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Monday, July 14, 2008

Na Nach and Riboy Ohr

There are people out there that claim that Na Nach is Riboy Ohr.

Lets work with their claims for a minute. Lets for a moment that they are correct and that Na Nach is Riboy Ohr. Lets say it is, so why is that so bad?

Just the opposite it is a very good thing. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan for example, made many people religious through the use of Riboy Ohr. There are many people that are religious today only because he Riboy Ohred them into Judaism.

So lets say Na Nach is Riboy Ohr, it is still making more people religious now then any other group out there.


Anonymous said...

hay man thats what happened to me

Anonymous said...

reboy ohr is what starts all the problems

Anonymous said...

I did not put enough meditation on this point. But to make a start in understanding this ribuy ohr. There are a lot of types of ribuy ohr. The worst type are those those that didn't fix their chraracter trait and start delving into kabbala and yichudim. THese people get burnt. If you read( the story of the chiger, where he finds the diament(the Petek); the dust that makes tzaddikim...One who does not believe in the petek in my eyes he is a goy. This person flow with the world. He is not "Echad Haya Avraham." The one that belives in the petek has to have this special light to fight those who make fun of Rabbenu's name.' There's only one emes and that's Rabbenu, Na Nach.
moshe na nach