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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday Parshat Buluk

BH"Y today we recieved a donation towards a video camera, and a brand new GPS on condition that we can get it to work, from: FOUR CORNERS bagels in Lakewood, on the corner of Squankom and County Line. TS and myself then did some GIVALD hafatza there, after we proceeded to some yeshiva (at the end of Park) where we were dancing and had the yeshiva boys dancing until one of their Rabbi's got a drift on what was happening, and he quickly flew into a rage and kicked us out. We then headed for a water park, doing many tikunim along the way, we got to the park too late to partake, but we did a little music, the guyim got into it, and then some of the yeshivishe couslors went balistik telling us that we were making a chilul Hashem and how the guyim were complaining and we were ruining it for them, and in general threatening us. So I asked the nearest goy, what she thought of what was going on, and she said she thinks we're great and we should continue, the goyim that came to dance and took flyers seemed to me to be pretty impressed, but the truth is the main chilul hashem is amongst jews, and the counslors were embarassing themselves in from of their campers, so I guess it was a chilul Hashem. If only they would have be open to Nanach.....
Tomorrow BH"Y there's a Bris Mila, we also have to wait for the Kamayas and bracelets which hopefully will come, and then it over 4 hours to the Festival, and many tikunim along the way.

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shimonnachmanshilo said...

amazing, have a tremendous na nach time at the festival..