermore don't even listen to what they are being told, yes - this is a strong negative point on their character and intent. That is not to say that we hate them or gave up on them, but it does say a great deal about them, and we must warn people of this. We do hope and pray to find and recognise them through their good points, but at the same time we will uphold the truth and the honor of G-d and His holy Tzadik, Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Elul - see yourself with the lowest of Israel

This is what Rabbainu says towards the end of LKII (82):
ועקר התשובה הוא בחדש אלול כי הם ימי רצון, שעלה משה לקבל לוחות אחרונות ופתח דרך כבושה לילך בהץ והדרך שעשה משה הוא כך, שמשה קשר את עצמו אפלו לפחות שבישראל ומסר נפשו עליהם כמו שכתוב (שמות לב) ואם אין מחני נא (שמשמאל לימין כתוב אני נחמן והר"ת מאומן כידוע). וזה פרוש (שמות לה) ויקהל משה וכו'- שמשה היה מאסף ומיחד ומקשר את עצמו עם כל ישראל, אפילו עם הפחות שבפחותים. וזה פרוש (תהלים נג) כלו סג יחדו - אפלו כשאני רואה אחד מישראל שסג מכל וכל מהקב"ה, אעפ"כ צריך אני שנהיה יחדו - צריך ליחד ולקשר עמו עמו שעשה משה, עכלה"ק., וע"ש כדה"ק.
"The main repentance is in the month of Elul, for they are desirable days, that Moshe rose to accept the last tablets and opened a conquered path to go in. And the way the Moshe made is as follows: Moshe attached himself even to the lowest of Israel and sacrificed himself for them as it says 'if not erase me', and this is the meaning of 'and Moshe gathered etc.' - that Moshe would gather, unite, and attach himself with all of Israel, even with the lowest of the low. And this is the meaning of 'all retreat together' - even when I see someone of Israel who has completely fallen from the Holy Blessed Be He, even still I must be together with him, must unite and attach to him, like Moshe did."
There were tzadikim that לnew how to attach themselves and see themselves together with the lowest of the low, without actually playing the part in the physical world. Even still these tzadikim usually opted to actually befriend and hang out with them - as the Tora tells us with Gideon and King David. In any event in todays day I do not know of anyone that can profess such a feat. Yet Rabbainu's words were obviously meant for all of us to keep. This is in fact the way of the Nanach, where the Nanach mingle with each other and with everyone in Israel, not seeing themselves different or better. True this is dangerous, a constant threat of losing everything, but such is the power of faith of the Nanach that they listen to Rabbainu at all costs, and since the Nanach really do believe in Nanach, well then they are in good hands!
These words are quite deep and maybe should be elaborated on, let's see what happens.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rumors of New Nanach Grafitti

The editors of are currently checking up on rumors of new Nanach grafitti in Monsey, supposedly on Bais or Or Dovid, and at the corner of Maple and 306. Someone has already commented that these are places that were very vulnerable to grafitti and it's a blessing that nothing mundane or crude was done, on the contrary the most beautiful message possible- Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!


To all the Nanach lamdunim out there: The first person to correctly answer the following problem wins a Nanach sticker (shipping not included).

Rabbi Akiva maintains that someone who vows not to eat, will violate his vow even if he eats very little, Rabbi Akiva was asked where in the Tora do we find such a thing, that there isn't a minimal amount necessary, Rabbi Akiva answered, where else do we find in the Tora that a person speaks (makes a vow) and will be whipped?
My question is that we find such a case brought down lihalacha in Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat regarding the prohibition of muzzling or preventing a working animal from eating (חושן משפט, שלח:ג, ז"ל אפילו חסמה בקול, לוקה), that even if one did so by voice alone, he is whipped. Also see the mishna at the end of the 3rd chapter of Ediyos גדול האומר יותר מן המעשה - מוצא שם רע that a newly wed husband who slanders his wife gets whipped.

Another Comment of Mine

It's been a while since I posted comments here, in part because the matter was in the good hands of Saba Noon and Gita and others, but mostly because there was nothing new being discussed. Thanks to Gita humility the comments started to revolve on giving and showing respect, but not so much new information. Enough was already said and shown where to find out, that any person of minimul intelligence who wanted the truth could find it easily, and it can still be found, simply read the comments from the beginning and or visit and other sources.
There were a few points that were stated recently that I don't think were expressed clear enough. The Saba said that the miracle of the Petek was the greatest miracle ever, so someone asked that the giving of the Tora was done in front of millions, whereas the Petek was given to one person. The answer was given that the Luchos are no longer with us, where as the Petek is, anyone can get a copy of it and see for themselves first hand the handwriting and the message from Rabbi Nachman! Anyone today amounts to trillions.
Yosef said that tzadikim can be mistaken - this is very true, but no on something so vital and critical that it form and takes the main purpose of that Tzadiks life. The Saba based his whole life on publicizing the Petek and Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, so it forbiden and lunacy to say that the Saba was a big tzadik bla bla bla but he made a mistake about the Petek. This seems to me as extemely clear and ironclad, that's why I kept it short, if you need further elaboration, give the word.
A few more proofs about the authenticy of the Petek (not that that is what's preventing people from accepting it).
1) no one knew that the Saba ate on 17th of Tamuz - point of fact is that everyone, especially the famous letz, were all still fast asleep, and there is no way they could have found out. The Petek knew about this!
2) Rab Mottele Slonimer examined all the members of the Yeshiva, especially the letzim, and came to the conclusion that none of them even knew anything about the Petek!
3) The Saba said that if he would reveal the meaning of just two words of the Petek he would annul the persons free choice. There were other such statement the Saba said in regard to other huge secrets hidden in the Petek. So how did these originate from a letz?
4) why would anyone sign the letter MayUman - from Uman - when everyone knew Rabbi Nachman as from Breslov.
5) who knew the name of the angel PZPZYH? who knew that this is the angel in charge of the Shofar on Rosh Hashuna - which is Rabbi Nachmans' main day!
6) who knew that Rabbi Nachman had said, and as brought down in the Breslov books in Yiddish - My fire will burn till the coming of Mushiach?
7) how did the Saba just happen to open the right book to the right place at the right time?!

These were in addition to several other proofs previously mentioned. It seems clear to me that it takes more faith to believe that the Petek wasn't from Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman than to accept the simple straightforward way.

The importance of accepting the Petek is the importance of realizing that there is Divine Providence, and Rabbi Nachman has provided for all our needs. We must be persistent to adhere to Rabbi Nachman's teachings, and know and believe that this is the complete matter of Redemption!
There was a time when holy people might not have been fully accountable for not recognizing Rabbi Nachman and Breslov - Rabbi Nussun discusses this in Likutay Halachos - how we occasionaly find someone who really seems to be honest and rightious and yet is not Breslov? Rabbi Nussun explains that just like G-d created gentiles and Jews, which is a matter of Am Segula - that is above our intelligence why and how that was decided, so to the matter of who merits to be Breslov! (Thus according to the Kuzari who makes a hiearchy of 5, according to Rabbi Nussun we can make it 6). However in today's day and age, it is no longer possible for a person who is sincere, truthful, and devout to not realize the need and the supremecy of Rabbi Nachman. Thus if one is found to deny the Petek, we have serious doubts on his foundations of belief and honesty.
Those that claim they are Bresov yet do not believe in the Petek, have already been shown the truth in the above comments. All the members of Pincus Chaver accepted the Petek, anyone following the teachings of Rabbi Nachman will obviously believe in Miracles, will believe in the strength of Rabbi Nachman, will believe the strongest Baal Mesora of Breslov, and will on their own conclusions realize that it holy and critical to spread Rabbi Nachmans name in the fashion it is signed in the Petek, single double triple quadruple, Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, on their own right they will want to do exactly what the Nachmanim are doing - paying less and less attention to halachic stringencies and more and more attention to promotig G-d and G-dliness in the world, teaching and spreading Rabbi Nachmans teachings in the world, dancing and singing as much as possible and more, and what ever else they see such people so committed to the Emes and Rabbainu they will want to do even if they don't understand!
So if someone is saying he's Breslov and he claims that the Petek is not relevant - chances are that he has the same stance in his general morals C"V.
But fear not, it is very easy to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, and this will lead to great healling and and mending!

New Music

My friend D. did a dance version of "Yahdut zeh Breslov" by shin mem mem. It sounds great and fun to dance to. Check it out it is under "Saba-nun" at our music site and it is called "experiment". You all should let me know what you think. Peace out and have a great holy Na Nach week.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Na Nach Shabos

Great thanks and blessings to Our Holy Merciful One G-d for keeping us alive and safe to this day - with our very own Nanach van in America!
Right now I'm writing from Lakewood but BH"Y we will be going to Monsey for the Holy Shabos. Chaim D. invited E.L. and family for the holy day, Micha (from Boro Park) might join us, and as I'm finishing this post T.S. called and said BH"Y he'll be joining us. BH"Y Shlomo will be making a kidush for the birth of his daughter.
This week we (Y.S. from Tzfas, myself, and others who joined in like Gita) were busy commenting on a site that brought up the Nanach issue, they recieved so many comments that twice they decided to redirect the comments to a new blog posting, the second time the Posted the hebrew part of the approbation R' Moshe Feinstien gave to the Saba. There was also another site which we educated pretty well. And finally a third site which on Y.S. figured out how to join their forum, and it still needs some education BH"Y.
The Nanach van has survived yet another ripped tire and now it may need a new radiator, may this be an atonement for all of Israel, Amen!
BH"Y sent a package of Nanach beinies to Venezuela, and one to Sweden, as well as differant states of the U.S.. We have added products, and we're working on more and getting up pictures BH"Y.
BH"Y the Nanach music site is also doing very well, we now are offering so givald Shlomo toras and kumzitzs - privately recorded. Shlomo Ettlinger's sold out album - Shakua Birabainu is also available. There are about 100 of my own songs up, most are just guitar but there are a few with full music.
What a givald week - meeting up with Dr. Steve (his cars are of course decorated with nanach stickers, I forgot to mention that last time).
Shimon K. is working on some other nanach par..
Good Shabbos!
Good Nanach!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Few New Songs

BH"Y I put up a few more songs on the music site (button or link on the right side of the site) in Simcha Nachman - NewNanachBiaby. Enjoy.
Also we added to the online Nanach store (link no button yet on right side of the site) the new white Nanach gumi bracelets, and the English Israel Saba.


Steven (S) has donated another $180 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.


Trino (C) has donated another $10 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Na Nach and Halach

This is what I posted on the anti Nanach blog as a reply to their questions.

- Most Nanachs study Shulchan Aruch every day as required by Rabbanue.

- There are many Na Naches that are pretty learned in Halacha and Talmud.

- If a Na Nach needs a Halacha paskened he will go to a Rabbi that knows Halacha. Every Na Nach has a different Rav they go to for Halacha, depending on their location. Almost always the Rav is not Na Nach or Breslov. As long as a person knows Halacha and is not an open Shakran looking for money and honor, I think most Na Naches would ask him a question in Halacha. Not every person can be expected to know Shulchan Aruch inside out, therefore when he need something answered he goes to a person that knows more Halacha then him.

- However when it comes to Avodas Hashem and climbing spiritually, there is absolutely no need for a Rav. Rebbe Nachman gave us the Etzot and they are clearly written down. If a person does not follow them, it is due to his personal laziness and not because he is missing a Mefursam in his life.

- Infact having a Mefursam is a big distraction. The Saba writes that although the Meforsam might be a lot more advanced then you, if he did not erase his bad nature completely, not only can he not help you at all, he also trasmits his bad into you and makes things worse.

- Obviously there will be times when a person need chizuck or hadrach in Sefri Rabbanue. For that there is Sichas Chavarim. He should find another Na Nach that is more knowledgeable then him and has reached higher levels to ask him for his opinion. However in no way is this other person superior to you, you are both Breslever Chasidim trying to follow the teachings of Rabbanue. If he knows more and has reached higher levels he can help you out, but as a friend not as a Mefursam.

Love You Enemies?

In this Holy Spiritual War that I have been Zoche to fight I have notcied that there are basically two levels of opposition that we are fighting. Those that oppose,and those that are told to oppose. We the Na Nach, I feel must be very strong to get the truth of Na Nach out to the world and eliminate all the Heresy and lies and must never ever compromise one hairsbreadth of truth. Stick to your guns, this is truth that we have. But at the same time never have bad feelings about the people that oppose us. Some are misinformed others are just caught in the Taivah's, but interestingly enough the one's that are the most passionate about opposing might actually become the greatest Mafitzim of Na Nach in the future. The most passionate opposers (most of them really are not so passionate) at least feel passionate about their beliefs. The more that they oppose and the more that they get into dialoug the more that the truth of Na Nach might sink in. Ultimately Na Nach is a Spiritual experience that each person must have between themselves Hashem, Rebbe Nachman and Saba. It really is a private affair and no one can impose a spiritual experience on another person. It is not our job, I feel to convince anyone of anything. We have something good, we are obligated to inform others. Na Nach is like love, You got to spread it in order to get it! Many of the conversations that I have been getting into in the end only made me stronger in Na Nach because it helped me understand and internalize my own beliefs. We have to fight against the other side if for no other reason then to make ourselves strong in our own conviction. Hashem and the Rebbe love us Na Nach very much and want to keep us close to them and to each other in this crazy world. Our opposition is one of Hashem's ways of keeping us together. Staying together increases love amongst ourselves and so increases love in the world and gives us a space to love others (those who are jewish and are not Na Nach) Many of these not Na Nach people are just caught up in a jewish cult of mephorsamim and really are just victims. Our war is not with them but with the one that feeds them lies and falsehood. Deep down inside everyone wants Hashem, everyone wants Rebbe Nachman, everyone loves Saba. Many don't feel called, many are so overwhelmed by all the lies all around them that they hardly believe that there can be any truth and they mistake Na Nach for just another group. Stick to the truth with all our might, but realize that people are people, even opposers. Many people cannot leave the lies that they are attached to without first being given a higher truth. Many times it is best just to give more truth rather then tell people that what they believe is false. Sometimes we are just forced into an argument, that's ok, But know deep down inside everyone ultimately gets a rectification. When they see that we have botherly unity then they will sense the Rebbe amongst us and they will come. The tzadik is like the Earth, he draws everyone to himself. When we are together around the tzadik then others will come for when we are together then the tzadik is amongst us. And about other Na Nach's that we may see that they have not rectified their midot. I would rather be friends with a True Na Nach even though he might not behave as he should rather then with someone that has good midot and is against Na Nach. For even if that Na Nach does not have good midot, still he is with the tzadik and called by his name, he values the Rebbe's teachings simple faith and happiness. Whereas the opposer....
The third level of opposer is the actual Merphorsam shel sheker. That guy (they know who they are) we have to oppose straight on, no mercy for this is the only way to break free of their grasp... But yes, even the Mephorsam will do Tshuvah. Even the Mephorsam has a good point. Rebbe Nachman found a good point in them. They (the mephorsamim) make their followers wear payot.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More other site posting

Here's another little piece I posted on a different site (Saba Noon had some good stuff maybe he'll post it here):
BH"Y I will be going to Uman for Rosh Hashana, already when I was learning with a talmid of the Brisker Rav and was attending litvishe Yeshivos Hashem Yisburach had mercy on me and started me learning the holy teaching of our Master Rabbi Nachman, however at that point Rabbi Nachman to me was just another Rabbi, even though/still I read almost everything he wrote. If at that point someone would have offered me a trip to Uman for Rosh Hashana I probably would have jumped aboard but I did not have enough sense to really yearn for this and attempt to get there.
Then H"Y decided to really have compasion on me and he introduced me to the Nanach (including Saba Noon who at that time was only Nanach friendly), that is when I started to realize that Rabbi Nachman is not just another Rabbi, he is in fact the Chief Head Fish! That is when I knew I had to listen to Rabbi Nachman, it's not just more advice, different sgulos or the like, this is the real thing, this is the Head of all Jewry! This is H"Y's right hand man! So B"H He pulled off some miracles and I made to Uman, and more miracles, I made it ever since!
Forget about money and goyim, even forget about absolvement, if you want to have compassion on yourself and the whole world, and return normalcy and order, and restore the Glory of The Kingdom Of G-d, start paying attention to what Rabbi Nachman says! Like they say 'give Nanach a chance'! It's only about 25 years since Nanach has been in action, and already it is hard to go four feet in Israel without being reminded that you have a chance!- Nanach is there for you! There is a G-d! G-d is One! G-d is good!
B"H Jewry had many holy Rabbis, but if you really want the real thing, but really want, and the real real thing, and you don't want to settle for anything less, then you will not be detterred by the silly impediments which are like a coin held in front of an eye obstructing all sight. Why do we have money in the first place if not to use for Nanach! You have a dollar, buy a Nanach sticker - light up your soul - do something for mankind for civilization.
The truth is if not for Nanach, and for Saba Noon, it was hard for me to face the great depression lingering over this discussion. Shame on you! What type of Jews are you? True it's hard when your on the internet, the power of evil is overwhelming, but Hashem Y' gave us Nanach, so you have the means to beat internet times a billion and then some. Snap out of it. Get into Nanach!
Do you want to be ar real person, have a real life, or do you want to stagnate with peer pressure and society.
Nanach offers you freedom to serve G-d with your own developed personality and character!
If you can't make it to Uman, at least be with the Nanach at Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai or at the Kosel!
If your unable to leave you wife and kids, why can't you bring them, enough people do.
Who said thousands of dollars tickets are, to my knowledge, still available at less than $1000. The main thing is to be convinced and to convince G-d of you conviction, the rest will be taken care of.
The main thing is Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Nanach Mango

Just now I saw a great tradition for Nanach's in Uman for Rosh Hashana (I think it was by Uman Uman Ey), to eat a mango, Yihi Rotzon - Let it be the devine will, mango - that the man go to Uman, and the wife stays home. Someone else told me that this is the acronym of the (current) month of ELU"L - Ani - I, LiUman - to Uman, Vibe - the wife, Lashver - to the inlaws.
Yesterday I saw a license plate ELU 3097, being that 30 is the numerical value of the missing L, we have ELUL! We still haven't figured out the 97 (except that with the kolel it is gematria נחמ). Maybe its just a good old fashioned Zetz!

Learning a lot of Tora every day

In Sichos Haran Rabbainu tells of all the things he really recommends and wishes everyone could learn every day, there's just so much good Tora, praise the Lord, that the day does not suffice to give us the time to even learn a fraction of what we should, so says Rabbainu. But at the same time Rabbainu consoles us that it is possible to be a sincere, kosher, and holy Jew even without any learning at all (this is the view of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the Talmud, that one may suffice with the recital of Shma twice a day). Many people try to use this as proof that Rabbi Nachman demand us to spend our day learning the whole Tora every year. It seems quite clear to me that all Rabbi Nachman is doing is encouraging us to learn the holy Tora as much as possible, pretty good advice. This does not detract in any way from Rabbi Nachmans clear directions for us to spend as much time as possible doing hisbodudus.
In general the way of the Kabalists that proceeded Rabbi Nachman was that a person before spending time studying the revealed Tora should establish such a strong awarenes,connection, and unity with G-d that he would see G-d everywhere, he would then be prepared to study the Talmud properly, in a way that he would reveal the light of G-d. One who studies the Gemura before he is sufficiently aware and attached to G-d is at great risk, and endangers the whole world, because the Talmud is written in a zone which wants to hide G-d and even the presence of G-d is usually reduced to dry cut laws, so the more recognition it is given the more G-d is hidden G”F, unless it is studied by someone who is able to reveal G-d.
The Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Nachman teach that if one is attached to a true tzadik and following his ways he may also study the Talmud, the Tzadik will see to it the study will result in furthering the revelation of G-d. But obviously according to the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Nachman the main thing is to follow the way of the true tzadik, and in Rabbi Nachman's case there is no doubt that this is the way of hisbodudus.


Blessed Be The One True All Merciful G-d who has allowed Y.C. a person who for some unaccountible reason considers himself to be a B.C. to perpetuate his vandalism and cause another $100 damage to the Nanach van (this is the second time he vandalized the van). We would like to welcome anyone who would like to pay for the damage LiEeloy Nishmasa (for the elevation of his soul).
This was just part of what Y.C. did, and he threatened to do much worse. Our eyes are to G-d to forgive us for our sins so that we may merit to rejoice with the holy song Na Nach Nachmun Nachmun MayUman without having to suffer any more from the hands of scoffers and in'vandals.

Lichenstien Wedding

Baruch Hashem we had a great time at the Lichenstien wedding in Williamsburg, Sunday night. Shlomo and Tzvi drove in with me (Chaim D wasn't feeling well, and Fisher's in LI) and Yakov Shurun joined us there. The band was a litte rough on us, playing for the most part only classic chasidish stuff, but Shurun started dancing and that helped me get into it (then he was attacked by the same guy who attacked him in Monsey, but B"H it was contained). Later the band played Rabbi Nachman for us, and there was even a chasidishe guy singing - he even pulled off the tricky oo and ah's of Rabbi Nachman!
BH"Y we'll be posting some short clips we have (some of the chasidim appear to be dressed in grey, this is probably due to the nightshot function of my camera, they were in fact dressed in black, except for the Nanach of course).
The Nanach are invited to participate at the Sheva Brachos.
The Nanach wish out good frien N.L. and his whole family a hearty Nanach Mazal Tov!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!

Rabbi Nachman; Oh, OO, EE

TS dancing

SH dancing with Saba

dancing amongst the chasidim

more Rabbi Nachman MayUman


Manis's Proposal

Yesterday Manis called on the Nanach van and Tzvi Levin and friends to help him set up the setting for his proposal to his new Kala. The Nanach van followed Tzvi to the rest stop on the NJ turnpike, we spray painted a big Will you marry me on bristol boards and taped them to the side of the Nanach van - I wrote on it נ נח, and we put up balloons and streamers, then Manis rolled in. We got some footage and BH"Y I'll start posting the videos (unless I hear otherwise from the webmaster I will not post videos that have the Kala in them). The videos were a last minute thing, at one of the traffic jams I ran out and handed it to Levin, so you get what you get.

On Route.

sign of peace

Interview hanging out the window

Nanach van trying the feel of a larger vehicle,
You never know....

Hafatza with Micha

Yesterday Micha joined me for a little hafatza in Boro Park, we went around with the van and music and Micha got out to dance whenever possible.

How to Answer the Apikorus (The Short Version) ver

Real simple like. Believing in the Miracle of the Petek is within Halacha. One is allowed to believe a Tzadik when they said that they received a miracle. Saba is an undisputed tzadik. Especially when the Posek of the dor confirmed it. Obviously Rabbi Moshe Feinstein didn't think that a childish prank was a "nifla" (a wonder or miracle). On the other hand though one might still be kosher and within the bounds of Halacha while rejecting the story of the miracle it still displays sophistry and a lack of simple faith. Both were scorned by Rebbe Nachman under no uncertain terms. So rejecting the miracle story is not a very Breslov thing to do, especially since the whole story of the other side is all completely made up by a non Breslover. Since when has is been a Breslov thing to believe a non Breslover over a Breslover. Very fishy, why is it that they can't see the plain truth? It must be because they (the "gedolai" of Breslov) are involved in some type of Tiavah, maybe just a little one. Taivah's block the mind from seeing the plain truth.

How to answer an apikorus (The Short

Know How to Answer an Apikorus

I found a passage in Chayah Moharan that quotes a line from "Biur Likutim" where Rebbe Nachman says in the end of section 282. "Now that my book is already reveiled in the world we are obligated to only and exclusively read my book" In Yiddish it is a little different. But on this other site they said that I was misquoting the Rebbe. They all jumped on me saying that Rebainu said to learn Chazal and all the other classics, which he did, I never said that he didn't. But getting really tired of arguing I decieded to write from my heart to the opposers. the People on this site officially don't believe the Miracle of the Petek. (I think that some of them secretly do, or are least thinking about it.) they should all merit to do Tshuvah and save themselves before they get destroyed for openly publishing such nonsense. I don't recomend any of you to go to the site for the words of heresy can be harmful but if you are curious this is the link

just copy and paste into your browser

Obviously the above statement of Rebainu (the one from Biur Likutim) does not mean not to learn Chazal, duh, all you guys just keep missing to simple point we are trying to make. If you are Breslov, we have the same books (plus Saba's books) that we are learning. It is a subtle point that we are trying to make. That you are not getting. And it always seems to me by your answers that either you are not Breslov or you just don't get a simple truth. Rebbe Nachman says clearly that one can come to the Tzadik (meaning himself) and not feel his light. If a person wants a falsehood that is what they will get from the Tzadik. So no amount of learning, even of the Torah of the Tzadik will bring a person to the truth if they are bent on falsehood. So this is not an intellectual argument at all. Never have I heard any of you say anything inspiring about the greatness of Rebbe Nachman or of prayer. No. Just seems like trying to prove themselves right. And advertise themselves as knowing more or being an authority or something. Everyone wants Rebbe Nachman,s bones in Israel. The people of Israel, secular and religious, The Zionist Government, The Ukrainian Government too. It is only the Breslov "establishment" that has millions of dollars invested in Uman that want to keep the Rebbe in Uman. The same people that say that they don't believe in the miracle of the Petek. I noticed that you have not responded to my accusations of you opposers as being Sophisticates and lacking simple faith and lacking heart. You all just stayed quiet...hummmmm. The Gemorah says that keeping quiet means that you agree. If you do agree then it is to your merit. At least you admit it. I think that you don't oppose this accusation because you know that it is true and your readers know that it is true so no one says anything. Bob Miller never said on this forum that Prayer is more important then learning. None of you opposers ever said that being connected to G-d is more important then learning. Or crying to G-d is important. No, all these things are really simple and anyone can understand them, so they seem to you as unimportant. But news for you, in heaven they are important, to Rebbe Nachman they are important. What point are you trying to make with everything that you are saying, and everything that you are not saying. To me it looks like you are trying to say that Rebbe Nachman is not for everyone. It is only for the people that learn Gemorah. Rebbe Nachman learned lots of Gemorah. Never did he say that one needs to learn Gemorah to be a Tzadik. Never. Why? because you don't. Learning Gemorah is not essential to being a Tzadik. And being a Tzadik is the main thing (for one can be a learned person and completely evil). Rebbe Nachman said that you did need to learn halacha. Why? because you do need halacha. Tzadik first then Gemorah. Why is this so hard for you to accept? Is it because you want to look smart and make everyone else look dumb so that you can stay on top? Are you interested in simple service to G-d like dancing and reciting Psalms? Does not sound like it. You can prove me wrong on a quote or two. and I am really really happy to be shown that I am wrong. This way I learn and grow in truth. Truth is actually extremely valuable to me. Did I ever hear the word "truth" from any of you? Yes, from one person, Avi, he left this forum. But I am not going to leave it for maybe someone is reading this and maybe I am beginning to make sense to that person. You can't stop the Na Nach, better try to understand it and make peace with it now. No amount of opposing will ever make you happy. It might make you money in the short run. In the end all the money goes back to Rebbe Nachman and publishing his books (Na Nach). What a great embarrassment to the establishment of Breslov that most of the money, the great majority of money, came from Saba and a few Na Nach Baal Tshuvah's selflessly sacrificing their lives to promote the Books of Rebbe Nachman, and if that isn't enough you go through great lengths to prove yourselves right and belittle Na Nach. Though Reb Nusson and all the other early Breslovers all said that that was the HOLY OF HOLIES, printing and distributing Rebbe Nachman's books to the world. What are you interested in? Sitting in buildings, wearing Shtrimels, being accepted by people being call a "Rav"?

What is it that we are trying to say?

Rebbe Nachman is the greatest Tzadik that ever was and that ever will be. You don't say that do you? You call him smart. that he learned Gemorah, that he wants us to learn gemorah (which he does) but for the Na Nach it goes much deeper then learning gemorah. For Rebbe Nachman the truth is much deeper and much broader then learning gemorah (Chayah Moharan, in your version,343 or look in Maalat Torato Usipiro Hakadoshim # 4). It's not the smartest guy that wins. True smarts means having simple faith in G-d, without sophistry, that's real smart. Simple faith, like a child dependent on his parent. Every, I repeat, every other kind of smart is real dumb. I mean REAL dumb. That's what Rebbe Nachman says. And that is why the common masses like Rebbe Nachman. And that is why the common masses like Na Nach.
Why is it that all the "authorities" of Breslov all have issues with Na Nach? Because Na Nach went on ahead and sold eight million books of Rebbe Nachman to everyone, and they are still going strong as ever despite your opposition. Because of Na Nach everyone is reading Rebbe Nachman. And Rebbe Nachman talks to everyone. Now everyone has got Rebbe Nachman and now everyone has all the secrets of the Torah laid out for them in a simple way that everyone can understand. All the Secrets for everyone. I know the secret of the Torah. Do you want to know the secret of the Torah? I can tell you how you can know the secret of the Torah and the Secret of all the Worlds and of all of life. Do you want to know how? Read Rebbe Nachman, it really is simple, not always easy, but pray, ask G-d to help you. It's not learning Gemorah or Kabbalah, it is much much higher and much much more. It is so so so good, words cannot describe, so simple, so practical, so much for every single person in the world. Even goyim love Rebbe Nachman. Even a simple joe can have all the secrets of all the worlds. All they have to do is read the books of Rebbe Nachman, try to get what the Rebbe is saying, and try to fulfill it to the best of their ability. If they had a good day be thankful to Hashem. If the day lacked holiness for them they should ask Hashem to help them tomorrow. Simple, can everyone do this? Yes, except for the Sophisticate. For the Sophisticate it's too simple, The sophisticate is looking for some sophisticated way of getting through life, thinking that if they were only more wise, only more famous, only more anything but simple. You like the Gemorah? Great!! The Gemorah is extremely Holy. Na Nach does not say "Don't learn Gemorah" no. You like Gemorah, learn. Learn Gemorah, Just don't come off like it's the main thing in life or something. Rebbe Nachman did say learn Gemorah, He Never said in his books that Learning gemorah will bring the Redemption. Never. He did say that saying simple prayers will, Dancing will, Clapping your hands will, groaning and screaming to G-d will. Wow, Everyone can do these things! Everyone can bring redemption! Everyone except the Sophisticate. The Sophisticate ends up in Hell (there really is such place). The Sophisticate does not believe in miracles, The Sophisticate tries to prove that miracles don't happen. The Sophisticate ends up poor and in Hell. The simpleton is always happy, not stupid, but not very learned in the beginning, but in the end, learned. I like challenges. I am not challenged to learn the gemorah right now in my life. I have a very big other challenge. To Bring the Redemption into my life and into the life of my family and my friends (Na Nach) and to the world. I think that Rebbe Nachman is the man. I think that if I just pray and dance and learn torah, learn Torah in order to learn how to pray better and dance better, that's good learning. For Praying and Dancing make Real big changes in the world. As anyone who prays and dances in holiness can tell you. And no amount of Torah proofs from anywhere can convince me or my friends that praying and dancing and clapping hands in holy happiness is not making miracles. We have Rebbe Nachman who says it does. Yes it is the "Official Na Nach World Belief" ( the O.N.N.W.B) that Dancing everyday and singing Na Nach and praying and clapping hands and learning Rebbe Nachman Torah's bring one happiness, success in life, health, and Redemption, personal and collective. It looks silly, but it is a prayer to dance and sing and chant. Rebbe Nachman says you should never laugh at someone who makes funny movements while praying, just as you would never laugh at someone making funny movements when trying to save themselves from drowning. Well, plain truth be told, the world is currently drowning. Not in a literal sense, not with physical water, no, the world is drowning in atheistic ideas, a lack of simple faith. The Na Nach is saving himself and his friends. It looks funny, it's true, And you opposers of the miracle of the Petek sure do look and sound smart and normal to the whole world. But doubting a miracle? And believing some lie? (Yes I personally happen to know that the story of the opposers is a lie, I know the facts but this is another article that will come out in the future) Everything that you are saying sounds great, except this type of thinking, the type of thinking that doubts the miracle of the Petek, leads to heresy which leads to terrible punishments. You can keep all your buildings and all your fame and all your "honorable beliefs", your money will eventually all go to Rebbe Nachman, mine already does. I'll keep Rebbe Nachman and Saba. and keep it real simple. At least try to keep it simple. I hope that you got a better understanding of Na Nach.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Learn Rabbi Nachman all day

Here's a little piece I published in the comments of another site that is having problems acknowledging the absolute truth of Rabbainu and completely following his ways.
Rabbainu clearly said the utopia would be for a person to do hisbodudus all day, Rabbi Nussun goes to great length to show that this was the way of Rabbainu, we have the point case given of a long summer day that Rabbainu spent in it's entirety, from right after Shachris till nightfall, with one of the chasidim in an isolated cave crying to Hashem. Personally I do not think that means not to learn anything at all, but it means a very bare minimum. Rabbainu said because this is very hard to do, and can not be expected or demanded of people, therefore there is a bare minimum requirement, at least some of the day should be spent in hisbodudus, and the rest may be spent in study. It is quite clear from this, that since the studying is as a substitute for hisbodudus, that the more the learning is in the fashion of hisbodudus, the better. Thus the Saba's calling for the learning of Rabbainu's teachings all day, is the true way of Rabbainu. This in fact was one of the things that made me realize that the Saba, and only the Saba, had it right.
As far as the quotes from chasidishe masters about learning Gemura, even though they seem to dispute the Arizal and Ramchal I have quoted previously, this is also explained by what I have written here. Before the Baal Shem Tov anyone who was truthfully seeking G-d would have to follow the teachings of the Arizal which call for complete ingrossment in the study of Kabala and meditating on holy names of G-d and the like. After the world at large rejected this way, Hashem Y' sent the Baal Shem Tov who taught a new approach of seeking G-d. At the time of the Arizal if people would have applied themselves to the pure teachings of the Kabala they would have made it. In the time of the Baal Shem Tov it was too late for that. The Besh"t had to show people how to apply themselves. Thus the Besh't showed how to apply one self and serve and seek G-d in every way. Gemora came back as a very acceptable path and way for a person to learn how to apply oneself for G-d. However this is only when the Gemora is part of the general approach of chasidus, like the rest of the books from which these quotes where taken from. Thus it is true they may have advocated learning Gemura, but this learning was surrounded and engulfed with all the devotions and practices of chasidus. Rabbainu put everything back to perspective, he made it clear the highest approach would be to act in constant hisbodudus to Hashem (elevating the Kabala to it's epitome), and at the same time he also showed the systems of how to get there and what to do when one wasn't there.

Met with Dr. Steve

Na Nach!
Here I'm right outside of Dr. Steve's office, he has long line of people waiting to be attended to. We just met and spoke briefly. Dr. Steve showed me the Nanach pictures he took on his recent trip to Israel. Included were, Shimon (and his scooter), Gili, Daniel, Nussun Shalom of Chevron and others.

Great Stuff.

Na Nach for Dummies

Truth and faith 1:2

And moreover one should believe, that any one that transgresses a comandment of the comandments of the torah, in the way of mockery or heresy (those that mock Na Nach or openly deny the miracle of the Petek for example), of course he will be punished! Also even though it may seem that the transgresser is not punished, rather the opposite, he is successful in all the eyes of this world. Whether it is in the health of his body, or with his livelihood, or things like this, we are to believe and to know that this success of the transgressors is for no other reason but to test the one's that fear (G-d who) are faithful and true (i.e. the Na Nach), whether they strengthen themselves and gird themselves with he truth of the truth, that even though they see that this transgression has no immediate harm, and those that are presistent in the straight way of truth are not immediately successful. But in truth, The Blessed Name (G-d) does not lift His face (i.e. look favorably) to mockers and to heretics that transgress the commandments of the Torah nor upon the mockers and those who deride the truth and true faith. And if they have no regrets of their evil mind sets and their lies and they don't turn their faces (i.e. hearts) to the true faith and keep the torah, they will be punished with heavy punishments, and their apparent success will turn on them to difficulties and suffering, as it is explained in the "the Song of the Sabbath Day" (Psalms 92:8) "The blossoming (i.e. success) of the wicked is like grass, and the sprouting of all the workers of iniquity, is to eternally destroy them." In other words, the abundant success of the workers of iniquity is in order (for them) to be eternally lost.
1:3 But when when the children of Israel (i.e. the Na Nach) strive towards faith, as it is explained in this section, and for him there is only one congregation, of course the final redemption is hastened, as it is explained in the Holy Zohar (Zohar Chadash Noach 23 3) "one congregation" (the Na Nach)- to explain, even if only one congregation of people strive for true faith as they should, the final redemption would immediately come with the help of the Blessed Name (Hashem).

A little bit heavy I admit, though It sure makes me happy that Hashem didn't make me NOT Na Nach!! Be strong Na Nach's pray and ask Hashem to give us more and more faith in Rebbe Nachman and his holy Petek!!! NNNNM!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

G, G-, G-d!!!

There may be an illusion to Rabbainu saying G-d in the 'achurayim' - the way we do Nanach. Check out Chayay Moharan (sect. to stay away from analyzation, 8 -להתרחק מחקירות ח), where it recounts how Rabbainu once showed people the awe they should have just saying G-d, he started saying G-d, but only was able to utter th first consanant, and then again and again until he said the whole word - G-d!
It's interesting to note that that paragraph is talking about the kavanos - thoughts and intentions - one should have in prayer, and the Saba told people they should think - Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Always Worried?

The Talmud (Brachos 60) discusses a seeming contradiction where we find in places that it is derogatory to always be worried, whereas in other places it is extolled, the Talmud resolves that it is good for a person to always be worried about forgetting his knowledge all other worries are not called for. This means that, contrary to what I heard recently, it is not good to always worry about people ripping Nanach stickers, Rabbainu can take care of himself. When someone, Heaven forbid, destroys a Nanach object, the Nanach takes a hold in the inner side....

Wedding Tonight In Williamsburg


Our good Nanach friend, Nathan Lichtenstein, invites all the Nanach to the wedding of his son, TONIGHT - bishua tova umutzlachas. Reception at 6:30 pm, Chupa promptly at 7:30, at the Imperial Hall, 712 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg (Brooklyn), NY.
With the help of the One Good Merciful G-d I will be there, hope to see you there as well.
Mazal Tov!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sick child of R' Shmuel Horowitz

A large part of Yimay Shmuel part 3 is dedicated to the incident of R' Shmuel Horowitz's sick child Naftali and his recovery. To briefly summarize the incident, R' Shumel Horowitz takes his family to Meron for the Hillulah of the Rashbi, where his son falls deathly ill. R' Shumel then spend around 2 months doing many extreme tikunim and hamtakas hadinim (sweetening of judgments) for the recovery of his young son. After many bashed hopes and disappointments his son finally starts getting slightly better.

To see the vast array of tikkunim and done by R' Shmuel Horowitz during this time, one must read the book. All one could say is that the Tikkunim done during this time were confounding and even a days worth of them would have been sufficient to Michayay Masim (revive the dead) of any random ten people laying near death.

Yet despite all his Tikkunim we see that his son barley recovers. Even when his situation gets a little better, it soon relapses for the worse. When a person reads this it become hard for him not to have Shviras Hakalim (Shattering of his vessels) after seeing such great Tikkunim done with so little results.

One only begins to understand what was going on when he realizes that this date in history was the exact time that Hit--r Yimach Shimo Vzichro (May his remembrance be obliterated) was about to capture Egypt and Eretz Yisroel. He actually got pretty close and one can imagine the results of such an event if it would have occurred, Heaven forbid.

Rabbanue writes that there are 24 Bati Din (Court Tribunals on High) and there is only one Tzadik in every generation that knows how to do a Pidyon (redemption) to all 24 Bati Din. To actually do such a Pidyon is so rare, that when it actually happens it is so valuable in Heaven that they take the Pidyon and use it for other necessary agendas. In this case it would seem as if the pidyon did not work since bellow one would not see the results of the action. However at the same time who knows what it prevented in its place.

It is very possible that all the Tikunim and Hamtakas Hadinim that R' Shmuel Horowitz and the other Breslovers of Yerushalim were doing for his son, were actually being differed to save Eretz Yisroel from the Germans Yemach Shemam. It could be that this great Avodah done by R' Shmuel Horowitz and the other Breslovers were one of the main elements that saved Eretz yisroel from a horrible fate.