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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Protection from the Saba

There was a period of time that the Saba lived in Tel Aviv. As he usually did in his path of holiness, the Saba would awaken every night at Chatzot and then recite the Tikun Chatzot in great yells and earth shattering cries. It did not take long for all his neighbors to gather against him. Complaining that he was disturbing their sleep, they caused the Saba enough trouble until he was forced to leave the building.

Immediately after the Saba moved out of the building many strange and terrible problems started to afflict the residents of the building. This continued until the residents of the building were forced to come begging the Saba to return to his apartment and his service of Hashem.

When the Saba returned all the trouble, problems and suffering happening in the building suddenly ceased.

(Chayay Saba page 158)


rabbinachman said...

who told you this story

NaaNaach said...

it's amazing, just before going to I was sitting with TS and Yakov Shurun in a certain Shul and they were complaining about how Shurun once came and was screaming the tefila too loud, so Shurun told over this exact story!
There's a similar story that happened a few months ago in Yirushalayim. A Nanach van was doing hafatza in close proximity to the Mir Yishiva, some of the neighbors complained that they were making too much noise, so the Nanachs left, very shortly afterwards there was a huge explosion from one of the houses, and the whole area was kept awake with major disturbance for hours.

Dun Aryeh said...

shlomo look at (Chayay Saba page 158)