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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mefursamim part 35

people ask me why the nanach breslovs don't accept the famous rabbis.

why don't the students of these rabbis accept the petek?!

if these people's teachings distance their students from the truth, then i don't want to be counted among the students.

writing this reminds me: r' shmuel horowitz, friend of saba, was asked if he could learn a certain sefer with non-breslov chassidim. he said; why don't they agree to learn likutei mohara"n?

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saba-noon said...

There are certain sects of "Breslov" that don't even learn the books of Rebbe Nachman that much, if at all. And there are even "Breslov" institutions that push "Torah" but not Rebbe Nachman Torah. Very strange indeed.