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Monday, July 14, 2008

Time To Sing and Dance

It's interesting to note that the day the Orb music festival started the Daf Yomi was learning the second to last page of Tractate Sota which discusses the evils of singing after the destruction of the Temple, it paints a pretty nasty picture. However what do we know how to understand the Gemura, on the same day the Nanach learned in Chok Breslov, Likutay Eitzos (Simcha, 12) that dancing for a mitzva and becoming intoxicated - in a controlled measure - for the sake of heaven, to merit the happiness of a Jew, to be joyous in the Name of the Blessed One who chose us from all the nations etc., and to arouse happiness until the joy reaches the feet, causing dance induced from the happiness, this banishes the 'outsiders' (evil forces) which grasp the feet, and this sweetens and nullifies all the harsh judgements, and brings merit to recieve all the blessings. This enthusiasm of dancing is an offering of fragrance to G-d!!!!
Baruch Hashem we were zoche to Na Nach, [by the way, we have just been notified that the license Nanach is available, and we will BH"Y get it for the Nanach van] so that we can really rejoice and sing and dance with G-d, and this is the true awesome holy fragrance which nurtures the souls in the Garden of G-d.

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