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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Noach and Na Nach

Just finished learning torah 67 of Likutey Moharon part two, this is the main point that I got from it. The Righteous one of the generation of Noach was Noach. The main lack in Noach was that he did not spread the word that there was a flood coming to the world. The Na Nach is a fixing of Noach for Na Nach is all about spreading the word. There is a great flood of atheism coming into the world and the way to get saved from it is through the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. The Na Nach is the ark (i.e. the word, "ark" in hebrew is "teva" this hebrew word also means "word") that people can take refuge in and be saved from the flood of atheism. So hurry up and spread the word of Na Nach and help save the world.

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Anonymous said...

check out ibai hanachal g-d chose nachman to build an ark for his family and friends to save them from the mabul