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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Na Nach is the heart the heart of the world

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rebbe Nachman born in 5532-He's the heart of the world
In hebrew is the numerical value of lev, heart is 32. If you follow this idea of 32, you will see fascinating things. For example; Exodus (32, 32), where Moses says to hashem to forgive the Israeites for having served the golden calf;,ואם אין מחני נא מספרך –"if not (if you do not atone their sin), than erase me from your book." Being the one who reaches the level of Ayin can atone. Although Moses did not reach this level to atone any transgressions made by the Jewish people. Moses hinted to Hashem to atone for the sake of Rebbe Nachman; מחני נא)אין-spelled backwards reads;אני נחמן-I am Nachman, who was the last reincarnation of Moses that reached, the level of Ein Sof, of Ayin…Who will reveal the Tikkun Hakelali that works together with the shir pashut (the horn, the shofar)... in the future which will rectify all transgressions for those who say the ten Psalms together with Na Nach.

So Moshe Rabbbenu hinted in his prayer, beseeching Hashem to atone for the sake of Na Nach, the Ein sof, Ayin.

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NaaNaach said...

someone should add the Tora about Uman and Eretz Yisroel something about the latitude being 32 and 48 (מח)