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Monday, July 21, 2008

Greater Inclination

Most people know what our holy sages have taught, that the greater a person is the stronger his/her evil inclination will be. Many people have questioned me about this, because we know that our holy sages were much much holier and greater than we can even conceptualize, yet they did not have to confront the sheer evils and impurties simple people like us are drowning in, so how can we say that they had a stronger evil inclination?
Until now I understood it as follows. As a person reaches greater spiritual hights he will have to fight and overcome the evil at each stage, when a person is at great heights he will be confronted with the roots of the evil, which for those below don't appear too threatining however they are in fact the roots of the whole thing, and especially for a person on the same level as the root, there will a very serious threat, much more than those suffering just from the blossomed evil. Thus we find, especially in the Zohar, great wars the tzadikim fought against the evil side. The Zohar (especially explained in the beginning of Adir Bamorom by the Ramchal) describes King Dovids battles and those of Moshe Rabbainu. The Zohar also relates how when one of the holy students of the Rashbi who for one second did not think of G-d was immediately attacked by a snake.
Recently G-d has granted me greater clarity and understanding in this issue. The great sages had far greater evil inclination than us, it is just that we are in the midst of the evil. At higher levels it may be (not always, but that's not for now) more apparent what the evil is, however there will be a greater inclination to give in, where as at a lower level the person might not even be clear about how something is evil or not, and the person will find himself tempted to do all sorts of things, the temptation doesn't have to be so strong because the position the person is in allows for the slightest push to cause him to do its desire. The greater the person is, the less he will be entrenched in the evil, and the inclination will have to be much more powerful (a stronger 'ruach' - spirit). When a person lusts, how strong is the lust, is it that he finds himself in such and such an atmosphere so he begins to desire it, or is he overcome by strong forces of lust. Of course everyone thinks that they were forced by strong spirits, but the reality is that the greater the person is the stronger those impulses and forces will be.
The more a person is sunk in this world he will be operating on very low levels of spiritual forces. The more a person detaches himself from this world, especially by sactifying himself, the more his life will be effected by the spiritual forces, he will begin to encounter forces of enormous strength and power, and life will start to get very interesting.
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Na Nach,
All the Avot, until Rabbenu were Tzadikim without a head. Now that we have Rabbenu we have a head to follow. If you can understand this and throw all those you were trying to emulate and only stick to Sabba and Rabbenu you will merit rejuvenation. It's like jumping in the Yam suf and everyone throwing stones at you for listeining to Moshe. But eventually all the jews jumped in the red sea cause Pharoh chased them in. Either your smart and you jump in now or you wait for Pharoh…
Moshe Na Nach