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Monday, July 28, 2008

New Music

BH"Y is now offering nanach music. On the side of the site there's a link to nanach music, and/or a little button that says on it nanach music. Simply click on the link or the button and you can access the music we have made available. So far I have uploaded almost 80 of my own songs. Most of these songs are accompanied by just one guitar, but there are a few exceptions. BH"Y I'll fill the songs with more music, but so far that's all I was zoche to. Enjoy.
Also offered are two tracks from Shlomo Carlbach, one in which he sings the holy Petek repeating the holy name Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman numerous times. The second is a radio interview in which Shlomo asserts his belief in Nanach and recomends others to follow suit.
There is also one song from our very own YS H"Y should bless him and give him more and more blessing, in fact he should be most blessed (a phrase I picked up from him).
BH"y in the near future we will upload the sold out - Shakua Birabainu - from Shlomo.

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