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Monday, July 28, 2008

Learn Chok. Walk before the Lord with Nanach

The numerical value of Chok (חק) is the same as Nanach (נ נח). So learn Chok!
In todays Chok we learn the following from the Zohar:
פתח רבי יוסי ואמר, המוליכך במדבר הגדול והנורא, בההוא מדברא שלטא סטרא אחרא, ובעל כרחיה אזלו ישראל עליה ותברו חיליה, ארבעין שנין. ואי ישראל ישתכחו זכאין באינון ארבעין שנין, הוה מתעברא ההוא סטרא אחרא מעלמא, ומדקא ארגיזו ליה לקודשא בריך הוא כל אינון זמנין, אתתקף ההוא סטרא, ונפלו כלהו תמן תחות רשותיה, ע"כ.
Rabbi Yossi opened and said, (the verse says,) who has brought you in the large and awesome desert, in the desert which the other side rules, and Israel were forced against there will to to go there and break its power, for forty years. If Israel would have been found righteous in those forty years, the other side would have been removed from the world, and because the angered the Holy Blessed He all those times, that side was strengthened, and they all fell under his rule.

Often we read the trials and tribulations of the Israelites in the desert and we wonder how they could have been so evil to not listen to G-d and to Moshe, but in fact we are in the same prediciment. We are very much in the desert, and to us too it is clear that there is One G-d who created the world and who chooses what is to be done, and there is One Tzadik that was provided to guide us is the service and connection to G-d, yet we keep falling to our temptations and we do not listen properly to what we know and what we are being told.
How do we redeem ourselves and make everything turn out ok? With Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
Even of the condemned Israelites of the generation of the desert it is said: כה אמר ה' זכרתי לך חסד נעוריך אהבת כלולותיך לכתך אחרי במדבר ... so says G-d I have remembered for you the kindness of your youth the love or your enrapture your going after me in the desert etc.. This reveals that the power of Chesed is stronger than the guilt that was incurred. Therefore we must utilize the strongest Chesed existent - the song of Chesed - Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
The Chesed of Nanach is so strong that it will turn everything good. The chesed of the generation of the desert is called 'going after G-d', the chesed of Nanach however is much stronger it is 'going before G-d' (this is a difference pointed out by the commentaries in many places particularly differentiating between the devotion of Noach and Avrohom. In another place I have theorized that this may also have been the supriority of the Besht over the Magid). The rules of Nanach have not been fully determined, there don't seem to be a full set, and everyone is demanded to forge ahead and reveal his unique way of understanding and illuminating G-d - as we prayed in Likutay Tefilos from yesterdays Chok. This is really going before G-d, and it reverses all bad into good, because bad is just fallen into, and when a person goes before G-d, he puts whatever it is that there is in front of Him, because he rises and raises the situation to a beneficial one.

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