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Thursday, July 24, 2008

In honor of Chag HaPetek

The Fast of the Seventeenth of Tamuz commemorates many devestating blows the Jewish people suffered, formost the breaking of the first tablets. Saba commiserated with the sad events when he found himself eating on that day.
The Talmud, Tractate Yuma (4: or thereabouts) discusses what it says in the Torah that Moshe Rabbainu went up to the mountain 7 days and the cloud covered him. Where these 7 days part of the 40 days and nights, or an additional seperate 7 days? The Talmud says we can not say that they are seperate, because counting 47 days from the giving of the Tora would mean the Moshe Rabbainu came down from the mountain and broke the tablets on the - 23 of Tamuz....
This is an unbelievable revelation from the Talmud! For it known that the 'suggestions' (הוה אמינא) of the Talmud are higher than the 'conclusions' (מסקנה). For the 'suggestions' come from when all the gates are open and shining, whereas the 'conclusions' are the restrained constricted verdict. Thus the Talmud is revealing here the awsesomeness of the 23 of Tamuz - Chag Hapetek, for according to this suggestion in the Talmud, it is not enough 40 days of preperation for this holy day, an additional 7 days are necessary. It is not for not that the Saba fasted and suffered from the 17 of Tamuz till he recieved the Petek on the 23!!! We too must take advantage of these next few days to prepare for Chag HaPetek!

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