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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ten letter song mentioned by previous Breslov elders

1. Was the secret of the ten letter song mentioned by previous Breslov elders? 1. The last discourse in Rebbe Nachman's life (year 1711) is sited in the book Likutey Moharan part two, number eight. There Rebbe Nachman reveals an acronym, the word Kashofar; כשפר, Pashut- one letter, kaful-two letters, shilush—three letters, ribuah-4 letters. Altogether ten letters, which refer to the ten letter song. The one that reveals this can succeed in rebuking and rectifying klal Yisroel. Rebbe Nachman quotes the Tikkunei Zohar page 51b, the Torah, the prayers, and the congregants of Israel will be redeemed through the one who reveals the ten letter song. Citing Exodus, Moshe will sing the song in the future. ישיר, song of yod, yod in Hebrew, is the numerical value of ten; Moshe will sing the ten letter song in the future. Rebbe Nosson writes in Chaye Moharan chapter 340 (Tovot Zicronot edition);"I have a song to sing in the future to come (referring to the days of resurrection)…." Rebbe Nosson says that this referring to the quadruple song…In Likutey Moharan (1, 64) said years earlier, my guess it was the same time Rebbe Nachman spoke about the ten types of praises Tehilim was composed of. Being Tikkunei Zohar page 3, sites the ten praises, the quadruple song (formed with ten letters) and the ten spheres of emanation as one entity. But the statement Rebbe Nachman made after the Torah (sited in Chaye Moharan chapter 267);"I have a song to sing in the future…" Rebbe Nachman did not say the future to come, whereby the future can mean now in our days.Rebbe Nosson, the true heir and disciple of Rebbe Nachman writes a preface to Rebbe Nachman's poems entitled, The Song of Friendship(with The Creator), or another way to translate would be The Song of Partnership (footnote C). Rebbe Nosson writes;"…Kashofar (as a horn Rebbe Nachman) raises his voice in order to sway our hearts in unison to serve the blessed creator…His name is holy (Pashut) …, Kaful (double), and Meshulash (tripled), and Merubah (quadrupled).”The question arises, how Rebbe Nosson knew, the name of Rebbe Nachman is the quadruple song to be revealed in the future? With the compassion of the creator, I understood the answer to this dilemma as follows. In the year 1804 Rebbe Nachman spoke about ten types of songs (or praises) found in ten chapters of Psalms that has the power to rectify any transgression(on condition he does not return to his misdeeds). Rebbe Nachman did not reveal which ten Psalms. Rebbe Nosson walked into Rebbe Nachman's room and saw a note on a dresser citing ten chapters of psalms. Rebbe Nosson writes, due to fear of his Rebbe, struggled (although he had a photographic memory) to forget what he saw. Later in 1808, Rebbe Nachman revealed specifically the ten chapters of Psalms. But there was something else in that note that Rebbe Nosson saw. The quadruple song; Na-Nach-Nachma-Nachman. This is the only way to explain how Rebbe Nosson knew to write in his preface to the Song of partnership, the quadruple song, is Rebbe Nachman's name. We also see in the Compilation of Supplications (Likutey Teffilot), written by Rebbe Nosson, (1, 49), where he beseeches; "…we should merit through our hands to reveal the ten letter song which the Book of Psalms was composed, (specifically the quadruple song)…" Rebbe Nosson understood that his Rebbe intentionally put the note there for him to see. Whereby, Rebbe Nosson can make a premise, just like the ten psalms were revealed years later, so too the quadruple song will be revealed later.To sum up, in the Year 1804 Rebbe Nachman spoke about ten types of praises, which can rectify anything. The Tikkunei Zohar page 3, says, the ten praises and the quadruple song is one entity. Rebbe Nosson walks in Rebbe Nachman's room and see's a note which mentions the ten psalms... There's a statement that Rebbe Nachman says after Torah (1,64), that he has a song to sing in the future. In 1808, Rebbe Nachman reveals the specific ten chapters of psalms that rectifies. In 1812, after Rebbe Nachman's last Torah (2,8), Rebbe Nachman makes a statement, with complete knowledge that he is going to die soon, "I have a song to sing in the future to come" (resurrection). Rebbe Nosson preface to the Song in Partnership, writes Rebbe Nachman's name is the quadruple song. It must be Rebbe Nosson saw this name written on the note together with the ten chapters of Psalms. Rebbe Nosson's book of Supplications (1, 49), which was compiled and published after Rebbe Nachman passed away, prays that the quadruple song be revealed through him. To fulfill, Rebbe Nachman's prior statement; "I have a song to reveal in the future."The rule is, there is not one word from Rebbe Nachman's mouth that is superfluous. If Nachman said the song will be revealed in the future and another statement the song will be revealed in the future to come, both statements will be fulfilled.
July 06, 2008


NaaNaach said...

mazal tov on your wedding!
(there's a typo - you said that Rabbi Nachman's final year was 1711, it should be 1811) as posted before, for someone like Rabbi Nussun who knew that Rabbi Nachman was THE TZADIK, and knew about the Shir Chudush, it would be quite simple to deduce that Rabbi Nachman is the Shir (especially after seeing the acronym of the poem).
Keep up the good work!
Mazal Tov!

Tzfat NaNach said...

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