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Monday, July 21, 2008

South Fallsburg Yeshiva

About 7 years ago when I was studying Kabala in the Lakewood Yeshiva - Simcha Room, I was sitting amongst a bunch of SF alumni. We got to speaking, I even made an wee-early morning party for them. They explained to me the situation of the Yeshiva in SF, apparently there closest neighbor does real idol worship (which at that time was somewhat rare in our part of the world) and they explained to me the idea of their 2 Rosh Yeshiva which I am not at the liberty to divulge, however this much I can say, that although it goes without saying that no one should be at all envious of any Rosh Yeshiva, for they are misleading the entire world, however R' Elya Ber Wachtfogel has some strong nekudos tovos, probably for this reason he has a son who is considered by many to be a Breslover. R' EBW has a practice to always mention a Zohar or something related in his speeches, and then to make a comment alluding to the fact that the people probably don't posses the book or know nothing about it. The other RY is a guy name Aba, and as his name infers, he's a big guy.... but my friend Miskin from Toronto got engaged to his daughter, I wonder what came out of that. In any event, last week, TS, Yaakov Shurun, and myself pulled up in front of their yeshiva with the Nanach van blasting our stuff, I got out to dance, and the boys started to come out. Then this guy - one of Abba's son in laws, comes out - chest first - ready to show his stuff - he goes straight to the drivers seat - and drives the van - with the back doors open - down the driveway - some 100 meters. Meanwhile I'm conversing with the guys, they tell me to come back at 10 pm, no chance of that because we were on our way to Camp Bisco. So I ask them for their Rosh - R' EB but apparently he wasn't around - a shame - because he really appreciated my book on the Ramchal and from the few times I met with him he seemed to take a keen interest in my findings. So if anyone out there can get a hold of him, don't give up on him - tell him about Nanach - maybe there's a chance. Consider that the yeshiva guys posted on youtube a video of themselves dancing Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. Well Abba and his son in law threatened us that they were going to call the police, and we left them that way in their misery.
This story is dedicated to our dedicated Dun Aryeh who has a strong and healthy hatred and animosity for the Yeshivas, except for his own that he keeps trying to make. He has his own maaseh shehuya, what he did to another Yeshiva head named Abba, and what happened to Abba's chair, it's a good maaseh, maybe he'll tell you about it sometime.

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