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Monday, July 28, 2008

What's happening

BH"y on Friday, right before Shabos we received a big delivery from E"Y, we still didn't get a chance to check out what's inside, but it's 3 decent size boxes, also a bag of Kipas and stickers. Special thanks to Yonason Shapiro for his mesirat nefesh to bring us the goods, may he be blessed from G-d with all the blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman (he already was rewarded in an unbelievable way, but that's for him to tell).
Shabos Kodesh I spent with TS in Wildwood State Park (in the Hamptons), this was the brainchild of Bria of Staten Island, and hashgacha brought together a bunch of us, some 20 Jews for Chag HaPetek. On Shabos an old time Yeshiva boy pulled his Expedition into our area, just to give you an idea what's going on in the world. [People, smoking, came by to wish us Good Shabbos - so what's so hard to understand why I prefer to great and answer people Nanach?! At least Nanach is a truthful message which will not be misconstrued!]
Today EL made a Seudas Hodah for the birth of his daughter. This was a special indication of the importance of Chag HaPetek which was yesterday (except for a solitary comment on which claims that the Petek was received on the 24th - today, it is interesting to note that there are discussions on Rashi on the Tora, if I remember correctly, as to when Moshe went back up, on the 17th or 18th), making today Isru Chag - which halachicly calls for extra and enlarged meals!
The festivities took place in the Breslov of Flatbush, 1909 New York ave, between J and K, run by Aron Berlin. It was a great party, B"H, and BH"Y we'll post a few videos we took.

The Whole World Is a Nanach Bridge:

Dancing and Rejoicing on Isru Chag HaPetek:

Not So Long Ago The Saba Got A Petek From Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

The Petek Sung to the Tune of Mitzva Gedola:

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