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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recent Activities

Yesterday, Monday, we endured great hardships (it seems that the GPS we received isn't going to be working so quickly....) however we did manage to make an appointment with a daycamp in Boro Park, pick up a package from JFK – where a prospective shiduch became known, crash a greek festival in Cedarhurst where we hooked up with a lot of the Jewish kids hanging out there, and finaly we made it to the wedding in Williamsburg (on the way I heard this dragging sound, and I looked for it and saw a biker sprawled out on the road, he was hit by a car), and there after partaking of the festivities we spent the remainder of the night, and then early in the morning, before Netz we made our way to Boro Park, there we prayed and studied, and then we did hafatza by Shomer Shabos.
In Cedarhust TS had to appease his mother by meeting, with her, this Mifursam Shel Sheker, he was with me at JFK and I had to take him there and return to JFK, BH”Y not to far from JFK this guy was videoing are van, and upon questioning said he was going to Cedarhurst, so TS got into the guys car and I returned to JFK, where hashgacha had me meet the right person at the right time and place. After when I went to get TS (from 438 Oak) I first put on Talis and Tefilin and was praying Mincha, one of the neighbors (I think 3 houses down, making it 450) got hysterical and called the police and told them I was having a seizure, than she came out and warned me that she called the police and that this neighborhood was not the place for me. So I pulled into the driveway. 3 cop cars came with a paramedics truck, and the women acting very much as if she was having a seizure, continued to insist that I was a scare etc.. She wanted them at least to give me a parking ticket, but they just didn't see it her way, and they apologized to us for the neighbor's behavior.
Later by the Greek thing, TS and I were organizing the speakers considering getting them running, we were straightening out the wires, and the freezer was running, a frum uniformed man got very agitated by this and told us that he never in his whole life saw something to terrible.... he ordered us to leave immediately, we did, and we came back on foot, and succeeding to do a lot of brainwashing!
A bunch of the kids there remembered us from the Israel Day Parade (my old friend Dov Lebovic was there with his wife. There were a lot of Jews there).
We still need to buy a video camera, possibly a GPS.
Tomorrow BH”Y we will be heading to Camp Bisco, reputedly a huge (50,000 people?) music festival. It's kind of expensive to get in (at least $140, or 165 at the gate), and we are pretty much self sufficient BH”Y, so we're considering camping somewhere close to do our Nanach thing. Of course if anyone would like to see us inside, and would like to sponsor us, all the better. We could use sponsors just for the trip.
Sunday, is the day that people say the Saba didn't fast! Which signifies the preparation for Chag Hapetek are underway! 23 of Tamuz – The Holiday of the Petek!

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