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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nanach Shabos In Monsey

This past Shabos all our big plans did come through but we still succeeded in getting a bunch of Nanach together at Yosef Fishers house. BH"y I'll be posting a little footage from the Vach Nach of his newly circumsized son, and other footage of hafatza. David Dreskin (the first guy to tell me about Nanach) stayed with his son Yisrael Saba at Fisher's place, I parked my Nanach house around the corner, TS walked in for Chulent and stayed till the end as did Shlomo Bodak, and CDF came in for part of Shalosh Seudos. After Shabos TS and myself went to R. Tenler's shul where the Cram's were celebrating their son's bar-mitzva. Mrs. Cram who is 11th generation direct descendent of the Baal Shem Tov distributed Jumbo Nanach Kipas she had bought in Israel to all the boys, and the famous Rabbi Nachman song was put on the speakers, and we all danced like mad Nanach for about 20 minutes. The rest of the Rosh Chodesh night was spent in Sichas Chaverim at Fisher's place.

New Music, New Kumzitzs, New Videos

We just put up new music from Shlomo's great album 'Shakua Birabainu' on our Nanach music site - just click on the link or the button on the right side of We also added a few private home recorded kumzitzs of R' Shlomo Carlbach OB"M. Enjoy Nanach.
We have also put up some new videos in the posts they are related to - check out the post Nanach Bris Mila from last Wednesday.

Niggun of Likutay Tefilot

The Saba told over how he would hear Rebbe Yisroel Karduner recite Likutay Tefilot in a wondrous melody. This was the same melody that Rebbe Nasson himself used when he would do Hisbodedute and he received it from his Rebbe, Rebbe Moshe Breslver.

He also told over how Rebbe Yisroel Karduner would sing for hours upon hour in a wondrous melody "Umeotzar Matnas Chinam Chananue"

Calm Despite Suffering

Even though Rebbe Ysroel Karduners entire life was composed of terrible suffering, still he was attached to Hashem in great binding every second of the day.

Althogh he was constantly in very great pain, he would always talk in complete calmness and sweetness. He was always bound to Hashem with faith and happiness. All of his Avodah was with great joy despite his great suffering.

(chayi saba page 183)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

PARNASSA, Nifter Pifter Letter # 7

This weeks parasha Reeh (see) talks about the simcha and kedusha of uniting the 12 tribes (and friends) in Jerusalem to worship the master of the universe. It mentions, not to make a sign between the eyes in commemoration of the dead, because we are the children of G-d. This I realize is the place where both the tefilin of Rashi and of his father R.Tam are placed on a part of the head that the Haredi shave, for better contact with the tefilin. We are to eat the sacrifices at the temple all of us both the pure and the impure like the gazelle and the antilope (both wild kosher animals that graze together amicably). If all this seems like jibberish it’s because you don’t get the point yet, but there is a point:

The difference between pure and impure (for the two kosher wild animals) is the difference between happiness and depression. In the place where one can see mourning or sadness, with the death of a parent, the torah says: BE HAPPY! The reason, you are children of G-d and your father and you are part of something immortal like the joy of the mitzvah of tefilin! We need to worship together as brothers both those of us who are sad (sometimes resulting in poverty) while others are more joyful (possibly resulting in wealth).

Nifter Pifter is Elifaz who considers Jacov dead because he has no money! Why do you think Moshe offers Esav money for water when we have access to free divine water? The answer is we are trying to “convert” Esav from his belief in MAMON, heard of “May Zahav” a wealthy beauty keen of the time (gold was like water to her).
We want to show Esav that money is so available to us that we can pour it out as a gift to him just because he wants some! Esav is not ready to convert so he comes out with weapons. WHY CONVERT ESAV? Heard of Ishmael? Isaac converted him! To get Ishamel to repent we need cooperation from Esav to form a “complete” Isaac.

In Na Nach we know how to rely on Hashgacha ONLY. Until this week I thought, what a sin to use tzedakka money on gasoline- but now I know better. PROOVE to Esav that we can buy water we don’t need, at any price he wants to sell it for!

What does MAMON do to a man? "Place a coin on each eye, what does he see?"
What does Na Nach do to a man? Place it on his head and on everywhere around him, the darkness disappears!

NA NACH is the ONLY way, everyone, from every generation, is crying out from shamayim (the sky) NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN! There is no other light!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Suffering of Rebbe Yisroel Karduner

Rebbe Yisroel Karduners path in Avodas Hashem was to invite all types of pain, illnesses and suffering upon himself. All his Avodah was done with great strength while going through terrible suffering.

The Saba gave testimony that Rebbe Yisroel Karduner would willingly invite all the suffering upon himself.

Due to his great truth, there was no one that was able to stay alongside him for too long. The exception being the Saba, and he merited to what he merited.

The Saba himself said that it was a miracle how he was able to hold himself strong and stay with Rebbe Yisroel Karduner.

(See chayi Saba page 182)

Kiruv of Rebbe Yisroel Karduner

It was the way of Rebbe Yisroel Karduner to try to bring as many people close to Rabbanue as possible. He would often spend a lot of time giving them Chizuck and talking to them. However once he took them to Rebbe Nachmans Tzion he would stop all his efforts and let them go on thier own, letting Rabbanue finish the Hiskarvus.

(See chayi saba page 182)


Trino (C) has donated another $15 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Na Nach Soldiers

Another great clip by Ranan

Nanach convention in the US

Baruch Hashem a bunch of Nanach got together today at the Bris Mila of Meir Nachman Fisher. Dovid Tzadik came in from Kadita-MA, however he is now a little sick, pray for his health and quick recovery. DD, Yisroel Saba, TS, and myself did some crazy hafatza, especially at Roble Rd, where we put up the music and danced to our hearts content. This was my opportunity to drive circles around dancing TS in DD's Jaguar convertible. We took videos and so did the neighbors, bh"y we'll get them up soon.
After we went to Wesley Kosher where we did our thing until a police guy shut us down, he said many people called to complain.
We're trying to organise a Shabbos convention of Nanach.
Fear Not, join the ranks of the Nanach!

Spinning aroung TS on Roble Rd 4

Yisroel Saba with his Nanach bracelet in action

skip and dance Nanach

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Face of the Tzadik

Clip by Ranan

supper during the game

Bitar Jerusalem had a world soccer match at stadium Teddy against Poland. The outcome was in favor of Bitar only because of the pregame Hafatza that took place. So the bais Shemesh van during the game itself came for supper in Ramot 2. B"H they ate, waited for the winning results and did major hafatza after the game.
when the scorer celebrated his goal, he took his finger circled it around his Kimah, and kissed it. However we could not see the kimah because it was underneath his shirt, but it should be assumed that he was being mikashar himself to Rebbe Nach Nach Nachma Nachman Mayuman

Nanach Bris Mila!

Tomorrow, Thursday morning, bishua tova umutzlachas, Yosef Fisher will be making a Bris Mila on his new born son. This will take place at Klien's place at the end of Briarwood Rd. Davening is called for 7.
Tonight there will be Bris Yitzchok by Yosef's house, 8 Manor. Dovid Tzadik just came in for it and I'm on my way BH"Y to pick him up. Dovid Dreskin will also be attending BH"Y as well as good old Moshe Shaikeridge, Elimelech Levine our Nanach from Lakewood, as well as all our local Nanachs. Breah will BH"Y also be there.


footage from the end of the vach nach

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Na Nach is Taking Over

Another great clip by Ranan

nanach gili eating by hafatza

Videos from Upstate Ny - Catskill Mountains





Great Rejoicing and Celebration of Nanach:
Ivdu Es Hashem Bisimcha - Serve G-d By Being Happy





Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Redemption Through Na Nach

Another Great clip by Ranan


Trino (C) has donated another $5 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

The beginning signs of Nanach

In the holy book Yisrael Saba (hebrew page רנא:) the Saba relates the following story:
כשרבנו הקדוש הגיע לארץ ישראל הוא הגיע עם התלמיד הראשון שלו, והוא בא על ציונו הקדוש של הרשב"י, אז הרשב"י הוא שאל את רבנו: "מי-רון, מי?" אמר לו רבנו: אני רון! רבי נחמן, נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן! מירון - מי זה רון? אז אמר רבנו: "מירון.. אני! רבי נחמן! מי רון - רבי נחמן! אני!
In the english transalation, Yisroel Saba page 267:
When Rabbeinu came to the Land of Israel, he came with his first stuudent, and he came to the holy grave of Rabbi Shimon, then Rabbi Shimmon asked Rabbeinu: "Me-ron (in Hebrew, 'Who is Ron' (apparently the transalator forgot to transalate that ron in Hebrew means singing, i.e. Rashb"i asked Rabbeinu who's singing), who?"
Rabbeinu said to him: I am 'Ron'[singing]! Rebbe Nachman ('Ron' are the Hebrew initials for 'Rabbi Nachman'). Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me Uman!
Meron, who is 'Ron'[singing]?
Rabbeinu said: "Who is 'Ron'[singing]? I am!" Rebbe Nachman!
Who is 'Ron'[singing]? Rebbe Nachman! Me (I)!

That's the story the way the Saba told it over, which definitely lends itself to the interpretation that Rabbainu already, some 13 years before his death, understood and was broadcasting that he is Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, and communicated this to the Rashb"i!
At first I attributed the source of this story to the divine spirit that the Saba was blessed with, however people have told me that this story has its roots in a written tradition possessed by certain Breslover Chasidim.
Today in Chok Breslov we learned from Shivchay Huran, that when Rabbainu was at the Rashb"i he was seen just walking around SINGING to himself with tremendous joy. You think you can guess what song he was singing?
In any event this is a gevald maaseh, and it's one that's great to tell over. My minhag when telling it over is to try to say it at least 3 times (I was partially inspired to do this by the Chofetz Chaim, but I don't want to get into that here, but it's a great zchus for him to give power to Nanach!), I have some great maseh shehuyu with it, like the time I went to Yitzi Segals chasidishe New Months party and after repeating the story about a half a dozen times the whole shteibel was overcome with laughter of type that you are gasping for air. Yitzi said that this was very healthy for them, that is in particular. Also if you look in the comments my friend MCR mentions another great story that happened with retelling this one. So keep singing Nanach!

Micha in Camp Bubuv

Last night I visited Micha in Camp Bubuv (Rosenberg in Swan Lake). He gave me a copy of his new Sefer which doesn't really have a name, it is a compilation of 310 pages from the holy books of our Holy Master Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, and a very few references to famous Rabbis which promote the ways of the Nanach. Micha showed me a copy of the sefer which was mutalated by a knife, he can't get over it. He also showed me some notes the bochurim send him. Some of the bochurim were very sweet and one bought a disc before some dude in black asked me to leave.
EL told me that last year he went with our S.A.D. brother to visit Micha, it was the first time they met, and Micha really had a great time dancing on the roof of the van and he brought them to the camp where they danced and sold stickers, regular hafatza. The situation has advanced to this crazy internal war.

Nanach gives and build Personality and Character!

Nanach is truly amazing and wondrous! When one associates himself with Nanach he benefits in infinite ways! Nanach will give and build his personality and character!
This can be understood very simply, before one begins Nanach, he doesn't exactly know what he's doing in the world and what everything is about. Sure he'll say bold statements like, the main thing is to learn as much as possible, but the reality is he never put his ideals to the test and not only is he not really sure about what he means to say he doesn't know where it will take him and if it's for him at all. So this person will find himself with a false sense of security and haughtiness.
Whereas as soon as he begins to experience Nanach he will begin to touch base not only with G-d and Rabbi Nachman, but with himself.
This is on of the interpretations of what the Saba frequently said, "I am Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!, because the I, can not simply refer to one's brain or heart, because a persons identity can not be summed up as just that. 'I' can not even, as Shlomo Carlbach points out, simply refer to ones mind and soul, because even that isn't a complete representation of a person, as we say in the early morning prayer אלהי נשמה שנתת בי וכו' - My G-d the soul that you have place in me, this prayer makes it clear the soul is just a placement in a persons identity. Rabbi Nachman revealed through the Saba that a person can find and build his identity at Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
Thus we see so many people who transformed so quickly after becoming Nanach. They immediately gained direction and purpose. They gained for themselves understanding of what they are really about, what the world is really about, and what to about all of it!
They built their personality and character simply by becoming Nanach!!!

Modesty - Tznius

This is a thought, a way to understand the importance of tznius-modesty. Everything in the world, and in all the worlds, can be divided into two – the internal and the external (פנימיות וחיצוניו), the external is what we see and the internal is what is inside. G-d is classiffied as אין-'Not' and He dresses himself in all the worlds, layer upon layer. Each inner layer is the soul of the outer layer, and the outer layer covers it. The inner layer's status of אין- 'not' is achieved when it is hidden and covered by the outer layer (the Ramchal also explains that when something is unclothed all of the external components are recognizable and each one expresses itself, whereas when they are clothed, the internal message is conveyed).
A person must always be searching for the truth and reality, always trying to uncover what is even more real and truthful. The more the person uncovers, the more he will be covering himself (like someone digging a pit, the deeper he digs, the deeper he'll find himself, what he dug to uncover what he's getting at, will now cover him). In this way the person will be emulating G-d who chose to reveal Himself in this way – by constantly covering Himself – the אין – 'not' with layers, elevating and sanctifying the
G-d recreates the worlds every second. G-d is infinite. Every layer that is created is a covering for G-d and at the same time a way G-d manifests Himself on a lower level.
For this reason the organs of procreation, something which is understood to necessitate cleanliness and purity, the highest act of creating life, are also used to remove waste from the body, the most dirty end of the line function of the body, for it is here that the covering can be interpreted as either the end of the line earthly entity of itself, or as a covering which G-d uses to manifest Himself.
Therefore it very important to cover our bodies to elevate ourselves from being simply end of the line earthly entities, for by covering ourselves we are showing that we are of the aspect of אין – nothing, we can not be delineated simply as this or that, we are G-dly and supreme.

מיד אחר שכתבתי זאת למדתי חק ברסלב לכה אב, חיי מוהר"ן אות פב ז"ל בעת שלבש זיפיצל אחד וצבעו היה מה שקורין פאפילאטע (אפור) ענה ואמר בליל בשבת "ואנכי עפר ואפר" (בראשית יח) בלשונם פאפיל. וע"ש לעיל אות פ' בענין השינוי פנים בעת שמלבשים בגד חדש.


You must have noticed how people don't tire about complaining of the side effects of the great foods we serve for Shabbos. Usually the the less the people are involved and dedicated to the service of G-d the greater their tendency to deliberate about their after effects. So I was thinking that maybe what's going on is that the holy rectification of the foods of Shabos, as Rabbainu stresses in Likutay Moharan that the main Honor of Shabos is through eating and this rectifies any profanation, is taking effect. Rabbainu teaches that there is a contradiction between מזונא דגופא ומזונא דנשמתאת the food for the body and the food for the soul. Therefor since the food for Shabbos is food for the soul, there will be a tendency for it to have a negative effect on the body. The extent of the negative effect of course will be in proportion to how much the body is in tune with serving G-d. Thus those who have regulated their bodies in the devotion of G-d aren't found complaining about the food of Shabbos, on the contrary they are constantly praising and delighting in the Shabbos food, whereas those that a little strange to using their bodies in the devotion of G-d can be found grumbling and complaining about the foods of Shabbos.
May Hashem Yiburach bless us and grant us to be with and of those who only have excticy with the holy Shabbos, Shabos food, clothing, and everything Shabos, from never and forever.

Rectification of Pure kindness

On Tuesday, August 5, 2008 I published a short story written by Ilya Ehrenbourg, it is a pretty nice portrait of some of the qualities and beauty of Breslov. This led me to wonder who Ilya was, and the little research I did on him was far from positive so I rather not get into details but you can google him and see what you find. The fact of the matter is, Rabbainu taught in a few places, bringing from the Zohar, that G-d's holy name is aggrandized and glorified much greater when those that are far from holiness recognise and praise Him. Thus when an estranged Jew like Ilya writes so positively about Breslov this is a huge glorification of the The Tzadik, Rabbainu HaKadosh, and thus it is the ultimate glorification of G-d.
Chazal (early Rabbis) taught that the kindness done for the dead is called truthful, because the dead will not be reciprocating the kindness, so the one doing it is doing it in purity. This is very holy and noble. Rabbi Nachman was very involved in rectifying the souls of the dead. We, the Nanach, the true chasidim - followers of Rabbainu, should follow the ways of G-d, the ways of Rabbainu, the ways of the Nanach, and help rectify the soul of Ilya who is now in the Olam Huemes - the world of truth- and he probably doesn't have too much to say for himself (though we would never know for certain), so by reading his promotion for Breslov and showing it to others this will undoubtedly earn him defense and protection up there, and give him power and succor to achieve eternal bliss.
This is the power and the importance of connecting and supporting the Tzadik Huemes - The True Holy Righteous Man, for after everything is said and done, if the person was with the Tzadik, the Tzadik will see to it that he will come to a proper lot.
A similar thing is found in the Talmud regarding Acher, the elite sage who deviated from proper faith. After his death the Rabbis said to one another, was he not one of us, so they saw to it that he was able to enter paradise.
Ilya wrote a pretty nice essay about Breslov, so let it be his ticket to take him up, and probably this alone will be sufficient for him to enjoy what the most righteous of the opposers will never merit.
The date of the post is August 5, 2008 and it can be found in the archives under 'translations'.
Here I will post, in the merit of Ilya Ehrenbourg:

A Note to Our Opposers

Rebbe Nachman said "I have given you a gift..Machlochet (opposition)" Also he said " the words that a man converses and speaks between himself and between his owner (Hashem) they are in the category of divine inspiration, because by entering into this and forcing oneself and preparing oneself to speak before Hashem Yitbarach, Hashem Yitbarach sends words to to his mouth, which are in the category of Divine Inspiration. One needs to see to it and make effort to renew constantly, to seek at all times desirable (pleasant) words and new supplications. This is merited by means of a pure heart, this (a pure heart) is merited by means of the movement of intellect (conciousness) in holiness." These arguments and challenges that our beloved opposers are presenting to us causes us to seek deeper into our books and to get a deeper understanding of what we are trying to say, finding a source here and a source there. This movement of our intellect from one topic to another about these holy issues causes our hearts to become pure and so opens our hearts to speak new words to Hashem, Hashem loves these new words of prayer, in fact these words are in the category of Divine Inspiration (Ruach Hakodesh). The best Hitbodeduts that I have had as of late were born from the apparent controversy around Na Nach. It makes me just run to Hashem and speak out all the details of these Torah's. After all "Achad Hayah Avraham" no one really exists in the world except for oneself alone with Hashem, So the only real controversy is within ourselves and the only one to really speak to about it is Hashem. So, don't be shy all you opposers, come and oppose us, it is a necessary part of the Redemption process. It says in the Gemorah "there is no wedding without a Mechlochus on the Ketubah" The wedding is between Am Israel and the Tzadik and the Ketubah is the Petek.

Faith- Not Knowledge is the Foundation of All Judaism

"We will do and then we will understand" this is how Am Israel received the Torah. Faith means not knowing. Once a person knows something it is no longer called Faith. Faith means that a person does not know. In my observation, there are basically two types of people in the Jewish world. One type really wants to believe everything that they hear. They check out if it is a Kosher thing to believe, if this is a thing that gives them more reason to believe in the sages of Israel. But as long as it is something that goes along with the general atmosphere of Kosher Judaism, they believe it. They like to believe things, like miracles and in stories of the Providence of Hashem. It gives them joy and pleasure. And there is a second type of person, this type does not like to believe anything that they are not required to believe in. In fact the less that they believe and the more that they know the better they think it is. These are the two types of people in the story of the Simpleton and the Sophisticate. The Simpleton ended up ruling with the king and the Sophisticate ended up in Hell. The whole Torah is based on Faith and not knowledge (even Torah knowledge), as some suppose. Faith seems like a very small thing, but actually it is a very important thing. No one really knows everything that Moshe Rebainu did every second of his life in private. We BELEIVE that he is a Tzadik. After we beleive then we merit to knowledge. But the real worth of knowledge is not to know. In other words after we attain knowledge, we trade it in for a higher belief. This is why Am Israel had such a hard time believing in Hashem even after they saw all the miracles of Hashem in Egypt and in the desert. Because the main point is faith and not knowledge. The purpose of the miracles was not to eliminate the need for faith, rather to take faith to the next level. We are now in a very thick exile, a very thick darkness, where the Truth is very hard to find. It is not "figuring things out and being smart" that will take us out of exile and save the world. It is only a letting go of our intellects and knowledge (even Torah knowledge) and relying solely on pure faith that will redeem us. After the Final Redemption will we understand with perfect knowledge why it was so important to have faith, without knowledge and why the sole reason that we learned Torah is only to increase our faith.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Haskama from Shimon Peres

The "Sanhedrin" Agree That Rebbe Nachman Should be Moved to Eretz Yisroel

Rebbe Nachman Kicks Sammy

Dance of the Redemption

Another great clip from Ranan

Nanach van checking in

Its been a while since I've checked in, and right now isn't the best time for me, but to go empty handed won't do, so I'll post what I can, as Rabbainu said, a little is also good!!
Shabos I spent with Sitcom in Monticello, B"H we merited to sing Zmiros for many hours and sing and dance Nanach. Motzai Shabos we did some great hafatza at Walmart and early in the morning we went to the Alpine bungalow where they were having a full band kumzitz, they played Ashraynu Sheyaigh Lunu Rebbe Kuze, and we danced, and danced, and danced even afterwards to some of their other stuff. They also gave me the mic. to say some words, and I told the crowd how I'm constantly thankin Hashem Yisborach for giving us Nanach, and how if not for Nanachh - היינו אנו ובנינו ובני בנינו משועבדים היינו למפורסמים של שקר! לפיכך אפילו כולנו חכמים כולנו נובונים כולנו יודעים את הפתק מצוה עלינו לספר נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן! וכל המרבה לספר נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן הרי זה משובח!
מעשה בכמה נ נח שהיו שרים ורוקדים כל הלילה עד שבאו בני הישיבה ואמרו רבותינו הגיע זמן של קריאת שמע!!!
[We, our children and children's children, would be slaves to the fake rabbis! Therefor even if we are all wise and understanding and we all are familiar with the Petek, we are encouraged to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman! However much more we say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman the more praise it will be!

Sunday hafatza by Walmart, then on my way to Ruach Chaim - camp for kids with down syndrom L"U a cop followed me and pulled me over, he said someone had went to the station and had described me and the van to a T, he said that I was selling stuff out of the van and that I was selling marijuana. So I told the cop - you see all the stickering on the van, it's quite clear that I'm part of movement, and that movement is against taking all substances, why mess up and settle for anything less than Nanach. Nanach has taken many people off and away from stuff of lesser quality. As people are becoming aware of how unbelievable Nanach is they are giving donations, and we give stuff out. You can find in our literature these beliefs, would you like to see them. The cop asked to see, so I took out a Yisroel Saba and a Dear G-d (from Bezenson, in the van because it has a few pages about Nanach), the cop looked at them, said ok, and before going told me that I should take care of my engne because I had smoke coming out of the exhaust.

On the way to Ruach Hachaim the GPS sent me down a road that turned into gravel and then even worse, I called the camp and they said that the road returns to be paved, so I continued and found myself going down and down a hiking path until I plunged down with the van to a point where I could go no further and wasn't sure I could go back, but B"H our Nanach van showed what it got and we made it back to the camp where we showed the counselors and campers a great time.
It was there that we discovered huge rips in the front right tire, and I'm trying to get it replaced now.
Thursday BH"Y there's going to be a bris mila - circumsision - for the newborn of Yosef Fisher, it will probably be in Monsey.
BH"Y I have been in contact with Dovid Dreskin who is in the US with his son Yisroel Saba.
Also I have been in contact with Dovid Tzadik who is visiting his parents in MA.
Also I have been in contact with the kid the cops accused me of giving alcohol, he said he wants to accompany me to court to tell them that he didn't get any alcohol from me.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Currency / Fluency / Liquidity and Torah and Mitsvotes: The economics or mechanics of the currencies. Letter 6(c)

Here are a few rules of thumb that I sent (this year) to my father who is a USA economist:

A- The only thing more profitable then pumping crude is printing the paper that can buy it.
B- The value of crude is created artificially by the use of a whole array of suppression and dependency enhancing techniques.(I can testify, and so can "the bear")
C- The dollar is linked to a culture where the bottom line 'focus' is putting Satan behind Bars. Comment:(The dollar emblem in fact.)
D- If the dollar falls, the US will have to export in the free market to buy Energy! Our turn to become "black"liquid(ity) slaves! Comment:(When Pharo rules with S word S - Words are made prisonners)
E- If the dollar falls, Satan goes out of jail! and ...swords rule the world!
F- The energy bound dollar is going to fall one way or the other, a good way or a bad way, because energy is worth (really) less then air.
G- G-d doesn't need ANY slaves, or jails, let's just forget about Satan and focus on G-d or Good if you are not a believer!
(The dollar can be saved by giving it a preferred "good" status with the Shekel)

Thinking, how to relate to other currencies...

EURro- the idea is unity, probably inspired by US-(you & me) good idea too. Just like the dollar, but is it enough?

It's also short for U're a peon implying a crucial, but underrated piece on the chess set, you want to avoid being a peon.

Becoming a “peon” and losing one’s personality is an unhappy circumstance. This is counterproductive since, happiness is the crucial ingredient of holiness and growth. {The euro is neutral-focusing on architecture & engineering, common throughout Europe}

Conclusion: The “Euro” is NOT a viable 'culture'. It can be saved however! Since being a peon of the Tzaddikk is a very high level, he who WANTS to be slave of the King when he could be his Son merits greater secrets and brings more pleasure to the king.

The value of the Shekel (as opposed to the dollar) is NOT based on putting Satan behind bars, but rather on promoting Na Nach Nachma Nachman. Since the “ three bosses” of the shekel are all promoters of Na Nach! On the shekel you can almost read an invisible, in Na Nach we trust!

The Dollar culture of putting Satan behind bars is like a classical western where the black hat robs the people and the white hat puts him in jail where he becomes a slave. This type of movie shows that the public has to give money to the thief and to the cop and if they don’t believe in forced labor, they never get their money back and it’s their fault for being weak!

The Shekel brings back an old forgotten story. The story of the treasure hunt! This is the story of a person who seeks riches is the most lowly places and after many interesting adventures finds them. Nobody gets robbed and the finder is rewarded by a rich patron who purchases the treasure! The story of the Shekel is simply a happier story and less expensive for the spectators and the public.

The Golden Calf represents gold come alive- it speaks to every nation and to every culture! No currency can replace it! This is probably why Hashem decided to destroy the nation of Israel except for Moshe and His immediate family. Hashem saw that communication would always be subordinated to The Calf and only through blood ties and natural selection could humanity be formed!

Na Nach shows precisely the opposite! Fear is out of the question. The chant is so powerful that it gives faith to all that sing it and will not let its self rest on the lips of charlatans. Everyone that truly wants to get to the all powerful G-d without delays can use this path, no language or culture needed. The only qualities that are needed are sincerity and perseverance. The dollar says in G-d we trust- in the high G-d of Israel. The shekel says in Na Nach we trust- that there is no one too far for the Tzaddikk to reach down to and raise to the highest levels.

It’s high time to change the film reels! Start chanting Na Nach it’s simple , profitable and not dependent on limited or limiting resources. The pears of wisdom to be discovered are available to all interested parties!

An Interesting Observation:

It is known that both "Histapchus Hanefesh' and 'Meshivas Nefesh' were written by Rebbe Alter of Teplik. It is also known that 'Meshivas Nefesh' was first published in Lemberg in 1902 by Rebbe Yisroel Karduner. We can therefore assume that 'Histapchus Hanefesh' was also brought to press by Rebbe Yisroel Karduner.

The Saba's first connection to Breslav was through 'Hishtapchus Hanefesh,' the sefer he found in shaimes. It comes out that even the Saba's initial hiskarvus to Rabbeinu was also through the holy Rebbe Yisroel Karduner.

Introduction to Currency/Liquidity From Paracha EKEV Letter #6

While reading letter # 6 (a,b&c) keep in mind that Na Nach is what reverses the curse of the Golden Calf that has only been temporarily adjourned (letter #2)

Let’s start this with a lonely chiddouch of mine from Paracha EKEV:

Towards the end of the Parasha, the Torah says: “The Lord your G-d will lay the fear of you and the dread of you upon all the land that you shall tread upon, as he hath spoken unto you”. The key words in Hebrew are PARADCHEM and MORACHEM. The commentaries ask why use two words for fear? The commentaries answer: the first is before the face during the instant of confrontation, while the second is a lingering fear, even the rumor (read terror) is enough to melt the hearts of the enemy and cause all kinds of damages (as we are SO familiar with).

In the context of the 70 nations, we speak other languages then Hebrew and the word “parad” sounds like Fader, far, pere (Hebrew P and Pf or f are similar), the word “mora” sounds like Mor, mere, moder, madre and so on. It is easier to understand that those nations for which this applies will fear Israel as if we were their father and mother! Since these are the English, French, German, Spanish, Scandinavian languages, we are talking about the nations that are feared and respected by the others!(PARA AD OUMA {*1})

The “as he hath spoken to you” that the sentence and the parasha finish with, emphasize that this sentence, is a renewal of a previous, solemn and divine oath.

This oath may have been given in Hebrew, but every language has been taken into account and consideration. How could Hebrew be LESS universal then the Golden Calf? (for further debate: isn’t the "calf" (r-egel) the part of the foot that is used for treading ground and for hopping the Na Nach dance and isn’t it the part that works in coordination with the “ekev” or heel (heal)?)

In the next sections of letter #6, I’m going to demonstrate How Na Nach "kosherises" today's Golden Calf (avoda zara chel mamon) into a leadership tool for saving the planet by creating a dollar culture and a shekel culture. G-d forbid, it doesn't replace the Tzaddik, but today, like a tool, like a sticker, it simply promotes him! Rabbenu replaced the unkosher wine with some real holy stuff, the addict will prefer the Hungarian wine, just as the scholar does!

{*1 Para ad Ouma- fear on/of the nations? Rabbi Israel says that a person who is experiencing depression must give a gift to the Great(est) Tzaddik! This means a person who is "Taame" unclean, needs to bring a sacrifice (maybe bull, or money) to the temple (the tzadikk = 2x the temple). Cleaning ones self from impurity is done by the Paraadouma which is considered the opposite of the Golden Calf and cleans and atones her calf!}
צריך תמיד לראות מה החבר אומר. אולי יש בו תועלת?

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Savraner had his Chance:

In the summer of 5562 Rebbe Nachman went to visit his uncle Rebbe Baruch in Tulchin. While he was there, the Rebbe met Moshe Zevy of Savran, one of his uncle's disciples. Rebbe Nachman tried to Mekarev him, however, Moshe Zevy refused.

After the Rebbe passed away Moshe Zevy became a very strong opponent of R' Noson, causing him much suffering. Instead of using the opportunity of coming close to the true tzadik, he gave that up for eternal gehenim and died upside down in the bathroom, a disgusting death.

Confession of the Shpola Zaide

During the summer of 5566, R' Nachman sent R' Noson and R' Naftoli to Medzeboz to pray at the grave of the Baal Shem Tov. He told them that on their way they should first stop in Berditchev. They visited Berditchev and spent the Shabbos by Rebbe Levi Yitzchok.

The Shpola Zaide was also at Rebbe Levi Yitzchok's for Shabbos. Over Shabbos, he was so impressed with R' Noson and R' Naftoli, that unable to control himself he called them the Maginei Eretz - Protectors of the Earth!

(Y'mey Hatelaos)

Sticker Remodeling

Some shakran is going around Tzfat hanging up those anti Nanach stickers that say Na Nach zeh lo Breslov, beshvil lehiyos breslever tzarich lavod kashe. After having a number of them stuck on my door, I got tired of pulling them down. Instead I decided to just redo the sticker and leave it in its place.

Na Nach and Christianity

Often Na Nach has been accused of being a cult. It's not true. A cult is a group with a leader brainwashing it's members to their disadvantage. Na Nach is not a cult simply because it has no living leader. If one were to investigate the leader they would have to go to Uman and talk to Rebbe Nachman in his tomb (We do recommend this). Also Na Nach does not have any other characteristics of cults like secrecy and abuse of members , etc. In fact there is no central Na Nach location nor is there any central brain behind the organization except Rebbe Nachman.
The second big accusation of those opposing Na Nach is that they take drugs, which is not true. In fact officially Na Nach is opposed to the use of drugs And as a Na Nach I can tell you that it is not part of any Na Nach activity, formal or informal.
The third, and final accusation is that Na Nach is like Christianity. This is what I will write about here. What are the similarities and differences between these two religions? Similarities; (1)Simple, unquestioning faith and belief that there is a true tzadik and (2) attachment to the true Tzadik. Differences; everything else (the list is too long to mention for this article)Even in the similarities there are great differences. Rebbe Nachman teaches that we should have unquestioning faith which in turn leads to knowledge, whereas the Christians teach to have faith which leads to ignorance. The belief in the Tzadik is different too because Rebbe Nachman is actually the tzadik yesod olam whereas Yachker (the "J" guy) was not. (this too is an issue of faith)

A Parable

Before you continue reading this article I ask that you realize that just because a goy or a heretic does or believes something it does not mean automatically that it is not Jewish to do such a thing. One has to distinguish between light and darkness between the Righteous and the wicked and the difference, even though very very great is not so easy to see as one might expect at first. The wicked practice many things that appear to be the same as the righteous yet it is only a case of a monkey imitating a man. Sometimes it is a pretty good imitation and then one seeking the truth will see a monkey (an evil person) do something imitating a man (a righteous person) and then see a man do the same thing and say "hey, monkeys do that" The truth is that the man did it first and in fact it is a human thing to do. So it is in this case.

Simple Unquestioning Faith

Rebbe Nachman and Breslov in general (I mean early Breslov in particular) teaches simple faith without any sophistication at all (even Torah sophistication). Even though a person might be a great genius in the Torah, still they should serve G-d with the ultimate childlike simplicity. This is emphesized a great deal in Rebbe Nachman's teachings. Serve G-d without any sophistication whatsoever. Sing and dance and recite tehillim like a child before his father. Just because Christians teach this too it does not make it any less Jewish to do so. In fact this is true Judaism. All the righteous saints in Judaism practiced with simplicity and attained their great heights through speaking to G-d simply and wholeheartedly and through making music before G-d and practices like this. The way to become great in Judaism is to be simple. No one is "smart" before our heavenly Father. The sad thing is that this simplicity has been lost. The happy thing is that Rebbe Nachman teaches us how to get it back. We are in a very thick exile now, of body, mind and soul and the way to get free is through simple faith in the sages and through simple practices. When we were freed from the Egyptian exile it says the G-d heard Israel's cry, it does not say that He heard their prayer. Do not underestimate the cry of the Jew to our Father in Heaven (even a small silent cry from the heart, without a voice); it is very much more powerful then the most sophisticated prayer. In fact one of the main purposes of the prayers that the sages composed was to open our hearts to cry to G-d. Rebbe Nachman teaches at length about the extreme importance of simple faith. He is Unique in this.

Attachment (closeness)to the Tzadik

This is another unique teaching of Rebbe Nachman. He is very explicit about the supreme importance of this and all of his books are filled with this concept. The teachings of Reb Nasson (his main student) are abundant on this topic. Almost every single Torah is filled with this idea. Rabbi Shmuel Horrowitz sums it up really well in his pamphlet entitled "Attachment to the true Tzadik" where he calls it the foundation of all Judaism, the main goal of Judaism, healing, forgiveness of sins and many other wonderful things. All the mitzvot depend on this and it is more important then all the mitzvot. (He adds that if we merit to do any mitzvot, it is a great good) But if one works on his attachment to the Tzadik, to love him and to be called by is name, then one will as of course do all the mitzvot with great joy. Still the mitzvah of attachment to the Tzadik even excuses a person of the mitzvot. For example Avraham Avinu was excused of the mitzvah of hosting guests because he made a Brit Mila at that time. And so we are pardoned all the other mitzvot for the sake of drawing close to the true Tzadik (the tzadik is called the "Holy Brit"). Of course, the main way to draw close to the tzadik is through performing the Mitzvot (another major difference). This is a paradox and Reb Nosson explains that we will not fully understand this paradox until the Final Redemption. The fact remains is that the main and most essential mitzvah that by far is the single most important mitzvah that outweighs all the other mitzvot together is "Attachment to the true tzadik". And through this we will receive all of our salvation, collective and personal. Remember that the sin of the golden calf was really just an argument against Our Teacher Moshe. The People fully believed in G-d, but their sin was that they thought that they can reach G-d in their own way, without the Tzadik. Rabbi Nachman says that it is impossible to attach to G-d without the Tzadik when there is a tzadik to be found in the world. And thank G-d Rebbe Nachman is to be found in the world. Drawing oneself too close to a leader is only dangerous if it is a false leader, sticking close to a true leader can only be of benefit.

The Importance of Chanting Na Nach

Now it can be understood why it is so important to chant "Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman" because by doing this one becomes attached to the Tzadik. Just saying his name with love already attaches one but saying it in the form of single double triple and quadruple makes a much much stronger attachment (in the same way as going back over a stitch while sowing creates a stronger bond) and attachment to the tzadik is the main mitzvah.


If all of this doesn't sound Jewish to you. Maybe you should reexamine your idea of Jewish. If you think that this is not Breslov and that Rebbe Nachman would never say such things then maybe you should pick up some books of Breslov and read them for yourself, almost every torah he talks about these things in great detail.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Real People, Real Decisions

Rabbi Nachman once told Rabbi Nussun that he should become a city Rav, even thought Rabbi Nussun, from his understanding of what he picked up from Rabbi Nachman, believed that a person should shy away from such a task and dedicate his life solely to intimate worship and devotion to G-d. Rabbi Nussun asked Rabbi Nachman is that really the best path for me, the best thing I can do for G-d, to which Rabbi Nachman replied in the affirmative. Rabbi Nussun then asked Rabbi Nachman, is it really the most and ultimate truthful one. To which Rabbi Nachman replied, if you want to do the ultimate truth for G-d, know to stay strong in the ways that you have learned from me, and do not take the job as a city Rav (this is not a completely accurate quote, because the source is not in front of me, I recomend everybody to see this inside in the source).
There are many valuable lessons to be learned from this. One prime and overall lesson is that when a person is managing and going about his life and affairs just by recieving advice from others, there is much less expected of him. When a person challenges himself to have his own identity - in the miror of the image of G-d, then he must be strong in his convictions because there is a great deal expected of him, without limit!

One word from Rabbainu....

That which Rabbi Nussun said, and the Saba extended and said frequently that one word from Rabbainu is sufficient to change the world around is reminicent of the Medrash brought by Rashi that one spark from Yosef will extinguish all of Aisov and Edom. Maybe when I get a hold of a chumash I'll copy the exact loshon - language.

Videos of the Saba

Just found on yahoo someone who posted probably all of the videos of Saba. Here's the info:

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman is back (1)
The stupid Zionist government is thinking everytime about war, torture, discrimination and mass murder. But you know what? They are going to fall ...

List #1

List #2

If you visit the site you'll see the other stuff offered.

the new nanach kippa with nekudos!!!

we were zocheh to go to the saba and many miracls happend there. one amazing thing that happened was that this guy came to the saba with 20 nanach kippas with nekudos. he told us that he was trying to sell the kippas to a maforsem guy but he denyed the kippa. he was very disappointed bec. he wasn't selling. then he said to himself he has to go to the saba and pray there for hatzlaca we were zocheh to see him there he sold us kippas and we have the zechus to wear the holy nekudos on our heads thank you g-d nnnnm! to reach the nanach nekuda man phone number is 054-446-4454 his name is yosef

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Good things happening up in the mountains

BH"Y things are good up here in the mountains, mostly hanging out in the parking lots of Walmart and Staple/Shoprite, playing music and speaking to people. Shabbos might see me in Longbeach, there's some type of Carlbach shabaton and I have been invited by Aron of Blanket Statementstien. Sunday, Amnon Yitzchok rented out the Nassau Colliseum, so maybe I'll do hafatza outside. BH"Y I'm heading into Monsey where I'll be recieving Band in a Box, which supposedly can to amazing things for people to create music.
We have just place an order for 2 thousand white rubber Nanach bracelets, some of which glow in the dark, and some with Nanach filled in with a rich purple silicon. They'll be coming BH"Y from China in two weeks. We'll be selling them BH"Y for 2 and 3 dollars (people buying it from our Nanach store online will have to pay a little more to include shipping). Special thanks to Elimelech Levine for taking care of this from beginning to end - finding the company, designing the actual lettering, taking care of all the details, and dealing with them. May he and his family merit a lot of Nanach!

nanach in jerusalem!

meron meditation

scared nanach in maron!!

spreading the light of rabbi nanach nachman of uman!!!

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Yftachs' very well kept secret. Letter # 5

Yftach is considered by the midrash to be a good looking but naive.

I consider him to be THE most successful leader IN HIS OWN RIGHT the nation of Israel has ever had.

No other leader has enjoyed a more united nation behind him except for Yehoshua who was heavily assisted by G-d.
*G-d made sure none of Yehoshua's peers could even challenge him since they all got buried, besides Caleb who received a huge share of Israel more then he could CHEW on his own as it is.
*Levites well established already under Pharaohs totalitarian regime, had been rigourously trained in loyalty and rectitude by Ahron and Moshe.
Yehoshua, unlike any other leader in our history had no challengers-

Poor Yftach, his is the opposite story! It is in his name, YFTACH which means promise. Just as he was faithful to his word, so was the nation(humm), and they made him absolute ruler over them. His leadership was "offered" based on one judicious promise he force-negociated them to make. That requirement was not VANITY it was the only possible founding condition for TOTAL VICTORY instead of TOTAL DEFEAT. I don't have a chumash on me so I expect someone to make a comment if I am wrong.. He probably used some of his foreign henchmen? 300 to fight off an army of 300 000. A fair fight of 1 to 1 000! This is the ratio that Yehoshua gives before his death. "If you follow Moshes' tora, not swerving left or right 1 "Israel" will frighten 1 000 enemies." The key here is that it is MOSHE's torah meaning you unanimously accept the leadership of Moshe, posthumously, through his book.

Yftach was far from being vane and having EMPTY FRIENDS in his land of TOV (good) G_D,
(a land that believes in G-d, but knows Yftach and not Moses?). Yftach was a man of the covenant and knew the importance of a simple word without all the "philosofy". For example, he executed his daughter and was considered an "am ha aretz" for not having annulled his oath. He had just completed the tikkun of his mother's gigoul (his daughter) and given her and himself great honor in the process . This is a woman's chidduch and it stands!

Too bad for the nation, that had to be saved by deceit! No military man was so successful -ever- Should we be deserving, the messiah will not need to use the same methods to trick us into a victory and also to establish the victory as permanent for us (by near deceit)- for our own benefit, inspite of ourselves!

I finish with a quote from Saba "no great ones and no small ones, we are all friends". This is the ONLY condition possible for Rabbi Nachman or PZPZYK to save us on Rosh Hashana. Yftach used the fact that jews kept their word (humm) and a "miraculous" (not really) military victory to keep us in line for as many years as we would continue being friends or at least respect the leadership of one king.

Chochomim are also called "haverim" a true chochom can only be a true "haver" of Saba. Calling someone who is not a chaver of saba a chochom is NOT POLITE!

Dr. Steve at Kikar Tzion Hafatza

B"h for almost 1 year the Kikar Tzion Hafatza basta has been active. Gili Nagash and Daniel have seen open mircules in there holy work. Today we had the great honor of meeting Dr. Steve. Dr. Steve NaNach was the first holy donor of He is from N.Y. and a true soldier of Rabbi Nachman. May Hashem give him strengh to continue his closeness to Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mayuman. Keep up the Great work.

Old Na Nach Hafatza

Another great clip by "Ashranue"

To my S.A.D. brother Mojo

Did you ever check out the hebrew site, I think that if you would post a short comment once in a while it would definitely steer them in the right direction.

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Hafatza in the Catskills

Motzay Shabos I was spotted by the directors of a day camp here in Monticello they hired me to come over, which I just came back from. After about 2 songs, with me dancing on the roof and doing my regular Nanach antics, the lady motions me to stop (it could be she was motioning much earlier, but that's when I noticed, honest). So I start winding down, and she calls me on my cell, I couldn't catch everything she said, but it sure sounded something like that they wanted to kill her, so she was begging me to shut off the music and leave. So I continued to wind down, raffled off a few nanach stickers to the girls, and made my way out. They came after me with a cup of water with ice and a little gelt, coupled with the kids mesmerising exposure to Nanach, made this an amazingly successful hafatza event.
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Rumors of the Spread of Nanach

Regardless of whether or not it should or should not be done, it is happening! Rumor has it that most of the stop signs in FarRockaway were Nanach stickered before Shabos. There are a bunch of bochurim in that area that are really getting into Nanach, they seemed pretty cool about this.
Rumor also has it that Ramot in Jerusalem has been covered with Nanach grafiti and there has been a general excelation of Nanach grafiti all over Our Holy Land.
Nanach cleanses the air and the environment preparing us for the coming of the Mushiach!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!

EBA"Y the student of Rabbi Nachman

Everyone should know about the wonderous book 'Ebay Hanachal' אבי הנחל, letters written by the Saba to the President of Israel, Zalman Shazar. The President saved the letters and published them, naming the collection by the acronym of the Saba's Yidish name Yisroel Ber Odesser - Eba"y (based on a verse in the Song of Songs, I have went down to the blossoms of the springs etc.. Springs - נחל, is a reference to Rabbainu Hakadosh who is known as נחל נובע מקור חכמה a river the source of wisdom flows out of. The blossoms - Eba"y refer to Saba. Yaakov Shurun once expounded to me how the verses there are in complete conjunction with the holy Petek, e.g. I have went down to the blossoms - 'it was very hard to come down to you (blossoms - acronym of you - Saba)).
Many of you might remember a previous post in which we showed that in the talmud, Abaya אביי is called Nachamani נחמני! (in the hebrew site someone expounded on the fact that they both have an additional Yud).
Here I just want to poing out how Rashi explains why Abaya is called Nachamani (top of Gitin 34b) דעל שם שרבה בר נחמני גידל אביי בביתו ולמדו תורה שהיה יתום השיאו את שם אביו נחמני! since Abaya was brought up by Raba the son of Nachmani and tought him Tora, for he (Abaya) was an orphan, he was given the name of his father Nachmani!
This is an amazing allusion to Y'isroel B'er O'desser who was like an orphan brought up by Rabbi Nachman!
levyusin the fish the the tzadikim will eat from is getatria na nach nachma nachman meuman

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nanach; singular and plural

It is my opinion that Nanach, like fish, can be both singular and plural. After all Rabbi Nachman was the chief head fish!

New Publisher

NaNach.Net welcomes Mordichai the Villager from Ebay Hanachal as a new writer on the site.

Does saying Na Nach affect traditional holy service? Letter #3

Rabbi Na Nach was asked by a talmudic scholar if saying Na Nach instead of learning Gemarra was wasting learning time. Rabbi Na Nach said: "say Na Nach". The same student challenged him again and asked if: it wasn't possibly wasting prayer time? To which R. Na Nach answered: "ONLY SAY NA NACH"! Finally the student returned after several hours and asked: "Well, isn't it avoiding meditation with G-d?" R. Na Nach raised his voice and replied: "I've already told you, say NA NACH!!!"

Not all of us are Talmudic scholars studying as a full time job. Even for such a scholar, it can be debated that going to the bathroom is not a waste of study time. Working for a living for those that cannot study all day or want to stand on their own feet and not depend on others with regards to studying and praying, is also understandable. Guess what, according to letter #2 you can turn all of your Golden Calf activities, your "Torah" studies, your "Praying" and your "Hitbodedute" into merit by singing Na Nach all day long! Possibly doing more heavenly work through that sentence then all the other more sincere worshipers! Since you are obtaining a complete reversal of a terminal sentence awaiting the whole planet!

Incidentally and as Moses experienced, sincerity, salvation, truth, happiness and health are bound to come, since you are doing the right thing, even if (in your case) you may be doing it for the wrong reason.

I'll be happy to read your comments to these three letters

from EBAY

What is the precise "tikkoun" reparation of the 10th song? (Letter 2)

Still, why rely on an angel, to save you, or on the King of Kings special Rosh Hashana mercy?

Could it be that we are already completely saved but for one thing? Mabe so! When G-d told Moses he would destroy all but Moses, Tzipporah and possibly family members such as Jitro, Moses didn't hesitate to respond. Exodus 32,32 "you, if you don't forgive this nations' sins...then erase me from the book you wrote". The commentaries say Moses was punished for this..His name was not mentioned for the remainder of the chapter. Instead G-d came closer to Moses then ever and passed all his glory over Moses, placing his hand on him and letting him see the "dalet" on the back of his tefillin! Harsh punishment indeed (ironic) for the most humble man on earth! On 9 B AV minha (32,11-14) we read the three arguements Moses gave to G-d to reverse the decree and we get to put on the tephilin ourselves, just before reading them!

The judgement is REVERSED with TOU b AV and Shabbos Nachamo (named after the haftarah which ends "ISH LO NEADER" Not one is left out (hint: Rabbenus' Rosh Hashana)! G-d wanted the immediate eradication of the whole nation but instead...G-d forgave EVERYONE and would wait VERY PATIENTLY before settling the score. So NO ONE DIED! G-d forgave EVERYONE, G-d told Moses to build the Tabernacle, G-d began residing within the popular camp of Israel. From total GENOCIDE to the blisseful status that Adam enjoyed before he tasted the fruit, and on a national scale! Quite an impact for one sentence uttered from "uncircumbcised lips and heavy tong and mouth".

The truth is Moses loved the nation (really saw the good in them), and was deserving enough to have saved the day, but he may even have already saved this nation for ever(Quiz Question:why did he break the tablets and make us eat the idole?). Mabe G-d intended to destroy us because logically, he was sure the golden calf thing could not be overcome ever, we would alwayse fall back to this sin! In the sentence uttered from the lips of Moses, Moses proved to G-d that there IS a solution to the Golden Calf! Verse (32,32- Names, heart heart)You if you don't forgive them their sins, erase me from the book you've written- contains the sentence "I will tell you who I am "Nachman10"". It is written backwards (or in the vernacular direction which God also chooses to write in at times) from the word book and towards the right. This sentence was the complete solution to the problem!
No later reperation for the sins of the nation was so complete, G-d wanted to destroy us on several occasions and after Moses best intervention we were still greviously punished. In this case the punishment was "postponed" and for the generation it seemed to have been actually
reversed into merit.
"I will tell you who I am" is very similar to Rabbi Israel suddently claiming "Now I will tell you WHO I AM, I am Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!" The Golden Calf resulted from Moses being "one minute late in returning", the absence of leadership by The Tzaddik made us fall for the Golden Calf (except for the Levites). In the last letter we learned that the tzaddik is HIMSELF the tenth song (NA NACH) therefore if you sing Na Nach, he is there! If he is there who needs the Golden Calf? The tenth song is therefore the reperation of the sin of the Golden Calf. The postponement might end today folks, we better hurry up and chant the chant!
It only takes a minute....!

Who is Na Nach ? Why is "PZPZYK" on the petek? (letter1)

Rabbi Israel revealed the petek to the public at the very advanced age of 96 (this is common knowledge) he actually began a real adventure, as his followers can testify. He assured us that the signature of rabbi Nachman of Breslev is what we were seeing on the petek (five words long). It comes therefore as a great surprise that he suddently claims at age 104 that HE himself IS: RABBI NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN Meuman.

He claimed he was Rabbi NA NACH on 23 of Tammuz exactly 72 years after he found the petek(at least according to the age on the passport)! Some believed he was becoming too venerable to be taken seriously. Still when he passed away at 106 and 11 months a clue to the whole enigma is revealed! rabbi nachman 38 yrs + rabbi Na Nach 107 yrs = 145 years or 2 x 72.5 So the number 72 is the age of revelation, it is also the gematria of y yk ykv ykvk. If you are into doing the traditional three day fast of 72 hours you have the PATIENCE and SILENCE for G-d to reveal his will (Saba waited the full 72 years during 6 of which he was running a hyperactive hafatsa campaign)!

Saba would always say "simple double triple quadruple song" and would add "the first letters of which spell shofar". The reason he said this is to get us to realize the connection with the shofar that is blown on Rosh Hashana. The angel PZPZYK is mentioned in the petek and happens to be the first angel mentioned after the shofar is blown on Rosh Hashana.

Therefore Rav Israel can truly claim HE HIMSELF is the song of the redemption! (72=ykvk=na nach=shofar + pzpzyk= date of revelation til disclosure/combined lifespan divided by 2)

So much for the research and understanding the logical concept. The good news or application is that ANYONE hearing the shofar is forgiven of all his sins towards G-d. No wonder Rabbi Na Nach would tell us "just be (together)friends and I will be with you (and make you clean of all sins)". Everyone knows that on Rosh Hashana you get forgiven by G-d for what you've done to him, but not necessarily by your fellow man, that remains your problem. Go ahead, say it anyways...Na Nach....mabe you will notice that many people become very tolerant towards you especially the "haverim" (friends).

rattling the fish bowl

In the recent past I have heard people say, 'Na Nach is a Cult!', (usually said with a great deal of frustration). I haven't really been able to grasp what they mean, so I looked up the word in the dictionary(Webster's) and came up with 2 definitions: "1 a) a system of religious worship or ritual, a quasi-religious group, often living in a colony, with a charismatic leader who indoctrinates members with unorthodox or extremist views, practices, or beliefs. 2) devoted attachment to, or extravagant admiration for, a person, principle, or lifestyle, esp. when regarded as a fad."
The first definition seems to describe almost every institutionalized religion with the exception of Na Nach; so anyone referring to this is either projecting, or have had little contact with anyone NaNach.
The second definition seems to label anyone enthusiastic about ANYTHING as being cult. For some reason i'm reminded of the song comfortably numb... What bothers people about Na Nach is that it is alive. It challenges being comfortably numb. It rattles the fish bowl. People get frustrated and angry because they feel threatened. People FEAR CHANGE. But everyone knows on a deep level that the world must evolve and change in order for Geulah to be realized. Every Yid, even the most opposing one, is our brother, and often the angriest ones are closest to the birth of a new existence. The Na Nachs are the kicking baby, and Mashiach is where this is all leading.

New Nach Nach Article on "Blog in Dm"

There is someone that wrote an article about Na Nach on another site. I had mixed feelings about it. I wrote to him and asked if he would publish my response to it. He not only published my response to it but also let me publish my own article. I thought it was a good idea to publish also on someone else's site so that we can get this message out to people who don't go to our site. Here is a link to the article that I wrote

just select/copy/paste into your browser.I hope that you read it and comment on it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Events of the week of Parshas ViEschanan

Here is a very brief summary of some of the hafatza we did this week.
Monday we visited Camp Simcha (for children t.i. r"l). The whole thing was maybe 40 minutes. As soon as the Nanach van came onto the camp ground it was mobbed from inside and out, from above and maybe even from below. The music was pumped up (at the last second the gain was added with my nailcutter), and there was great dancing and rejoicing. Many of the campers and counslors had their pictures taken with the Nanach and the Nanach van. Many stickers were distributed (anyone who would like to sponsor that is welcome). Unfortunately no one purchased the life saving Nanach kamaya. However on the Olam radio interview we did put out an appeal for donors to sponsor kamaya's to save the lives of these children.
That night we had a big BBQ party in Monticello. The main organizor was Yoel Levin the cousin of Yosef Arye Levin our Nanach in Jerusalem. Yosef Arye's brothers were there as well as about 30 other guys and a few girls. There was a great abundance of meat.
We were trailing down the streets a procession of about 6 cars trying to find a good location, and eventually we found a secluded spot, however with the 'freezer' pumping out the music we were not far enough away, and eventually police came, and a Nanach miracle occured, they just told us that it's o.k. if we want to party, just make sure to clean up and not to make so much noise because the neighbors complained. What can I say, everybody admitted and recognised and praised the power and the strenght of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
Tuesday there was a Jewish concert in Cedarhurst. One of the Nanachs did a Nanach dance for the crowd. Crazy connections were made that night, primarly with Kurry - whos already into Nanach, he's going to EY to hang out with the Nanach. Yitzchok, who after I talked to him for a few minutes, turned out to be quite into Nanach already. So I was giving him a Israel Saba and he sees on the cover 'my fire will burn till the coming of Mushiach' so he starts laughing and tells me that exactly it, and tells me this story. Recently he was feeling down so he lit a bunch of candles, and in the middle he wrote Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. He went away to read something from Rabbainu, something told him to go back, when he did he saw the whole counter top going up in smoke, the only thing that remained was the Nanach!
We also hooked up with Binyomin Brodi, who has already done some amazing hafatza, H"Y should help him further.
Wednesday night I jammed with the Blanket Statementstien band, we made three new songs from Israel Saba, BH"Y we'll post them on our music site.
Thursday night I visited my Uncle the Rosh Hayeshiva of Bell Harbor, R. Levi Dicker, his rebetzin is into kiniseology, she did some stuff on me, and all the time I'm thinkin about Rabbainu letting the doctors do their stuff on him, and I'm saying and thinking Nanach. So she tells me that its amazing how tuned out I am, and that the only person she came across that was remotely as tuned out as I, was my uncle R. Noah Weinberg of Aish Hatora. The only difference is that at the end she told me that she thinks there's great hope for me! Na Nach!
BH"Y I'll be going to the mountains for the holy Shabbos, I'm in touch with Yoel Levin, and we're planning a big event for Motzay Shabos.

Hafatza has protection

Many people know that there is special protection for those doing hafatza, especially in regard to desires and temptations. Obviously Rabbi Nachman watches after his own. However there is another simple way to explain the phenomena. The Nanach doing hafatza are teaching everyone the way of G-d, the way of Nanach. It is understood that most people who father children take the role of a loving father and not of a pervert G-d forbid. So in this way, the Nanach doing hafatza, who is like the father to all those around him, will take the role of a loving father and not be tempted to have bad desires.

New Videos

We posted the location of a video taken of the hafatza at the orb festival, look it up in our post about the event, it was about a month ago, I think it's entitled givald, givald, givald!
We have also posted new videos of our hafatza at the Radiohead festival at Liberty State Park, see them at the post entitled 'APW Radiohead'.

Oblivious of Opposition

One time Rebbe Yisroel Karduner was greatly embarrassed and publicly disgraced by some opponents of Breslov. A number of minutes later Rebbe Yisroel Karduner disappeared and no one knew where he went. It even reached a point that the Turkish police went out to search for him. However nothing helped and they could not find a trace of him.

After three days they found him doing Hisbodedute deep in the woods. He was deep in conversation with Hashem in great concentration, as if he was completely unaffected by the great embarrassments thrown upon him. It was apparent that he was in a state of consistent Hisbodedute for the entire three days.

(Chayay Saba page 187)

Hafatza! Hafatza! Hafatza! Hafatza!

Everyone asks why Na Nachs are so into spreading their propaganda. Why aren't they just happy with what they have? Why do they have to stuff it in everyones face?

The answer is simple, every Na Nach has had his life greatly improved and transformed for the better through the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. It would now be extremely selfish for a Na Nach to be locked up in his own home and enjoy Na Nach for himself, holding it back from the rest of the world. Every Na Nach therefore feels the mandatory obligation to go out and spread the teachings of Rebbe Nachman to the rest of the world. So it may improve their lives as it did his.

It can still be argued that the above is only true if a person is interested in Na Nach or is in a neutral state. However if a person is against Breslov why should it be forced in his face.

The answer is as follows; even if a person does not consciously want it his Jewish soul still yearns for the truth and light of the Tzadik. Even though his soul was greatly blemished by sins and the sheker of the false leaders, there is yet a part that remains untainted and still yearns for the truth. Therefore how can the Na Naches let this poor lost soul suffer so miserably. The Na Naches therefore try their best to spread light to even this person as well.

Computer back up, BH"Y

BH"Y it looks like my computer is back in business. Special thanks to David Levy of Longbeach and of the Blanket Statementstien band for spending hours backing up my files, and thanks to Howard of HP.
Theres a big backlog of things I gotto catch up on but BH"Y I'll be posting soon.
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Na Nach - The True Men of Breslov

Another great clip from 'Ashranue' Ranan, keep up the good work.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We Are Completely Fortunate


Hisbodedute of Rebbe Yisroel Karduner

Saba related that when he first met Rebbe Yisroel Karduner, he suddenly disappeared. The Saba searched and inquired all over for him but could not find him. Finally he saw from far away a person that was walking this way and that way deeply engrossed in a conversation with someone. When he got closer he realized that it was Rebbe Yisroel Karduner who was talking to Hashem.

The Saba said "Rebbe Yisroel Karduner would talk to Hashem Yisborach and he would cry to him, until he was made a tzadik, a holy tzadik..."

(chayay saba page 186)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Na Nach Media

It was a fun day here in Tsfat doing Hafatza. Associated Press (Where most of the world's major media get their media from) contacted us a while ago and arranged to interview us about our Na Nach experience. After a few interviews with each of the boys we all got in a Na Nach van drove to Main Street, got out of the van and paraded/danced down the street. It was about seven or eight of us dancing the Na Nach dance. The response of the public was positive. It was amazing for me to see the people on the street watching us. Some joined in the dancing, a lot were clapping their hands we gave out stickers but the exppresions on people's faces ("Religious" and "Secular" alike) were like they woke up into a beautiful dream. People need Na Nach... a lot, They are really... really thirsty for it. It is difficult to see this unless one does Hafatza. I have personally received much healing recently with this whole Na Nach thing, but I see that others are also longing for this light that I have... That I so eagerly want to give. What is the line of difference between a Na Nach and a simple spectator, enjoying the scene and taking pictures, clapping etc.? That line is very fine, and very easy to step over. Today I felt that this "line" is the same line that separates the current world situation and The Final Redemption, It might not be so far away as it seems. In the story of the Exchanged Children, the kings true son rectified the whole land only through making a few minor adjustments and not a lot of major changes. Anyway at the end of the day The Associated Press got a lot of good footage and the two individuals that we were working with were very pleasant and I think really moved to return to Hashem in their own way. So to make this clear I want to say that this 6 and a half minute Na Nach video story could potentially be seen by hundreds and hundreds of millions of people all over the world, I'm not exaggerating. It is only a question how many T.V. stations etc. want to air the story, it will be available to many many very important news companies. We should pray that the light of Na Nach spread, remember there is no such thing as negative publicity. But it really really seemed to us that these AP people wanted just to give over the straight story and not to twist it at all. I think that this is just another sign that the age of the Meforsamim (famous false leaders) has ended and the age of the Na Nach has begun.

Bread and Tea

Rebbe Yisroel Karduner would only eat black tea and bread his entire later half of his life. Even when he would be offered much food he would still refuse to eat anything besides sugarless tea and bread.

A Chance To Help Nanach

Simcha Nanach's (naa naach) computer is not working properly preventing him from adding further posts. If anyone knows anything about computers please contact him at 845-694-4591.

Sneaking Out to Hisbodedute

It was the custom of Rebbe Yisroel Karduner and many other Breslovers to arise at midnight, hold their shoes with a cloth and walk out shoeless to the outskirts of the city to do hisbodedute. The reason for this was so no one would here them and they could do Avodas Hashem in complete secrecy and totally for the sake of Heaven.

Knowledge of Rebbe Yisroel Karduner

Rebbe Yisroel Karduner knew the entire Likutay Halochos by heart.

The Saba told over that at that time the books of Breslove were very scarce and hard to find. Rebbe Yisroel Karduner would therefore recite the Likutay Halachos by heart and that is how he would teach him.

He also told over that each word that left Rebbe Yisroel Karduners mouth was was in complete fear and holiness as if it was coming out of the moth of Rebbe Nason himself.

The Saba told over that Rebbe Yisroel Karduner learned half of Likutay Maharan from Rebbe Nachman himself.

(chayay saba page 185)