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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hashem puts us exactly where we gutto be

Here I was about to post some of the hafatza I was zoche to do, I found this quite library and was settling down to get down as much of it as I can. Along comes this guy and gets hours and hours of brainwashing, and so this post will have to wait. BH"Y we will post new footage of the bochurim of South Falsburg rejoicing and getting into Nanach. If you go back to the post about the party we made on Isru Chag HaPetek you can see a video of part of the party.
There probably will be a big party this Shabos in Monsey, anyone without anywhere else to go who would like to join should contact me asap. There is a chance we will go to the Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport, Ct.

Here's some footage of the South Fallsburg Yeshiva dancing, rejoicing, and celebrating Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman:

Harbinger Of Nanach!!!
From the worst and lowest to Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!

I Am A Na Nach!!!!!!!!

Chasidus Bresluv and more raw footage of SFY bochurim celebrating Nanach:


s(b.) said...

If you guys make it into Vibes, feel free to give a holler. I'll be there assisting a health care worker. If I get a free moment, and I see you, I'll pop out of the clinic and say hi. Have a great shabbos.

saba-noon said...

This video is amazing!

Tzfat NaNach said...

it was really funny to watch these clips

Tzfat NaNach said...

where is the footage of the shakran rosh ysheeva trying to kick you guys out?